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Pro Sports cheating

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Started: 2/6/2017 Category: Sports
Updated: 1 year ago Status: Debating Period
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Hell yes professional sports are fixed!!! I have been watching Pro sports of ALL my life and believing that some sports games are rigged but the bad thing is the only ones that win are usually the Pro Team Owners. The latest "Fixed Game" was today's Super Bowl and after watching that game I have sworn off ALL Professional Sports teams in ALL Sports events because I watch so much of it, it has to make sense. Take today's Super Bowl and how the Atlanta Falcons game out the gate full ablaze blowing the heavy favorite New England Patriots out of the water...yet at the very end of the game Brady is about to cry because the Falcons are kicking his teams butt when all of a sudden the Patriots mysteriously comes from behind to kick the Falcons butts. IT HAPPENS ALL THE TIME. Why would anyone want to watch this crap??? I feel sorry for the family members that have to endure the sadness for their elders who own the team but HAVE to comply or DIE from the underworld which controls this cheating so THEY can make all the money. You can see the tears in their eyes because if they voice their opinions, they too will risk death by the underworld creeps. Thanks
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Posted by natho_thebrainz 1 year ago
What are you trying to get across? Are you for or against cheating in sports?
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