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Private education should be the standard form of education .

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Started: 10/5/2010 Category: Education
Updated: 6 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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welcome to the debate , firstly , let us consider the cost of our current education system in the uk of �80 billion pounds .

secondly the state education system is more open to manipulations of qualifications than a purely private system .

if all education is of one standard then we stop the entrenchment of class.

�80 billion could be used to pay for 171.4 million people to be taken out of poverty .
which is the better investment 10 million middle class kids or 170 million third world children barely existing in our world ?

private education would be extra-competitive reducing prices and allowing poor children to get an education .the Private education sector already pays for the smart poor children anyways .


PROBLEM: Not all can afford private education. Competitive behavior does not apply to schools because the minimum cost of a decent education is above the cost most are willing to pay (in Britain cost is $5316 per child, in 3rd world it's more). Thus some miss out on education, leading to inequality and lack of workforce productivity. Most smart poor children are not paid for, only a select few.
PROBLEM: Private education often has inferior teachers and is more money-focused than student-focused. In particular, bullying is worse there.
$80 bil will not bring 170mil kids out of poverty. That's giving them $470 each. Trouble is they'll just spend it on food and shelter, which will cause inflation and make life more unbearable.
Vote CON!
Debate Round No. 1


even if individuals cannot afford a decent private education at the moment , the country cannot provide a decent state education for them .

Between 1870 and 1893 there was a private system of education in the UK that did not miss anybody out. The system can still be private yet comprehensive in the coverage.

If private education has inferior teachers and provides better results than public schools , imagine what they would do with decent teachers ,including getting rid of an undeserved reputation of bullying.

education is an investment , we need to care about returns .

sorry my bad , �80 billion(not $80 billion ) will keep 170 million people out of poverty as defined by the world bank .

i give way.


1870-92 (not 93), UK education was funded by local ratepayers through the municipal rate, so it was not private education. (

If you destroy public schools, good teachers will leave the profession. Less kids in education=smaller pool of good teachers. Vicious cycle. Teachers also often don't like the focus on money there.

Private reputation for bullying is not undeserved, having gone to a private school myself.

Returns for �80 billion is a $2.1 trillion GDP. By removing funding for education you will leave UK children behind.

Giving �470 to 170000000 kids will not bring all of them out of poverty any more than giving them $470 would. Inflation will still increase poverty.
Debate Round No. 2


derfe forfeited this round.


More problems with private education: harder to monitor as no state control, usually less cost-effective as economies of scale not as widely achieved, and private schools are often church-run, which raises diversity issues. Added to this the aforementioned lack of good teachers, the focus on profit not people, the bully culture, the restrictive costs and the resulting inequality, it seems private schools have little going for them. The only advantage my opponent mentioned is not really an advantage at all due to inflation. My opponent has no comebacks to any of this so he forfeited. Save the schools we need with your con vote!
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by LaissezFaire 6 years ago
lol@every single sentence in Con's argument.
Posted by derfe 6 years ago
i am using the sitution as a launchboard
Posted by Mirza 6 years ago
Are you arguing for the UK only or in general?
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