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Blacks would not be as violent if they were aware of the true violent crime stats.


If black teenagers knew the real stats on black on white violence vs white on black violence. They would not commit as much violence....

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Mao Zedong proves communism is politically superior to capitalism


The establishment of the People's Republic of China is heralded to be the very moment communism was established in China, as well as when China burst forth into the 20th century. Long been subject to corrupt dynasties and a short reign of tyranny under the Guomindang, the CCP liberated the people through several policies it implemented, especially those by Chairman Mao. In this debate, I will use evidence of the CCP and Mao, throughout its history from its inception in 1921 to Mao's deat...

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The Niggerhood Knights hold no credibility as an organisation.


This debate will focus on whether the Niggerhood Knights have any credibility as an organisation. The leader of the NHK is- http://www.debate.org/BoggleBros37/ As some of you may already know, there has been minor conflicts between the Brotherhood and the Niggerhood Knights. This is due to the hostile nature of the Niggerhood, where they have threatened the brother hood with violence and have used intimidation against us. This means, the Niggerhood is a terrorist organisation and use ill...

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Allow Marriage Equality in Australia


There"s no business like the No-case business in the national debate over legalisation of same-sex marriage. Opponents to changing the laws have worked hard at turning the basic postal survey question on extending marriage to single-gender couples into a many-tiered tower of issues. They see the question as being like one of those tall, multi-layered wedding cakes they insist, without evidence, Australian bakers will be sued for not selling to gay couples. And some on the No side have really...

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Freedom of Expression Is Equivalent to Freedom


Freedom of expression and freedom are equivalent. All freedom is necessarily freedom of expression. Everything a person intentionally does is necessarily an expression by himself or herself and of himself's or herself's. Everything a person intentionally does is necessarily an action he or she wants to do. Expressing is necessarily an action. Each action necessarily has the property that it can be done. For the reasons of the previous two sentences, if a person has the freedom to do any ac...

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The Lies of Obama are more consequential than those of Trump


Major US media properties like New York Times, Washington Post, CNN etc. keep telling us that Trump is a liar. For example, NYT has a webpage titled "President Trump's Lies, the Definitive List". Yet, the lies of Trump are trifling in comparison to those of Obama. Trump lied about the size of the crowd at his inauguration, about the percentage of Cuban Americans who voted for him, etc. In comparison, Obama lied about whether Americans would be able to keep their health care plan, whether h...

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Illegal Immigration Is Bad For Americans


Illegal immigration is not only ILLEGAL in it's definition, but is also extremely regressive for Americans in terms of it's effect on both the economy and government benefits systems otherwise known collectively as welfare. In 2015, there was an estimated 11 million illegal immigrants living in the United States. Of that amount, around 8 million immigrants made up around 5% of the total national civilian workforce (those working, were unemployed but able to work and those looking for work). The...

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Should Rohingyas be deported to Mayanmar


Rohingyas are the Muslim community of Myanmar...

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Capitalism is better than socialism.


Capitalism is better than socialism in many ways, first of all, it helps people out of poverty and increases minimum wage. People pay for themselves and not waste money on someone getting braces on the other side of the country, and like I said socialism is just paying for other peoples problems. Socialists might say "Oh, but were paying for education and healthcare, which will help children to learn." But the parents should pay for his or her child's education, not some 60 year old man who is p...

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Should late term abortions be legal?


Simple debateI want to argue that late term abortions (up to 324 months) is both perfectly acceptable as a way of birth control and eugenics to control minorities.Reasons for abortions to be discussed.*Less black and Hispanics *Less poor people *Abortions is a never ending supply of income $$$*Less pregnant women more sex*Baby parts can be used for research without harming anyone as they have no human rights1st round is...

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