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Prevention is better than cure

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Started: 12/14/2014 Category: Science
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First round is for me and my opponent to present his argument. No rebuttals. You have three hours to post your arguments if you accept this debate.


Prevention is definitely millions of times better than cure. There are some incurable diseases like Ebola, Alzheimer's disease and stroke. Ebola is currently happening in Africa. It is so dangerous that humans are not even willing to help those victims. Falling ill is not a sin, but if you don't prevent them, then it is a sin. It is something like self-abuse for a human to fall ill on purpose. This is not good. Some disease are incurable,but they are preventable. All you need is some little correct steps to avoid them.

It can be warded through playing card games.


"Prevention is definitely millions of times better than cure." Oh. Where'd you get that number from?

"There are some incurable diseases like Ebola, Alzheimer's disease and stroke." Just because a cure has not been created does not mean we will eventually create one. Scientists have found a way to cure Ebola in monkeys and are currently working on treating humans. Researchers at Yale School of Medicine announced they discovered a drug that reverses the effects of Alzheimer's disease in mice.

"Falling ill is not a sin, but if you don't prevent them, then it is a sin." One method of preventing a disease is researching to find a vaccine for it. I also believe you mean "try to prevent them", because the doctors who are "trying" to prevent/cure Ebola aren't preventing it from spreading... but are they sinning?

"Little correct steps" I agree. The vast majority of diseases are avoidable, but many are hereditary or are caused by other factors which they cannot control or prevent. However, genetic conditions can often be cured.

In West Africa, Ebola spreads rapidly due to poor hygiene. This lack of hygiene is caused by their lack of education and their religious customs. While education is important, I argue that defying their religious customs would be a violation of their rights, and that it would be simpler to find a cure and administer it when needed than to change their way of living.
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Posted by vi_spex 2 years ago
better for business that is
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