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Pornography should be illegalised and banned

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Started: 9/21/2013 Category: Miscellaneous
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I strongly believe Porn should be illegalised and banned from Media or technological devices which are accessible to children. Nowadays, young children have free and easy access to Porn on the internet. These types of videos are inappropriate and instil these kids with negative and unacceptable beliefs and behaviours. Also, Porn is generally targeted towards women and promote the idea of women being `sexual objects` and enjoying techniques which they generally do not. Being a female myself I can claim that I certainly find `blowjobs` disgusting and I'm sure most other women do also. Porn degrades women and therefore most male boys tend to disrespect and lose their view of there fellow females and view them as objects.


I don't believe pornography should be illegalised and banned. To ban pornography as a whole would not be a wise suggestion for many reasons. For example:

1: For a significant number of people, pornography is a gateway towards sexual maturity and a way to discover their desires. A lot of young people rely on pornography to satisfy their needs as an alternative to going out and putting themselves in harm's way (such as trying to find a sexual partner and being lured into a sexual predator's grasp, having unprotected sex or psychologically harming themselves by forcing themselves into uncomfortable situations due to peer pressure).

2. The increase of pornography over the years has lifted the taboo placed on talking about sex. Nowadays, we are more open about discussing sex with our peers and our children. Studies have suggested that parents who can openly discuss subjects, such as sex, with their children have stronger bonds with them. Children who have healthy family bonds have been shown to be more confident in asking about issues such as sex and therefore less likely to experiment recklessly.

3. Although a significant portion of pornographic materials are targeted towards heterosexual males, there is a growing amount of pornographic materials targeted towards other audience groups such as women and homosexual men. To say that pornography is degrading to women is a false generalisation because it does not count for ALL pornographic material.

4. There have been studies that suggest that pornography can improve a person's sexual confidence and help revitalise a couple's sex life. Many sex therapists would recommend pornography as a source of inspiration for couples to try out new experiences in the bedroom.
Debate Round No. 1


Even though I agree with some of what you have said that an individual matures sexually and learns about sex through Porn. But is that necessarily a good thing??
Should a teenager's introduction to sex be through watching two people please themselves in an aggressive and unnatural way. Should their introduction be through watching women swallow cum and men just literally using women like an object and whatnot. Even though not all porn material is targeted towards women most IS.
Okay an individual might please themselves with porn but is that not one of the major causes for problems in relationships and breakups, divorces, etc.
Does porn really allow individuals to talk openly about sex, does it not allow them to fantasise and come up with the opinion which is being shown to them by the video. If a teacher teaches a student several times that one plus one equals two he will also assume it.
Does porn really make a person confident does it not make them feel insecure about themselves. Is porn something that parents would encourage or even talk about, then would it not be intimidating to individuals.


You raise some valid points in your argument. It is a double-edged sword when it comes to teenagers maturing sexually through porn. Yes, there are, as you say, materials that depict rather aggressive and unnatural acts being performed, but you will find that most if not all teenagers who watch porn will choose porn that depicts more conventional and natural porn and are actually turned off by the more hardcore materials.

As for how women are depicted in porn, I would hardly say that they are depicted as being treated as objects. Yes, they are depicted as being submissive in most cases, but not really as powerless as to say that they are mere objects.

Pornography is not a major cause for problems in a relationship unless a person becomes addicted to it. There are plenty more reasons that are more common in the termination of a relationship such as lack of communication, infidelity and domestic abuse.

Yes, pornography does allow people to fantasise about what they are viewing, but that doesn't mean that they will just agree with whatever they are watching and not discuss it. Sure, it isn't something you find commonly talked about at the dinner table, but people will discuss their fantasies with others if they feel open enough to.
I understand what you are trying to imply with your analogy but I feel you may have missed something. In the case of a teacher telling you 1+1=2, that can be proven as a fact. Whether an individual is aroused by certain sexual acts or not will differ depending on the individual. Also, in areas of the world where free speech is encouraged, you will find that people will question what they are being taught or what they are viewing rather than just assuming that what they are viewing as fact.

It has been shown that porn can make some individuals insecure about themselves, but for others, it gives them the confidence to try out new ideas, within reason.

As I stated in my previous argument, we are becoming more open in society nowadays. I never said that parents will talk about porn. I said about sex in general. If a parent taboos sex, then it is more likely that when their offspring enters their teenage years, they will experiment wildly with sex, which can have some harmful consequences. Banning pornography would send society backwards as it would taboo sex once more, which could do more harm than good.
Debate Round No. 2
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Posted by sir3nsofthes3a 4 years ago
If you don't like it,don't look at it is my motto. and if you don't want our kids to watch it either you're only a few clicks away from blocking said sites and what not. Women aren't forced to be in the videos,at least they're getting paid
Posted by donald.keller 4 years ago
1: Sexual Maturity among young children is exactly want we DON"T want.
2: Lifting a taboo like that is also what we DON'T want...
4: That's bs and you know it... Porn derails one's personal sexual confidence, and is a listed cause in 53% of all divorces.
Posted by TheEnergyHippo 4 years ago
It is sad that people will vote for pro just because they agree with him..
Posted by Stonewall 4 years ago
You guys say this as if it causes sexual deviancy. How many rapists/serial killers/whatever had no access to pornography? And how many men today watch porn? Wait... all of them.

So, by that logic, if 100% (hell, we'll go with 90% to be more than fair) have seen porn, and (let's be generous) say 1% are sexual deviants/have homicidal tendencies, the argument is *clearly* in favor of pornography.

Good luck, Con.
Posted by officialniaaa 4 years ago
I hope you win Layla.
Posted by TheEnergyHippo 4 years ago
Yeah mohammed but that doesn't mean that anyone watching it should get procecuted. Also tihs with the treasure doesn't make sense.
Posted by mohammad180 4 years ago
I agree with Layla. It don't increase but reduce the sexual appetite. Just imagine a covered treasure which you need to uncover . the desire will be more to uncover ,to respect and to care it. Pornography reduced the respect of Women which she deserve. Best regards.
Posted by leandro.sanchez 4 years ago
horro film that takes your sleep away for 16 years old.
porn no bad reporcution for 18 years old.
Posted by TheEnergyHippo 4 years ago
Im a kid I like porn :C. Someone should challenge me to a debate.
Posted by mourishwaran 4 years ago
Stop pornography i agree....
Kids are just few clicks/Touches (In case of touch screen) away from seeing hills and caves.They might even get addicted to those i agree with Pro.
But the fact that women do not enjoy Blowjobs Blows me out...
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