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Politicians are bad for America

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Started: 11/21/2011 Category: Politics
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Contention One: All politicains are self serving and only have enough intersest in serving the people to get elected.
Contention Two: Politicians will only work to serve their political party and ignore the views of everyone else.
Contention Three: Politicians have little expierience when it comes to the actual lives of people. For example, few have served in the armed forces yet the President commands all of America's military.


I accept: here are my contentions
Contention 1: The US politicians work for the greater good for the people
Subpoint A: They appease what the people want
Subpoint B: They focus on a wide scale of issues
Subpoint C: Their goal is to appeal to people
Subpoint D: In order to be reelected, they must have done enough to please the people

Contention 2: Politicians try their best given what they have
Subpoint A: Most presidents are thrown into high debt situations due to lobbyists
Subpoint B: Their spending is meant to go towards benefitting the people
Debate Round No. 1


Your 1st contention: They only work to please the people so they can get more time in office. They do the minnimum to please the people, not all they can do.
Your subpoints A, C, and D are all the same, and by what I have said above, they are refuted.
Your subpoint B is completely irrelevent because that is just to achieve support, and they only do the minnimum to please them.
Your second contention is also not true. This is because they only do the minnimum to get as I have already said, they don't try their best.
Your A subpoint is just another example of how politicians are bad. Lobbyists are only trying to rack up more votes regardless of whether it hurts America or not. The debt would be much lower without them.
Your B subpoint is irrelevent because they only spend money to benefit themseleves by racking up votes. Politicians are just lobbyists.


Your first contention is false. If you look to political policy, it covers a lot p the main issues from taxes, to job creation, to immigration to military, all candidates are forced to cover these issues to get elected. Even though their goal is to get elected, they have to create policies that appeal to at least 26 states in the US. Therefore, they are being elected to serve the people.

For your second contention, this claim isn't actually true. If they only appeal to their party, they will get voted down in congress by the opposing party and possibly members of their own party too since many of their viewpoints are different from each other. They have to compromise for ye needs of everyone to succeed, so their party isn't the only group at interest here. that is why the jobs bills got turned down, primarily because it didn't appeal to republican interests.

As for your last point, it doesn't matter if they didn't do what certain people for that. In military for
example, the president has multiple advisors for that and even then the generals are the ones that control war operations. So the president may have the last say but his decision is based on high rank military officers advice. Plus, in most other issues, the president has been a part of them. Most of them have been attorneys, businessmen and politicians so they have experienced a lot in life beforehand.

And for the record, Eisenhower was a general before becoming president.
Debate Round No. 2


Doomtime forfeited this round.


I'll just forfeit this round to be fair to my opponent. The cause of him not posting was probably due to lack of time.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by lolcannons 6 years ago
For the record I wrote this on my phone and the keyboard lagged like a mofo
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