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Private school is better/safer than public school

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Started: 9/10/2014 Category: Education
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Private schools give you a better education than public schools. The teachers at public schools are paid more, so most people who seek a teaching career will want a job at one of them. Anyone who decides to teach at a private school knows that the pay is worse, and they teach at them because they love their job. So, they will be better at their job. Also, if you attend a private school, you have to pay tuition. The school has to give you a better education, than, if they want you to stay. So naturally, private school gives you a better education.

Private schools are also safer than public schools. Anyone who attends private school has to pay tuition, so the students will all naturally be safer. I am not saying that poor people are not safe, or that they are meaner. I only mean that the students will have been raised in a better environment, so they will know that bullying is bad, and that drugs are bad. Not all of them, but a majority. Many people also attend private school for religious reasons, so most of the students will be nicer, and more moral. Nicer students means a nicer school, so private school is safer than public school.


Public schools are better. Public schools are better than private because of diversity, having to pay to go to school which is exclusive, and the teachers are better educated so their students are better educated. Most people think that PRIVATE SCHOOLS are better because of what they have heard. But what they don't know is the personal difference between the schools (meaning the never experienced PRIVATE SCHOOL).
Debate Round No. 1


Public schools do have more diversity, but that is purely chance. Anyone who can pay is welcome at a private school. And, yes, you do have to pay for private school. It is not just to be exclusive, though. Private schools don't get government funding, so they have to find a way to pay the teachers. This is why the teachers at private school are payed less. If they wanted to raise the pay of a private teacher, they would have to raise tuition. It is all in a perfect balance, and in no way meant to exclude people.

I have attended private school my whole life, so I speak from experience and facts, not just what I have heard. Tests do indicate that it is much more likely for a public school student to be bullied that a private school student. It is proven that public schools have more problems with physical conflicts, verbal abuse of teachers, student disrespect for teachers, and parental lack of involvement. From experience, I can tell you also that it is true. Comparing my private school friends and my public school friends, I can see a substantial difference in behavior. My public school friends tend to either gossip more, or be bullied more. This is never a real problen with my private school friends.

As far as education goes, it is hard to tell who gets a better one. Based off a single student, you will get varried answers. Hovever, the average test scores for a private school are generally higher than those of a public school. Is is because of teachers and environment. Private school teaching careers are hard to come by, so only a teacher who loves their job will search for a private school career. Naturally, those who love their job will be better at is. So, you can conclude that a private school gives you a better edcation.


Public schools are better. Public schools are better than private because of diversity, having to pay to go to school which is exclusive, and the teachers are better educated so their students are better educated. Most people think that PRIVATE SCHOOLS are better because of what they have heard. But what they don't know is the personal difference between the schools (meaning the never experienced PRIVATE SCHOOL).

As of now since almost is rises, (price, population, etc) , public school is helpful to those people who cannot afford private school, and specially tuition fees of the private school has a possibility to rise unlike the public school is consistent. Some people who was studying at the private school, mostly they are using their money to pass the subject, they pay their instructors, unlike public school are fare for all students. Public school is advantage as now, because almost 70% of the population is poor and 30% is rich.

Public schools provide students with an opportunity to interact with people from different backgrounds and learn from that. Private school students mainly come form upper class families and are limited to what they are exposed to. When private school students move onto a career this could pose a problem because they have no idea the problems middle and low class families face.
Debate Round No. 2


The public school system has numberous issues

Teacher Tenure - this protects any poor quality teacher from being fired. This also terminates a teacher's fear of being fired, so even a good teacher can get lazy.

Students are assigned to the public school in their area. This forces some students to attend a more corrupt, or dangerous school, and ensures that the school will have enough students to stay open. The school can change the additude of the students, and lead them to failure.

Common Core Standards - the poor teachers that tenure protects are now educating their students with common core standards. It would be bad enough if all teachers were at least average in performance. Common core is widely known as not being very efficient, and soon will be limmiting students. Government officials could soon start poisoning the minds of students with common core standards

Public schools can be under-funded, which can lead to cancellation of activities like choir, band, dance, and theater.

Over-achieving, intellingent kids are often a minority. They will be discouraged among students, and taught that smart means unpopular.

There are many popular misconceptions and myths about private school

Students can use money to pass a class, or get good grades - this is a common, and hilarious myth. Private schools have very strict rules about giving a teacher any money, even as a gift. Especially in middle and high school, where students are more likely to try cheting. If you were to ask anyone at a private school, student or teacher, they would all tell you that no one tries to use money to pass classes.

All students in private school are rich, and upper class - this is a steriotype. Students in private school are mainly upper-middle class, or somewhere in that area. Some students even get work-study oppritunities, which lets lower-class students attend private school for cheaper. They only have to help with a little work, like helping to clean after school. Low-8ncome students also can receive free lunch. Of coarse, some students in private school are richer. What other school would these students go to?

Students are all very sheltered from the real world - a very common steriotype. Since most people go to public school, private school students will live in neiborhoods with public school students, and can become friends with them. All private school students are aware of the problems low class families face. They learn from the news, from public school friends, and from common knolwdge. Anyway, is being sheltered from drugs, alcohol, and other illegal activity really a bad thing? In a private school, students have a safe, pure, and healthy learning environment.



I believe that children from public schools are being pushed harder to their limits. Unlike kids from private schools, who rely too much on others when it comes to education. There are also evidences that those who come from public schools score higher in tests, like SATs. Your child will be exposed to more ideas and cultural backgrounds since more than half of the population attend Public Schools. Some researches state that Private schools have better curriculums. But then again, today the government monitors public schools closely so that they can provide an even more better way of teaching children. For those who are also experiencing financial problems, this may be the best way of giving your child a better future, which is by sending them to a public school.

PRIVATE SCHOOL students get a very limited glimpse of society because they are surrounded by kids who also have rich parents and similar political views. In public school, all different social and economic groups come together and learn to coexist with each other. Students learn to work with and love people who come from very different backgrounds than themselves. When a public school student is released out into the real world, he has the social skills to interact with any group or class of people. Private school students have only been around upper class students similar to themselves and have no connection with lower class. They grow up looking down on less wealthy people because they were never able to interact with them and realize how similar all social groups are to each other.

Public Schools are Better Public schools are better because all of them are unisex. Which means they have both genders. Some private schools are just 1 gender. Which means no real leads to a relationship and then marriage when you are older. Public schools also cost much less than what private schools do. Public schools also have less expensive attire. Plus private schools have are more formal, whereas public schools you aren't all uncomfortable in formal outfits. Lastly research is shown that teachers in public schools have a better education, which means a better education for kids.
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Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by PureLogic 3 years ago
Public school does not teach for future planning. They don't talk about college or careers, where private school starts talking about high school and college in 5th and 6th grade, and doesn't stop talking about college and future planning until you graduate.
Posted by PureLogic 3 years ago
Excuse me, DefineRich, but in your last argument you implied that private school students are racist, and can not interact with other cultures. We all have met people from different cultures! We are not against other cultures. In fact, interacting with other cultures should not even be a problem. Anyone can talk to anyone, and know how to respect them.

You also stated that private school has a more formal feeling, and public school is more casual. How does this support your opinion? Formal is not uncomfortable. It is sharp, intelligent, and classy. Casual is sloppy, and does not belong in a learning environment. And it's not like private school is never fun. People joke in class, and get off topic. And, uniforms stop the pressure of deciding what to wear, and stop people from being made fun of for their clothes.
Posted by cheyennebodie 3 years ago
What has destroyed the quality of public schools is unions.Tenure has made it almost impossible to get rid of a very bad teacher.Our education system is flooded with below grade teachers.And common core is the nail in the coffin of our education system.Except for those districts that thumbed their nose at Washington and kicked that stupid system out.
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