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Pro gay marriage

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Started: 3/2/2014 Category: Society
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Gay rights should be legal because we live in a progressive society and saying that people who love their same sex shouldn't get married because that's not traditional, is extremely ignorant!


Traditions are important. They are what brings us together. To say that traditions are not important is like saying we can survive without food. Impossible.

Not only is this going against more than 4,000 years of Judea-Christian beliefs, it also creates several other very important problems. I am going to focus on the kids in this argument.

The first problem is that gay marriage may lead to more children being raised in same-sex households, which are not an optimum environment because children need both a mother and father. You cannot be a mother if you are a male, and visa verse. No matter how much you try, you just are not a woman, and it is impossible to experience those feelings.

Also, same-sex couples cannot conceive children, which would be sad, for parents would have to adopt children, which is a good thing, but adopted children cannot be loved as much as regular children.

Another problem with children of same-sex couples: "The most shocking and troubling outcomes, however, are those related to sexual abuse. Children raised by a lesbian mother were 10 times more likely to have been "touched sexually by a parent or other adult caregiver" (23% reported this, vs. only 2% for children of married biological parents), while those raised by a homosexual father were 3 times more likely (reported by 6%). In his text, but not in his charts, Regnerus breaks out these figures for only female victims, and the ratios remain similar (3% IBF; 31% LM; 10% GF). As to the question of whether you have "ever been physically forced" to have sex against your will (not necessarily in childhood), affirmative answers came from 8% of children of married biological parents, 31% of children of lesbian mothers (nearly 4 times as many), and 25% of the children of homosexual fathers (3 times as many). Again, when Regnerus breaks these figures out for females (who are more likely to be victims of sexual abuse in general), such abuse was reported by 14% of IBFs, but 3 times as many of the LMs (46%) and GFs (52%)." This taken from Enough said on that one, the statistics speak for themselves.

Conclusion: Same-sex households are not optimum environments for kids to live in, and no one kid should have to live with same-sex couples. This is one reason why gay marriage is wrong.
Debate Round No. 1


It is everyone civil rights to not be discriminated upon due to physical appearance, mental stability, and sexual orientation, whereas Restricting these rights is a violation of the peoples 14th amendments rights, and their natural rights;

The 14th amendment provides that all states will provide equal protection within their jurisdiction. It provides due process and equally provides all constitutional rights to all citizens of this country, Regardless of race, Sex, Religious belief and creed. (sexual orientation falls under the above as well)

Natural rights are what helped Thomas Jefferson form this country. There are three natural rights: Life Liberty and Property. These pertain to Gay rights in the form of liberty. When John Locke created this theory in the 17th century. Liberty is the freedom to be who you are.

As of now the government is saying that we do not accept your homosexuality so we will not allow you to celebrate your commitment to each other through marriage because we think that our religious traditional belief of marriage is the only way that we accept. This is an extremely anti progressive and ignorant standpoint

Acknowledging Homosexuals rights in this bill will move us another step to a better functioning society. it does not hurt society (Rather benefits it in the field of Diversity) or any individual that is not directly affected by homosexuals. It would Raise the Number of adoptions Dramatically due to not being able to both be biological parents and there would be a extreme decrease in the number of kids put in orphanages or homes. this would contribute to family stability and therefore would create a more progressive society. It would provide security and knowledge that their relationship would not need to be proved or explained to others.

Legalizing Gay Marriage would decrease the number of Suicides due to bullying because of sexual orientation, Whereas now teens are being constantly bullied and judged. Homosexual Teens are made to feel like they are the ones that can not fit in or the ones that can not be loved and have a place in society.


Number one, I would like to point out that my opponent did not refute my case, which means that I am correct.

Rebuttal: I would like to refute my opponents case with one idea. Marriage is a privilege, not a right. Government has been involved in the marriage business, and provides benefits for spouses because this will result children. Let me repeat, marriage is a privilege, not a right. For this reason, it is illegal to marry under the age of 16-18, depending on what region you are in. It is also illegal to marry more than one person. AND it is illegal to marry someone who is closely related to you. Why should homosexuals marry, if the above groups cannot?

Quoted from an article by Jonathan Dohanich, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. "The fact is homosexual “marriage” provides no benefit to the state. If homosexual couples want certain governmental or social benefits, these can easily be obtained by consulting an attorney. Hospital visitation, inheritance rights, a living will or designation of a significant other as a trustee are easy legal matters to resolve."

Argument: Homosexual marriage is just ways of getting benefits. Can't they live without the marriage benefits? They are not entitled to them, for marriage is a privilege.

Quoted from Gay marriage would entitle gay couples to typical marriage benefits including claiming a tax exemption for a spouse, receiving social security payments from a deceased spouse, and coverage by a spouse’s health insurance policy. On Dec. 17, 2009, the Congressional Budget Office estimated that the cost to the federal government of extending employment benefits to same-sex domestic partners of certain federal employees (making no mention of additional costs such as Social Security and inheritance taxes) would be $596 million in mandatory spending and $302 million in discretionary spending between 2010 and 2019.

I firmly disagree with paying tax dollars for something I don't believe in. This is basically it.

Debate Round No. 2


Unfortunately, my opponent has not responded correctly, for I have no idea what ".S" means. I really wanted to have this debate, even though I kind of am busy and my arguments were worse than low quality. But vote for me, since Pro has conceded. (Sort of.)
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by thisisbob 4 years ago
@peacegrog. Yes, this was a very bad debate. @Kathryn3014. Im sorry to hear. Then it would have been a complete debate
Posted by Kathryn3014 4 years ago
Hello everyone i would love to have this debate with someone and the reason that this debate is invalid is because my account got hacked! I would really enjoy having this debate with someone!
Posted by peacefrog 4 years ago
"Number one, I would like to point out that my opponent did not refute my case, which means that I am correct.'

Honestly, you just sound like a terrible person.
Posted by ESocialBookworm 4 years ago
How is gay marriage affecting you?
Posted by peacefrog 4 years ago
"Also, same-sex couples cannot conceive children, which would be sad, for parents would have to adopt children, which is a good thing, but adopted children cannot be loved as much as regular children."

This statement, alone, demonstrates your mental short-comings and obvious ignorance towards this subject. You have already lost the debate.
Posted by amay 4 years ago
Bah, I always miss the worthwhile ones. Good luck ladies and gentlemen
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