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Pornography is detrimental to society.

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Started: 1/31/2015 Category: Society
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Living in the era of computers and the internet, we, as a society, have been faced with an issue of the utmost concern: pornography. I'll be arguing that pornography is an evil which has to be rid off for the good of the people and for the betterment of society.


I accept, as Con I will be refuting my opponent's resolution. The burden of proof is on Pro. I only need to show that pornography is not detrimental to society. I will present my arguments next round as a courtesy to my opponent since he didn't present any arguments yet.
Debate Round No. 1


To highlight the negative effects of porn on society I will discuss the influence that porn has on an individual, relationships, and upon society as a whole.

Drugs are one of the greatest evils of society. Speed, cocaine, Marijuana, LSD " you name it, these drugs are all harmful and detrimental to society. However, there is one drug that often slips under the radar and this is a far more accessible and a far more affordable drug. This is a drug which is consumed by many in large quantities. And it is addictive, turning healthy people into junkies looking for a fix. This is a drug which doesn"t discriminate. It has corrupted the minds of our youth and it has ruined the lives of our elders. This is drug is none other than pornography.

Some of you may be surprised at me referring to porn as a drug, but once the effects of porn on the brain are realized, it would be unwise to call porn anything other than a drug. I am going to take a more scientific approach to this controversial topic, instead of a theological one. I believe that in this day and age more and more people are turning to science to provide the answers rather than an omniscient being and to cater for this group bear with me as I take you on a journey through a typical porn user"s brain.

You have to realise, monkeys, humans, and other mammals all have something in their brain called a "reward pathway." Part of the reward pathway"s job is to promote healthy living by rewarding you when you do something that helps you, physically and mentally. The way it rewards you is by pumping chemicals, especially one called "dopamine," through your brain. When a person is aroused by porn, their brain releases a chemical called dopamine that makes them feel pleasure. As the dopamine goes through their brain, it leaves behind a pathway created by a protein called iFosB that connects feeling aroused to looking at porn. Basically dopamine is saying "you know what this feels good; let"s remember how to get back here," and iFosB goes to work building a brain pathway to make it easier for the person to do that again. When this happens with healthy behaviors it is a good thing, but when it happens with unhealthy ones it can lead to trouble.

As a frequent porn user"s brain gets used to the new levels of dopamine flooding through it, regular activities that would normally set off a burst of dopamine and make the person feel happy aren"t strong enough to register much anymore, leaving the user feeling down or uneasy whenever they go for a while without looking at porn. That"s one reason why pornography can be so addictive.

And to illustrate to you how much dopamine affects the brain it is essential that I tell you of what an experiment that was done with rats. Jim Faust did an experiment with rats where knowing that rats don"t like the smell of death, he decided to put virgin male rats into a cage with a female rat smelling of death. As it turned out, the drive to mate was more powerful than the instinct to avoid the smell, and the rats soon started to have sex. Then Faust put these male rats back into their cages, except this time there was a towel soaked with the chemical smelling of death. The rats associating the soaked towel smelling of death with sex, they began to play with these towels instead of avoiding them. Similarly, when a user watches porn, this dopamine rush makes them associate porn with happiness, and a result they lose any hesitation they might have previously had with watching porn, due to their increased addiction.

And please don't say that "so what, they are just harming themselves", which leads me to my next point.

Porn also effects relationships and your self esteem. Several studies have found that partners of porn users often report feeling loss, betrayal, mistrust, devastation, and anger when they learn that the other half of their committed relationship has been using porn. Many show physical symptoms of anxiety and depression.
Studies have shown that even casual use of porn can cause the user to feel less attracted to their partner. And when a person frequently uses pornography, they"re far more likely to feel less satisfied with their partner"s looks, sexual performance, and willingness to try new sexual acts.

Why all the sudden disappointment with one"s partner? It"s due to the fact that porn promotes a completely fictional version of how people look and behave and makes it look like an exciting reality"one that their partners often feel they can never live up to.

Finally, the effects of porn upon the world shows us why it has to be taken care of. Porn has not only influenced the net, it has also influenced film and tv. Between 1998 and 2005, sex scenes in these films doubled.
As society becomes more hedonistic and infatuated with porn, then there is a good chance that society will become more violent and attitudes towards women will change for the worse. People who view pornography are more likely to support violence against women and to think that women enjoy being raped. Porn objectifies women and it allows men to judge them based on their physical appearance. This alone should be enough for us to get rid of pornography. One should never be judged by their looks, be it man or woman, but rather be judged by their character and personality. Porn is the complete opposite.

Further on, the world of porn is not what the porn industry makes it out to be. It is not all legal and innocent. The porn industry is not a place where everyone is going to be treated with respect or fairness. In fact, the porn industry is riddled with diseases, drugs, rape, slavery, and death. It is a bad place for anyone to be, and whenever one of us watches pornography we aren"t exactly doing something to bring about good, everlasting change.

NOTE: most of this information comes from, a site which brings to light the detrimental effects of pornography. Please take a look around the site. The citations will be listed under the appropriate heading on the site.


I will highlight the far superior positive effects of porn on society that far outweigh the negative effects.

First, I would like to point out comparing drugs to porn is a weak analogy fallacy[1]. Especially in the context in which Pro compared pornography to illegal drugs which actually inhibit the cerebrum in various ways. For example, Marijuana distorts our senses, LSD dilates our pupils and causes drowsiness, speed or methamphetamine causes nausea and potential brain damage, and cocaine causes hyper-stimulation and are likely to suffer depression[2][3][4][5]. Pornography itself does none of these things. Pornography is not a drug that can be prescribed nor bought. Pornography is simply images and videos which tend to be provocative with a sexual nature. It is erroneous to compare drugs to pornography at all because drugs are a substance. There is nothing scientific about what my opponent has stated at all since Pro ignores the basic conceptual difference between a substance and an image or video.


Pro mentions dopamine and dismisses pornography as being an unhealthy without any explanation or evidence. Then Pro mentions an experiment about rats which is a weak analogy fallacy because rats are not comparable to human beings in any great fashion at all. Perhaps, if Pro actually brought up an experiment with an ape which is the closest animal to the homosapian, there would be some validity. The cerebrum of a rat and life of a rat is not comparable to a human beings at all. My opponent used himself as an appeal to authority by just stating a pornography is unhealthy.

My opponent continues on into offering unsupported claims. Pro has not pointed to any causation that porn actually causes "feeling loss, betrayal, mistrust, devastation, and anger." Pornography may not be the cause of that. It is simply correlation not causation. Also "anxiety and depression" are not physical symptoms. There is no indication of anxiety or depression physically, it can not be measured at all. I know that as a neuropshychology major so don't attempt to pull that one off. Then on top of all of Pro's statements all of them remain unsupported without any evidence to be seen. Pro's claims are unsubstantiated, therefore inconsequential. Pro says "studies" yet didn't offer a single one.

"And when a person frequently uses pornography, they"re far more likely to feel less satisfied with their partner"s looks, sexual performance, and willingness to try new sexual acts."

Less satisfaction has nothing to do with pornography. Has polygamy not existed longer than pornography? After all, many societies have had men married to multiple women. Obviously, they were not satisfied. How about spousal abuse, has that not existed? I forgot, those were the days were people had be married to someone whom they may not of liked.

"Between 1998 and 2005, sex scenes in these films doubled."

Pro did not provide any proof.

"As society becomes more hedonistic and infatuated with porn, then there is a good chance that society will become more violent and attitudes towards women will change for the worse."

Wrong, domestic abuse has declined 63% over last decade[6].


"People who view pornography are more likely to support violence against women and to think that women enjoy being raped."

Again,no proof that people who watch pornography support violence against women.However, I will inform you but there are a significant amount of women who have rape fantasies, the actual number remains unknown but it is worth noting. This should be common knowledge at this point since Fifty Shades of Grey became popular. There is evidence to support it from women willing to admit it, direct quote from Psychology Today:

"From 1973 through 2008, nine surveys of women's rape fantasies have been published. They show that about four in 10 women admit having them (31 to 57 percent) with a median frequency of about once a month. Actual prevalence of rape fantasies is probably higher because women may not feel comfortable admitting them."


"Porn objectifies women and it allows men to judge them based on their physical appearance."

And? Could you please inform me of one person in this world who is not judged based on their physical appearance?

"This alone should be enough for us to get rid of pornography. "

No it is not.

"One should never be judged by their looks, be it man or woman, but rather be judged by their character and personality."

Ok this is simply empty rhetoric. Saving that "judging" nonsense for Christians and those who don't like judging. If someone is obese, I plan to judge them. If someone has unkempt hair, I will judge them. The difference between you and I am honest and acknowledge I judge people based on appearance.

1A. Relationships, Relationships, and the Yielding Cost of those Relationships. Forgot to Mention When We Suffer From a Failed Relationship

I think it is important for us to understand and analyze what my opponent really wants.It is very clear since Pro is against porn for relationship reasons. Pro does not offer any benefits to the alternative he really is supporting. Probably because he knows it is a failure for many people on this earth. Pro wants people to be stuck in relationships with what may be termed the mentally ill, the crazy, the insecure, those of poor character, and worse of all, the ugly. My opponent doesn't mention stalkers, depression, suicide, physical abuse, mental abuse, alleged rape claims, revenge porn, doxxing, and all other possible horrendous things we can possibly imagine when a relationship turns sour.Pro casually ignores men who physically abuse their wives. Pro casually ignores women who may mentally abuse their husbands. Why? Pro is not interested in offering us the truth but their agenda against pornography. As Con, I am fully intent of leaving no stone unturned. I will admit pornography can be addictive and it may be costly. However, it is not that costly compared to a relationship. When was the last time pornography sued their user for alimony? When was the last time pornography produced an unwanted child? When was the last time pornography attacked? When was the last time, pornography warranted personal time to be spent with? Pro casually ignores these things because Pro is simply anti-porn. I am not pro-porn as much as I am for preventing as much suffering as possible.

Notice how Pro ignores the results of what happens when someone has failed at attempting to get their "reward." Pro didn't mention the depression or the possible attempts of suicide. To carry on even further, my opponent's arguments encourage more Eliot Rodgers in the world. Eliot Rodgers should of simply watched pornography and he would of been happy. Instead Mr. Rodgers went through the trial and tribulations of failed attempts at relationships with women. Do you know what happened when he got tired of his failed relationships? He went out and "punished" the women of the world whom he didn't know. Rodgers went out and shot six people with extreme prejudice and no mercy for those whom he did not know.This, this is the consequences of what Pro advocates.


I am advocating the position of pleasure and practical benefits while Pro advocates for suffering and depression. I am here to save the Eliot Rodgers of the world, Pro wants more of them.
Debate Round No. 2


yeah, I don't know how to forfeit the round, so I'll stop now. Anyway, thanks for being part of my first debate. I learned a lot. Thank you.


It seems my opponent forfeited. It was an interesting debate for someone's first try. I have formal debate skills so I may have had the advantage. I would like to thank Pro for hosting this debate.

Vote Con.

On that note, I was planning to leave a poem written by one of the Forgotten Ones. But instead I will leave with a song, perhaps two will be even better.

Note: Folks, keep it dirty not clean.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by DarthVitiosus 2 years ago
Clearly the people opposed to porn are Christians, how typical.
Posted by Esiar 2 years ago
Effects people negatively mentally and spiritually.
And also relationships.
Posted by vi_spex 2 years ago
and here my lawn mover has sex with my lawn again, there is just porn all over !
Posted by EarnSomeRespect 2 years ago
"I mean... just think of the word detrimental...."
Posted by TheChristian 2 years ago
I hate porn, but it doesn't deter society. Window-shopping- effectively porn.
Undressing with the eyes- porn.
Posted by Philocat 2 years ago
That's the problem, it disincentivises men to actually go out and interact with women.
Why should someone want to go out and meet average women when they can stay at home and watch beautiful naked girls online? However, this just breeds a generation of socially-inept men.

Also, saying that porn has been around for millennia does not dismiss the premise that it is detrimental.
Posted by Forthelulz 2 years ago
You do realize that porn's been around for millennia.
Seriously. the Greeks had porn vases. Vases. With porn on them. That they strew around their domiciles.
The Japanese... well, we don't talk about the Japanese.
Porn is little more than an aid for release, and isn't that big a deal.
Now the really messed up stuff is just what they'd still do, but now they might be dumb enough to drop a name or face, and be stopped sooner.
Meet my theoretical friend, who is definitely not me, John Q. Single-at-the-moment (were it me, it would be John Q. Single-for-all-time-because-I'm-asexual)
Hi, I'm a single guy with not a female in sight. I have needs! Ooh look, a virtual PC with an internet connection!
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