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Poseidon is more powerful than Hades.

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Started: 7/24/2011 Category: Miscellaneous
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This is a simple debate, meant to be interesting/entertaining. By more powerful, I mean that in a one on one match, no sea creatures or undead/harpies/three-headed dogs, Poseidon could defeat Hades.

By more powerful, I do NOT mean that because Hades rules over the underworld and all of it's denizens, he can build up some sort of economic empire using the undead as workers. Nor do I mean that he can pool all the wisdom of the undead, thus amassing more knowledge than Poseidon and therefore being more powerful, at least according to the saying, "Knowledge is power". This a cage match. Brute power vs brute power.

First round is meant to clear up any questions.

Second and third round- argument/rebuttal.

Feel free to come up with some cheap shot, like Hades using his invisibility cap or stealing Zeus's bolt and using it in the match. This is supposed to be fun!!! Maybe we can posit various scenarios, and the one with most winning scenarios wins?

On a side-note, I was kind of inspired by the Suvudu Cage Matches.


Hades could easily beat Posiden 1 on 1. Assuming these gods ar real which they arent but not the point. Hades is the oldest and most-devolped of Posiden and Zeus. Therefore he is stronger than both of them. Zeus knew he was the strongest and that is how Hades got the underworld
Debate Round No. 1


Whether or not any of the Greek Gods are real is irrelevant in discussing their relative strengths and weaknesses. This is a discussion of how they would perform if they were real. Besides, how do you know that they don't exist? Do you have any proof? By the way, why do you mention they aren't real if it isn't the point?

In response to his age, it is acknowledged that that he is the oldest of the Greek Pantheon. However age does not equate power. If that were true, then Zeus, the youngest of the brothers, could not have defeated his father Cronus, who had swallowed both Poseidon and Hades as infants. Cronus was far older than his youngest son and therefore more developed as well. If Zeus could defeat Cronus, a being far older than him, then your logic is faulty. You assume that gods gain strength as they age. Why? What about age gives him an advantage? Wisdom? Does he become physically stronger? Does he get handy gadgets?

Hades and Poseidon are both sons of Cronus, who swallowed his male children after they are born. What happened to them inside his stomach is unknowable. They could have developed normally, been deformed, or enter some sort of stasis. Both were released from Cronus as the some time. Since neither pro nor con can not prove that Hades had any discernible advantage in being technically older, we should disregard age as a metric of power.

In addition, I believe that most mythology agrees that Hades was tricked into accepting the underworld as his domain, believing that he would have ruled both the land on top as well as the underworld. That shows that Hades is less clever than Zeus, at least, and possibly Poseidon, who wasn't tricked into accepting his domain.

Incidentally, I was kind of hoping for some scenario, although I realize it must necessarily be subjective.

MY argument-
Poseidon, as god of earthquakes, destroys Hades domain through his earth shaking strength, crushing Hades in the process. Hades, being a wily old goat (get it? a reference to cloven hooves? Hades is Satan people!!!), had put on his cap of invisibility as soon as he heard of Poseidon's challenge. He got out of dodge, realizing the first thing Poseidon would do is bring the underworld down. He spotted Poseidon standing at the gates of Tartarus, breathing heavily from the effort put forth in destroying the underworld. He crept closer to Poseidon. Unfortunately, Hades isn't as clever as he thought. When Poseidon destroyed the underworld, quite a bit of dust was blown up. Although Hades was physically invisible, he still displaced matter. Poseidon knew his first attempt might fail, and kept a watchful eye about him. He saw the displaced dust moving steadily around him in order to get behind him. Poseidon waited for Hades to creep in place in order to strike him. Suddenly he turned, his trident appearing in his hands and leaving it as quickly. The trident flew through the air, breaking the sound barrier and nearing the speed of light. Hades didn't even have time to blink before the trident struck him dead center.

Poseidon wins!!!!!
In addition to this scenario I will list advantages that Poseidon has.
God of Earthquakes, horses, and the sea
In some mythology, he was not swallowed by Cronus. This means that he might have a slight edge on Hades (or maybe not. Who can say how this would have affected him.).
Could shapeshift
Possesses a Trident forged by the Cyclopes as a symbol of his power.

God of the Underworld and the dead.
God of wealth (as in gold and precious stones which are mined)
Mortals who enter his realm generally cannot leave (does not affect Poseidon, as he is a God)
Possesses a cap of invisibility, also known as the Helm of Darkness, as a symbol of his power
Had a powerful fork and staff which could raise the dead
Could control fire

Worst case scenario, Poseidon maintains a shield of water about him. Imagine a hurricane of water. No fire could reach him. Since the shield is 360 degrees, Hades couldn't strike a physical blow.

Sources: Hades/Poseidon's Wikipedia pages.


1. please don't get so upset over my comment.
2. Posiden may have great power assuming this is on or in the sea power all depends on domain.
3. Hades is not the Greco-Roman equivelant to the Judeo-christian Satan.

For a scenario are we in Hades the Greek heaven or the sea or earth

But Hades could taunt posiden make him attack and turn invisible and stab him.
Debate Round No. 2


1. I apologize if you mistook my comment (I assume you refer to my comment referring to the existence of the gods) as anger.
2. Poseidon does have great power at sea. However, all of power power is not directly tied to it. Poseidon could draw water from underground aquifers causing the ground to fall. Also he is god of earthquakes, which would be very handy against Hades, and admittedly weak against Zeus, if you fight in their respective domains.
3. A minor point, but Hades is in the Greek equivalent of the Roman God Pluto. You casually combined Greek and Roman mythology. Why can I not mix Judeo-Christianity and Greek mythology. Hades rules the underworld. Satan rules Hell, generally imagined as being underground. Equating them with each other is not that big of a leap. Besides, that was supposed to be joke, and an incredibly minor point in any case.

To clear up some confusion, there is no Greek Heaven. There is the afterlife, which is spent in the underworld. The underworld is ruled by Hades, and there are multiple parts to it. Both great men and sinners are sent to the underworld. However heroes reside in Elysium, a sudivision of the underworld. Neutral souls, those which have done neither great good nor great evil are sent to the Asphodel Meadows. The damned are sent to the pits of Tartarus. Each is part of the Underworld and part of Hades domain.

The Heaven I believe you refer to is actually just the sky. You may also be referring to Mount Olympus, where the Gods reside.

For this scenario, we can be any where, any place, any time. In my brief scenario, I chose the gates of the Underworld, specifically just outside of them. Remember, Poseidon does not necessarily have to be physically present to send an earthquake or affect the waters. Poseidon could engineer a distance victory. I like where you are going with the taunting though. The invisibility has already been countered in my scenario. How could you prevent Poseidon from engineering a similar situation to counter his methods?

I think, being God of the Underworld, and admitted kidnapper (Persephone, remember?), you should get a lit dark and villainous. Maybe you could kidnap Poseidon's and hold her hostage. If Poseidon doesn't acknowledge defeat, then she gets the knife. Being immortal, Hades could give her the knife for a few thousand years. Remember. These are Gods. They can't be killed. They have to be outwitted. Or trapped. Which essentially means outwitted.

If you are going to go with that hostage plan, just remember that Poseidon is a cruel god and probably doesn't much care for his wife. He has multiple infidelities and numerous rapes to his name. (Medusa-raped, also raped his sister Demeter, in the form of a stallion while she was a mare [1], giant list of infidelities and possible rapes [2].

Maybe go with his son. He almost destroyed Odysseus for just blinding his son, the Cyclops. He didn't even have anything to really be proud of in that case. The guy took care of sheep. Just imagine what he would do for Perseus, who defeated Medusa and slew a giant sea creature sent to kill Andromeda[3]. Of course you have to remember that Poseidon might have fond memories of Medusa and Poseidon actually sent the sea creature to kill Andromeda, but you get the idea.

I will admit that I left my earlier scenario a little early. I stopped at Poseidon piercing the heart of Hades. There is absolutely no proof that that would or should be considered a victory. Remember, Even if Poseidon lost, close quarters, he could still fight long distance. He could have destroyed the Underworld, forcing Hades to meet him on Poseidon's home turf.

For my purposes I'll stick with the Gates of Tartarus, and assume that Poseidon didn't destroy the Underworld. Poseidon is just outside the underworld. This means that he is on "neutral" grounds.{1} Poseidon and Hades meet, and a ref (lets say Zeus) manages the bout. Time period- the year 2011.

Ding, Ding, Ding!!!!

The fight begins. Poseidon begins with a slow left jab to test Hades' defenses. Hades blocks with ease and sends out a lightening quick jab, his fist moving so quickly that the friction against air literally creates flames. Poseidon is hit!! His head is knocked back. As he slowly straightens up, He shakes his head, blood slowly dripping out of his mouth.

"You shouldn't have done that big brother", Poseidon says with fire in his eyes. ""The bout was meant to be friendly and you know it."

Even as he says this, he holds out his right hand, summoning his trusty trident. Hades' eyes widen, knowing that defeat is merely a matter of time.

"Come on, Possy," Hades taunts Poseidon. He doesn't know why he does it. Maybe he'll make a mistake. No. Hades knows better. Hades just can't control his reflexes. His taunt came completely by accident. Even as the words left his mouth, he flinched.

"I mean Poseidon. You know I didn't mean anything by it," Hades tries to calm his brother, slowly backing up.

"Too late to make excuses, Hades. You're finished," Poseidon states.

Posdeidon lifts his trident, aiming carefully. He had never tested his trident against an Olympian before, but it had never failed him before.

Hades, realizing that he had gone to far by drawing blood, quickly put on his Helm of Darkness and hightailed it out of there. He summoned up a shade to inform Poseidon and Zeus of his immediate withdrawal from the bout.

Poseidon Wins again!!!

And yea, that may be incredibly unlikely, but it's still fun, isn't it?

Thanks for accepting, even though you don't seem to be having quite as much fun as me :) Last round, make it count!!

{1}In mythology, Hades->underworld, Poseidon->Seas, Zeus->Skies, Neutral/Jointly ruled-> land above the ground. This was in my original scenario though not bluntly stated. This is as it should be in a "fair" bout, which no real fight should be.

I realize my sources are Wikipedia, but the topics are not controversial, and so rather unlikely to be biased. Also, each page is rather well documented.



Actually I am having fun don't mess with my bro Hades like that. He's brave he would use his own pithfork like thing and stab Posiden and win. Satan is complete evil Hades is just ruler of the underworld they are nothing alike. But to make it equal lets end really cool. YHWH's hand comes down and plucks all of them off the face of the earth. When I said Greek heaven I did mean mount olympus.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by MoratoryRex 6 years ago
Hey, I know this topic is really subjective. There is no hard evidence as to why either would win. I'm just trying to debate the merits of what we know about both gods. I've tried to do that some, but a lot of it is just having some fun imagining the bouts.

Incidentally, wjelements, I know you didn't accept, but if you want to point out any glaring flaws, please do so. I do actually care if I'm failing in some regard :)

Remember Calvin, Have some fun with it.
Posted by wjmelements 6 years ago
I recommend writing longer arguments that directly address your opponent's points.
Posted by Calvincambridge 6 years ago
OK sorry
Posted by MoratoryRex 6 years ago
Could you negate any religious debate on the grounds that God doesn't exist. Just because you don't believe in the pantheon doesn't mean that don't exist. That said, I don't believe they exist either. It doesn't mean I can't have fun imagining their fight. Don't be a spoilsport!!
Posted by Calvincambridge 6 years ago
yes but I'm trying to rack up points
Posted by wjmelements 6 years ago
Could we negate on grounds that neither exist?
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Vote Placed by Kung-Fu_Action_Jesus 6 years ago
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Total points awarded:60 
Reasons for voting decision: Go Poseidon! That and Con didn't to do too good.
Vote Placed by Man-is-good 6 years ago
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Total points awarded:60 
Reasons for voting decision: This was a fun debate, though Pro destroyed Con's arguments by noting his strawman points. In addition, I enjoyed Pro's satirical take on Hades and Poseidon, as well the dialogue that Pro created to depict their battle. Note to Pro: If your opponent writes an elaborate argument/rebuttal to your claims, so should you.