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Professional Athletes Get Paid Too Much (compared to other occupations in society)

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Started: 5/14/2011 Category: Society
Updated: 6 years ago Status: Voting Period
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Professional Athletes Get Paid Too Much

Professional: engaged in a specified activity as one's main paid occupation rather than as a pastime

Athlete: a person who is proficient in sports and other forms of physical exercise.

As Con, I just need to prove that Professional athletes deserve what they get paid.

Pro must prove that the salaries of professional athletes are unfair compared to other jobs in society

I will allow the challenger to post his arguments first


I'd like to thank my opponent for creating this debate. First & foremost I'd like to start off by saying I believe in communism & to all those who do not know much about communism in a communist country every one is equal. So I'd like to begin.

1) Training - the Athletes goes through vigorous training & we all would have to accept that It is hard. But let's look at the training a Lawyer & Doctor go through. A doctor first has to graduate from College which is 4 four years. Then after the 4 years they have to go to four years of medical school. I would like to point out that even though they are training here in school to help the society in the future most of the times they have to pay for this training. Then after all of this they are on their own they have to go to many different hospitals & apply & hope they get accepted. It can take a doctor from 8 - 12 years or more for them to actually start making a decent amount of money to be able to live. Lawyers go through the same process 4 years of college then 4 years of law school. Then the whole process begins to look for a job. A lawyer will take 8 - 12 years to make decent money as well just like a doctor.

2) Job - The job of a athlete is to entertain the public nothing more nothing less. I will accept the fact that SOME athletes use their fame & money to help others. Yet again I will point out that those who do actual help to society are a few minority. Now let's look at the job of a Doctor first. A Doctor saves lives on a daily basis and work countless hours not 3 - 4 hours a day like athletes. Doctor's get up at 5:00 am ( talking from personal experience my Aunt is a Doctor I do realize not all Doctor's wake up at 5:00 am ) & work for 6 - 8 hours maybe less or more. Now a Lawyer are one of the most essential parts to a government. They convict criminals into jail which not only makes justice for the crime committed but they are saving future crimes of occurring. These Lawyers spend countless hours working to keep our community safer.

3) Pay - An athlete starting will make $350,000 & up. Depending upon their skills. Then after a few years they make their way up to earning millions. I would like to point out for example Tiger Woods one of the highest paid athletes makes approximately 85 million a year. For shooting balls into a hole. Another example Kobe Bryant makes approximately 26 million. This amount of money is payed to them for a contract it could be for 5 - 10 years. I'd like to point out though that 40% of that money comes from endorsements. Now let's move on to a doctor. On average a Doctor wins $80,000 per year & can work up to make maybe 1 - 2 millions. I would like to point they could make 1 - 2 millions if they are highly recognizable Doctors have spend on average 10 years or more as a Doctor. A Lawyer on average makes $30,000 starting then could make their way to $100,000. There are few that could make beyond this but again after many years of hard work & if they are very well known. Locations also have to do with how much a Doctor makes in a medium to large city they can make up to $200,000 but after many years.

Conclusion: We could see that in no way the salary of a Doctor & Lawyer can be compared to Athlete. Also an athlete makes tremendous amount of money starting their careers. Lawyers & Doctor's make a nice amount of cash after years or even decades of hard work. As well would I like to point out their jobs are very different athletes entertain Doctor's & Lawyer's save lives & protect our way of life.

Con will not make his point.
Thank You.
Debate Round No. 1


ilovedebate forfeited this round.


KiwiJudas forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


I sincerely apologize to my audience and my opponent for such a late reply
I don not know why pro stated that he supports communism because that does not have anything to do is topic since we live in a democratic society and therefore, it does not matter if my opponent supports communism

1. Pro tried to compare the amount of time and vigorous training of doctors and lawyers to the vigorous training of professional athletes. However, he totally ignored the amount of training an athlete must go through. He states that it takes a doctor 8-12 years for them to start a living off of being a doctor. There are thousands if not millions of hospitals out there in the world that you can apply a job for and as long as you correctly went through the 8-12 years of studying in a university, then you are almost sure to get a job as a doctor or a nurse. Same as a lawyer. There are infinite amounts of jobs available for them. However, in sports, the number of spots available is very limited. What I am trying to prove in the rebuttal is the fact that, although professional athletes have a high salary/income, the competition is much more tough

2. We live in a capitalistic society. Under capitalism, a person is paid capital slightly less than the profit that the employer thinks he will receive upon hiring the employee. Such is the exact same with sports [1].

The audience for the professional athletes are much greater than for doctors and lawyers. A doctor/ lawyer receives the amount of money they get because of the audience they appeal to for example, patients. Same with professional athletes, the audience they appeal to are willing to pay to watch them play and therefore, they deserve that amount of money.

To conclude, or make my final argument, because most of the countries in the world live by a capitalistic economy, the athletes deserve the amount of money they make

Vote Con



Thank you to Con for finally responding. I will like to point out that I stated that I believe in Communism because my view point is of a Communist. Maybe since Con lives in a Capitalist society & maybe agrees with the way of the lifestyle I do not. The U.S.A economic society priorities are really messed up but that's just my opinion.


1. First and foremost I would like to say that Con made an incorrect remark when he said I ignore the hard training an athlete goes through. He should look to paragraph one my first sentence states " Athletes go through vigorous training and we all would have to accept that it is hard." Con stated that the competition is more tough for athletes then doctor's and lawyer's. Which is totally incorrect. Let's look at what the debate is about. Professional Athlete's Get Paid Too Much ( compared to other jobs in society ) which no one not even my opponent can deny. I believe it is unfair and an abomination that doctors & lawyers get paid less. Also we can see that in average a Doctor can manage from 1,400 patients to 1,700 in about 210 days per year. Which is beyond hard work. Also I would like to point out that Con should look more into his country and the economic troubles we are going through. Thousands if not millions of doctor's lawyers, nurses etc. have lost their jobs & Con is stating that it easy to get a job in this competing society? I believe he has no base what so ever in the Rebuttal that he presented for me in paragraph one.
To become a lawyer is extremely hard and I would like to point out that a lawyer money depends upon the citizens of the country and whenever they may have a trouble they will go to a Lawyer. Now if you are a District Attorney or a Prosecutor who works strictly for the government then you have a strict salary.

2. I would say that it is true an athletes salary depends upon his fan base but I dislike how he said they deserve the money they get paid, which they do not. You seriously believe that an athlete should get paid millions for playing a three to four game a few times a week? Then a doctors works daily from six to eight hours (on average) and do not get paid what they truly deserve. Also he said a doctor receives the money from their audience. This is not always true when they work for a hospital they can serve a hundred patients and still get paid the same as if they took care of only one patient.


I ask the audience that will look at this debate, to realize the obvious that athletes do not deserve what they get paid. Doctors and lawyers protect Con's way of life as well as mine and yours. Athletes just entertain us when we're bored not such an important job to society. Yet when you get sick you go to a doctor and he/she secures you can see the light of another day. As well as a lawyer ensures when a crime is committed that justice is served. Justice that only they can give to us.

Vote for who you know is correct...

Thank You to Con & the audience.
Debate Round No. 3


Thank you pro for your next response

I would like to ask you a question, what do you truly believe is harder to be, a professional athlete or a doctor/lawyer. Being a doctor or lawyer is extremely easy compared to the road to being an athlete. You can decide to be a doctor or lawyer when you're in college and study extremely hard. However, if you decide to become a professional athlete when you're in high school and practice extremely hard, your chances in percentage don't even go to two digits.

I would like to tell something to my audience. Pro's opinions about whether or not he thinks athletes get paid too much does not matter. He says it's unfair and an abomination that doctors and lawyers get paid less. I would like Pro to tell me why. Doctors and lawyers get paid that amount of money because they only appeal to the number of patients they treat where professional athletes get paid because they appeal to the number of fans they have. Yes, I agree with Pro, let's look at this debate. We are talking about whether or not athletes get paid too much. They might get paid a lot but that doesn't mean it's too much. Con states that doctors have to manage from 1400 patients to 1700 in about 210 days per year which is beyond hard work. If he wants to bring out the topic of hard work, then he will definitely lose. To become a doctor, you just require the average of 25 years of complete and thorough study and then after you get a job as a doctor, you are home free and don't need to do anything else but your job. He states that it's hard but professional athletes have to train everyday ever since they could walk and even after they get hired to play for a team, they have to train a lot everyday with an extremely strict diet. I did not state that it is eay to become a doctor/lawyer, I simply compared the competition of those two jobs to being a professional athlete. According to;, professional athletes train about 40 hours a week which is roughly 6 hrs a day. If you don't think that's hard, then I don't know what is

I did not say athletes deserve that money. However, we are debating this topic by looking at why they do get the money in general. Nobody is willing to pay hospitals thousands of dollars just for getting their legs fixed or recieving a heart transplant. But it's mandatory because they demand it. On the other hand, nobody is forcing the fans to come to watch the games of the athletes. But they do because they enjoy it. Just like the money that the hospitals recieve from the mandatory demands goes to the doctors, the money that the fans are willing to pay, goes to the athletes. It's only fair.

Pro concludes by telling the audience to vote by looking within what the audience feels. However, this is a debate on who has better arguments and better rebuttals. His conclusion has no relevance to any of his contentions and tries to persuade the audience with a mere pathos.

With that having been said, I urge pro to summon his final and concluding words. Goodluck and vote con!


Thank you Con for being my first opponent in my first debate it was a great one.

First Rebuttal: Is it hard to be an athlete no one in this world can deny it, do I believe it is harder to be a doctor/lawyer then an athlete? Yes, I do. I believe you answered that question for me in your third paragraph, you said yourself it takes a doctor on average 25 years to complete his studies. So let's do a little math here. You get into college at 17 on average and it will take 25 years until you have a career that you can live of. I ask con who in the world is paying for all these college funds, during those 25 years? This means by the age of 42 this kid now a man/women will have a career. The life expectancy of The U.S.A according to the Central Intelligence Agency is 78 years old. Let's round that off to 80. By 42 years old a man/women has lived half their life just to get started on life. There are athletes that don't last in the NBA, MLB, NFL etc. 5 years and have enough money to live like a king for the rest of their life.

Second Rebuttal: Yes I agree my opinion really does not matter what matter's here are the facts that are proven. I believe I have said this before, I am starting to think Con is not reading thoroughly my rebuttal's. I clearly said not all Doctor's get paid according to their patients. Because not all doctor's are private. Meaning some doctor's work in public hospital's they can't deny patients they have to accept them and do their job wether they like it or not. Meaning they can treat 10 patients in one day and still get the same check they got last week when they treated 500 patients. I dislike the fact how my opponent states that doctors/lawyers are home free after they get their job? Let me put it like this to my audience and con. Lawyers have to live with the thought in their head that because of the career they chose to maintain themselves and be respected within society their family and his life are at risk daily. I believe no one sees what a doctor sees and experiences. People come to him with the hope that they can live to see another day and all that hope depends upon his studies. There are many times when a doctor has in his hands the choice of life and death. We trust these great man/women with these jobs. Yet my opponent undermines all of this hard work.

Third Rebuttal: My opponent states that no one is willing to pay doctor's thousands of dollars to receive a heart transplant but I will prove this is really inaccurate. According to Transplant Living a heart transplant cost's the patient $658,800. Over half a million dollars. Yet you may be thinking Oh my a doctor gets over half a million dollar's every time he completes a heart transplant? You're dead wrong. The doctor receives only $40,000 from all this money. Before I conclude my final rebuttal I will like to point out something my opponent states that fans are willing to pay, to watch these athletes play and this is true. Yet I ask my opponent and the audience a question. There are athletes that are benched at times because of their lack of skills or because of their injuries they put no input what so ever to the game for a whole season yet they get paid more then what a doctor/lawyer will get in 5 years. This is what my opponent so calls fair? I would also like to tell my audience who would you rather pay more to? Let's put this example that you're house catches on fire, or that a country comes and invades the U.S.A? Who are we going to call, that basketball player that gets paid 24 million a year? Or are you going to call that Marine that only makes $32,000 a year? If you need help answering this question then you should check your moral values.

Conclusion: Con tells the audience that I use mere pathos to persuade them? I do tell the audience this is my first debate and I apologize. I did not try to cause pity or sadness what so ever. But to conclude I do tell my audience this no matter what your stance is on this topic getting paid 25,000,000 to play a sport you love and have fun is ridiculous. But It's obvious Americans have no problem with this since we are willing to pay $500.00 for a seat in a basketball game to see these over paid individuals have fun.

Thank You & Vote For Pro !

I would like to thank Robert Freeman for his sources and information.

Debate Round No. 4
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It's no problem.
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oops i was in a rush and did not see your 3rd contention, i apologize once again
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