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Professional Sport players should not get that much money.

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Started: 9/23/2014 Category: Sports
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I believe that some people work to hard and get paid too little. On the other hand professional athletes get paid million of dollars for running around and getting sweaty.


This is a thing about supply and demand. A person who can do something that no one else can is paid more than an unskilled labourer. And yes being able to play sport to a professional standard is as much a skill as being able to play the stock market.
Debate Round No. 1


How about doctors? They don't get paid millions a year? How about the person that built this computer that you and I are using? They don't get paid millions a year. Anyone can have a ball and run with it. Not everyone can be good at it, but anyone can do it. Cn everyone do open heart surgery? Can everyone withstand pressure when it's a life or death moment, can everyone make computers and program them and everything? I believe not!


The system you are describing in which everyone get's paid the same wage no matter about market concerns is called communism (no hyperbole that is practically the definition) it is a system which destroys the economy of every nation it touches and always ends up with horrific acts of genocide.

Look while the salaries of high end sport players may seem ridiculous the alternative is much much worse.

This is all about the free market. Sports players can be paid a lot (most are not paid that much) and that is because the market has created a demand for them.

And no not everyone can play sports professionals will spend often their entire lives fine tuning their talent. They put as much effort in as any other professional.
Debate Round No. 2


Nope, you are not getting it. I didn't say everybody gets the same wage, no no no. I said, that sports players should not get as much as MILLIONS a year! That's outrageous! Doctors who are saving lives need that money! Hospitals, homeless- can't you see? Commercials asking for money for the hospitals, cancer patients striving and hoping that people will give them money! What about sports, tell me the time you have ever seen a sports player in commercial with that sad look on his/her face asking for money? (Unless if it's for cancer organizations and that would be a testimonial) Most likely never. Admit it! What good does sports do to us! Socializing with other nations, yes that's a good point but that won't give a patient in need therapy! Entertainment, yes another good point, but will that give a homeless person a home?!?

Have you ever watched Ratatouille?
Anyone can cook?

Quote Ego:
" Not anyone can become a fine artist, but a fine artist can come from anyone."

Concerning both doctors and sports alike, it know they all needed to work hard to achieve their point of success, don't get me wrong! But is a Multi-million salary in fact needed to fulfill it?

After food, one of the things people spend money on is sports. Come to my house, you'll see a sports jersey, or a hat. Something! And it is the same thing you will see in most people's house around the world. All that money could be used on other things, that were more important!

I'm not saying I don't like sports, but sports athletes get too much money! When they break a bone, they need a doctor to fix them up! And it is most likely that if a doctor had not helped fix them, they could die from disease or permanent damage from the bone not fusing back together properly.

Yet athletes are making tons of money, and how much of well spent minutes that would be used for the greater good have been used? Not much. Not much at all.


Look as I have said before the free market should decide the wages of individuals. You accept this principle and yet don't see that it applies to athletes as well as everyone else.

Athletes do possess a skill that is more or less unique to them. The reason that they get paid so much is because there are none or very few people who possess the skills of athletes. In this circumstance the free market decides that wage and the wage that the free market has decided is the wage they currently have.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by GodlyBeret 2 years ago
If cowards run away from obstacles, than you are not a coward. Smart people avoid obstacles. Not run away from them. I realize I was wrong and you're right. I need to respect you more. I'm sorry for insulting you, I was in hot blood. My bad, as the teens say. Is my debate wrong? According to you yes. And i will respect that. So yeah, I still believe that my arguments are right, but I need to know that yours are right too. I NEED TO STOP doing that. I'll try to do better next time. Promise.
Posted by Dheu 2 years ago
"You 17 year olds think you are so mature. Grow up kid. You're fighting a 13 year old."

Doesn't that insult you? I had never treated you like you were above or below me at all. In this site everyone has a word, and everyone is fair game to petty "insult" and if you can't take it, then leave.
Posted by Dheu 2 years ago
"People like you are considered obstacles. I need to go away from them."

Only cowards run away from obstacles, and if so, then leave if you cannot face the facts.
Posted by Dheu 2 years ago
Pro claims
"You're fighting a 13 year old, and losing."
"You should get off this website RIGHT NOW if you can't have a fight without crying. Grow up."

When yet he has already...
- Proven to be defeated "Fine, I'm defeated. "
- Proven to be subjective and has "feelings" on a debate site "Words hurt."
- Proven to not being able to comprehend government & economics (Read whole comments)
- Proven to be dense and narrow-minded ""I'm a rock you are going to need more than 2 hands to push. You will never get around the fact that others need money."
- Proven to not even read other arguments "have you heard of tax?", when I had already talked about taxes
- Proven to being a "sore loser", "Posted by GodlyBeret 1 hour ago", has not yet stopped posting.
- Proven to be the age of 13, and states I should grow up, when I've faced many more life experience and he has (ask for more info)
- Proven to "cry", unfamiliar with this word in this context, had to look up. Apparently a form of internet slang meaning to whine & complain, when in fact Pro has been the one complaining how dense I am.
- Proven to not understand objective to subjective, (Look at comments, all he does is appeal to emotions)
- Proven to believe that government & economics facts are not fact
- Proven to believe that professional sports are the problem for poverty
- Proven to believe

Aaaand the most important one...
- Proven to believe that debate are about winning and losing.

"a formal discussion on a particular topic in a public meeting or legislative assembly, in which opposing arguments are put forward." - Oxford dictionary

A debate is a discussions, and when they are being judged, it's based on their supporting evidence and details, so an Atheist could say a Christian has won a debate about god, because the Christian had a better argument, it's not that he wins, but he had the better argument, and also it doesn't mean that the Atheist agrees with the Christian

Where have your ev
Posted by GodlyBeret 2 years ago
People like you are considered obstacles. I need to go away from them. Get on with your life Dheu. Stop fighting with people younger than you and insulting them. Teach what you preach. You 17 year olds think you are so mature. Grow up kid. You're fighting a 13 year old, and losing. You should get off this website RIGHT NOW if you can't have a fight without crying. Grow up.
Posted by Dheu 2 years ago
"Have you been treating me "nicely" lately? Look at your previous comments."

It's a debate site... and it could be a lot more vulgar than this, if you are so offended by the simplest of words, get off the site now.
Posted by Dheu 2 years ago
"I'm a rock you are going to need more than 2 hands to push. You will never get around the fact that others need money. You'll never be able to convince me that we are not using money on sports- have you heard of tax?

Continue with this argument. I'm waiting for you. Don't give up. Cause I know I won't."

Well thank you for proving my point, that in fact you are an ignorant fool who never sees both sides. You're ignorant, because I do know about taxes, have you not been reading my comments, because it's clear that you haven't read them all at.

So let's see... You haven't read any of my arguments, because you didn't even realized I talked about taxes in my comments... you tell my I'm a dense fool, but then you go here saying you are one... aaand you called "helping others" a fact, when that's a subjective phrase, because others will disagree with it.

Once again, thank you for destroying your credibility, from this point on, I will no longer see you as a credible, respectable person. I will now see you as an ignorant kid who needs to wait a few years and group up then face reality, from there you will see you will NEVER give up your money to a poor person.
Posted by GodlyBeret 2 years ago
Don't play that game, Dheu. Because it's multiplayer. If you are going to play, expect me to play with you. Once you looked at my age, you started saying that I'm ignorant, and that things are not taught at MY AGE. insinuation does not work that well with me. I know what you are saying. "How can HE, a 13 year old, have an understanding of economics? He must be ignorant of the REAL FACTS" which YOU supposedly have. I'm going to say that you are older than 13 and yes I respect you. Mind my first comment I said that YOU WERE RIGHT. AND ACCEPTED THE FACT I WAS WRONG. But what did you do after that? Called me ignorant, insulted me... This is not a one way train buddy. If I respect you you are entitled to give me some back. Admit that you began insulting me first. I don't need to learn respect. You do. And I'm going to respectfully say that you need to watch what you call others. Words hurt. I didn't TRY to insult you, I respectfully DID insult you. Which is why you even commented back.

"I've just now looked at your Personal Profile, and it says you are 13 - years old. This absolutely changes many thing because now I know for a FACT you are uninformed in this economic and government topics, because this is taught at your age."

So this doesn't say I'm ignorant right? This doesn't say I'm an idiot right? Just cause I'm 13 I don't know this stuff right?

I'm a rock you are going to need more than 2 hands to push. You will never get around the fact that others need money. You'll never be able to convince me that we are not using money on sports- have you heard of tax?

Continue with this argument. I'm waiting for you. Don't give up. Cause I know I won't.

Have you been treating me "nicely" lately? Look at your previous comments.

Is that RESPECT to you?
Posted by Dheu 2 years ago

Athletes are nice.
Posted by Dheu 2 years ago
Well if your points are

"Are there commercials on TV where we need to send money?
Are there homeless on the streets?"

Well then you started the wrong debate.

"Yes, great achievement for you. You can't admit you are wrong so you make others do so. Good luck in life. You're going to need it."

I could say the same thing about you. You said you were "defeated" yet you still try to insult me by assuming me narrow-minded, not once have I connected your age with ignorance, I never said "Oh you're 13, you must be an ignorant child!", I just straight-up called you ignorant on the topic.

I'm not here to insult you, but you may continue to take if offensively, and this is of course, you will never change a person's opinion on something.

"To succeed in life, you need two things: ignorance and confidence.", and it seems you have both, I respect that. Now it's time for you to learn respect.
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Reasons for voting decision: I will not be awarding points, as little effort was put in to the arguments, but Con's argument about supply and demand was a good one, explaining both how and why sportsmen are paid so much. Although Con's tangent onto Communism seemed a bit out of place, he did have better arguments.