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Privatization of Water Does more Harm Than Good

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Started: 11/24/2016 Category: Economics
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Ok, so heres the structure:

1st Round Pro- Rules
1st Round Con- Definitions/ Arguments (At least 3)
2nd Round Pro- Arguments (At least 3)
2nd Round Con- Refutation
3d Round Pro- Refutation and Conclusion
3d Round Con- Conclusion

All speeches for rounds must be at least 5000 characters each or else opposing side automatically wins.


Privatization of Water is an important discussion to have. Water, being at the pinnacle of healthy living, and control being the centerpiece of our political and economic system.

However, moreso than the topics themselves, we're here today to discuss does Privatization of water do any more harm than it does good? That remains to be seen, yet there is an indication of truth to be considered.

First off, Privatization of water has already happened, to a far more extreme extent than most people realize. In Canada, water is used often for industrial purposes, as I have seen in the case of a local pulp papermill. They have "water rights" to drain a massive freshwater lake through a pipeline right into their privately owned mill. If thats not an example of industrial aquatic procurement and water privatization i'm not sure what is. To summarize: Water Privatization in Industry is already prevalent in water rights. Most people just don't know where to look. Industry uses water every day.

What about Commercial Privatization of water, like at a Car Wash? They're paying for access to water which they use to clean cars. An example of a massive private water operation, where commercial businesses profit from the use of water. This is just one example- what about a water bottler? In Canada, they pay next to nothing for their water rights even though they take millions of litres a year purely for the monetization of the natural resource. So Water Privatization happens in business too.

What about in everyday life? Do you use a well or a waterline at your residence? That's Water Privatization too. Private water rights if it's a municipal service, and private water ownership if it's from a well.

In many ways the question needs to be reapproached because water privatization seems to do more good than harm, already, everyday, on an international scale. It does more good than harm by definition.
Debate Round No. 1


My opponent wrote less than 5000 characters. therefore, the round is automatically conceded and Con wins.


to be fair, my opponent did not write 5000 characters so this round automatically continues and they're challenged to actually debate the topic as presented
Debate Round No. 2


Thats semantics XD It was agreed that I will ONLY have to post my argument if the opponent writes 5000 characters initially. You have not done what you agreed to and therefore, this round can not be debated since it will be unfair to me or a person who was genuinely willing to write a 5000 character argument,


If we're making up arbitrary semantic observations, then yes I would agree that your argument both initially and to this point has been left lower than 5000 characters. That mattering in any sense of the word is not something I would agree. It's really about the importance of Privatization of Water" and it doing more harm than good.

I have prepared points on both how it exists today and why, would you like to rebuttal or should I continue making points to support my argument? Because it won't be possible for me to refute arguments you haven't made yet.

And to be clear" the topic worth debating is the debate topic.
Debate Round No. 3
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