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Pres. Obama bailed out big money and "too big to fail" corporations but not the working poor class

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Started: 2/3/2014 Category: Politics
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Due to free trade, our economy based on making money on money instead of making things is burning out. President Obama followed the other globalist free trader presidents and was forced to bail out those who were responsible for this economic crisis.
He bailed out big money, the investment communities, banks and the "too big to fail" corporations while ignoring the suffering of all who lost everything due to free trade.

He joined the last three globalist free trader president in a grand betrayal of American workers and workers everywhere. The value of workers and labor has been degraded and deflated. This represents trillions of dollars in value lost forever. The same applied to the trade deficit which represents trillions of dollars more lost forever.

In the bail outs, President Obama merged big money with big government and created State Capitalism where the upper class now live off the working poor class. The middle class and up now depend on the government for survival based on these bail outs. Many on pensions now have to depend on the Federal Pension Reserve Program and are living off those who have no pensions. Everything is upside down with no one talking about it.
Only about 38 percent of American workers qualify for unemployment insurance. This means that more than 60 percent of American workers are living in economic limbo.
The unemployment statistics are a mirage. They do not match up with the real world and most everyone on street know this but very little is gets reported.

Free trade came and ransacked the free enterprise system and the free market is isolated to only a few while millions of people are outside looking in. See more at


Simply put all of Obamas changes have been directed at the poor and middle classes the affordable care act namely. This was designed to make health care cheaper and better so lazy companies obsessed with profits have their way. Honestly I hate Republicans, they are to lazy and selfish!
Debate Round No. 1


Simply put, Obama bailed out big money, banks , investment communities and the "too big to fail" corporations while completely ignored the the suffering of the working poor class and those without jobs. Only about 38 percent of all American workers qualify for unemployment insurance. This means more than 60 percent of all workers in are living in economic limbo. They are missing in action from any kind of real reporting. The value of workers and labor has been degraded and deflated in the process. This value is an asset that has lost trillions of dollars in value lost forever . Our economy based on making money on money instead of making things is burning away.

Obama Health Care is too categorized with millions falling between the classifications. Small business people do not know what to do too. They find it impossible to hire full time workers. There is also a vast population of elderly who are now rationing their health care because they can not afford to pay for all of the co-pays. Obama care is a health care train wreck.
See and


This is the same argument you posted before. Obama has publicly stated that he is willing to cooperate with Republicans to improve the economy for workers and for the corporates he has made many significant actions to make the middle class have more rights. You also have used no evidence or proof to prove this all you have done is state the fact that Obama bailed out big corporations, this is not true.
Debate Round No. 2


When President Obama took office he passed new laws and programs to save the country from financial collapse. This is the proof in itself. He bailed out the money changers who caused the economic crisis and put them back in charge. We have only one major political party in the U.S. and it should be called the Globalist Free Trader party. President Clinton followed the elder President Bush and pushed the passage of all the free trade programs that the elder Bush designed. President Bush the second followed President Clinton and hid the economic mess behind his shock and awe pre-emptive wars while pushing the globalist free trader policies of President Clinton. President Obama came and continued the process.

President Obama himself used the term "too big to fail' corporations in the passing the programs saving major corporations while ignoring all the smaller businesses who lost everything due to free trade. President Obama sure is willing to co-operate with the Republicans this way because there is really no division between them about pushing free trade and fast track. Both parties have betrayed workers everywhere. The trade deficit which has not been addressed by either party represents the loss of trillions of dollars of value forever.


Then why does President Obama speak out against GMO companies and support raising the minimum wage? Because he believes that the rights of workers and the middle and poor classes are more important than the profits of greedy large "too big to fail" corporations. Obamas entire goal was to improve the economy and the lives of the middle and poor class, he has made this very clear and so have I.
Debate Round No. 3
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Reasons for voting decision: Con simply didn't respond to Pro's arguments. I end up disagreeing with most of what Pro has to say, but it doesn't matter since I'm not in the round. He provides the clearest explanation for what's going on, as well as at least a few warrants. Con's arguments are often just assertions, lacking any sources or rational basis for me to agree with. Btw, the reason Con's getting sources is because yours weren't reliable, Pro. The first one didn't work, most of the remainder are on "tapsearch," which doesn't have any sources of its own and is rather blatantly biased, and the remainder are links to YOUR pages. Two of them are blatant attempt at advertisements for your art (and I'm tempted to report those posts for that reason), and the remainder are just you posting a living journal and making blanket assertions with no citations or warrants. Honestly, I'm tempted to vote you down as well, since this is just about as bad as it gets with sources. But I'll settle for a tie on points.