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Professional wrestling should be an Olympic sport like gymnastics

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Started: 9/6/2014 Category: Sports
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Take a look at figure skating and gymnastics. Both are choreographed performances just like professional wrestling. Have it judged and the winner is the team with the better performance. It would be great to see USA against Mexico, or Japan against Canada. You take two of the best workers from a certain country and put them in a match against each other and get scored by the judges. It"s the exact same thing as figures skating, so why not? For example it could be Chris Jericho vs Lance Storm of Canada or Bryan Danielson (Daniel Bryan) vs Jonathan Good (Dean Ambrose/Jon Moxley) of America. I genuinely think it could work. Have each match scored out of ten just like all of the other choreographed performances in the Olympics.


Greetings. This is my first attempt at debate on this site, so please forgive any errors in decorum.

While professional wrestling can be entertaining, and no one would deny that the participants are in excellent physical condition, there appear to be at least three reasons why it could not be an Olympic sport.

First and foremost, it is a choreographed fight between opposing competitors. Many of the moves require both competitors to work together and know in advance what the other one will do. Take the example of Chris Jericho vs. Lance Storm. For Jericho to perform a move, Storm would have to be able to perform his portion of that move. If Storm is less skilled then he could make it impossible for Jericho to perform his move, or Storm could intentionally prevent Jericho from performing his move. Figure skating has pairs events, but in that case two competitors are working together and are scored together. In professional wrestling, two competitors are working against each other and would have to be scored separately.

Second, professional wrestling has a somewhat limited appeal. It is popular in North America and Britain, and to a lesser degree in some other parts of Europe. However, it is virtually non-existent in the rest of the world. The Olympics is a world-wide competition. We would not my Cricket an Olympic sport, not because it is a bad sport but because it is not commonly played or even understood in most of the world. Similarly, we should not make profession wrestling an Olympic sport because it is no commonly played or understood in much of the world.

Finally, the fact that professional wrestling is a "pretend fight" makes unsuited for the Olympics. I grant that this may just be my own preference, but it seems right. The Olympics has various kinds of dances, such as figure skating and floor routines in gymnastics. It has actual competitive fights, such Greco-Roman wrestling, judo, and fencing. Professional wrestling lacks the grace of gymnastics and the authenticity of judo. Putting it in the Olympics would add very little and take away quite a bit away from the nature of the Olympics.

Without denying the athletic nature of professional wrestling, it does not belong in the Olympics.
Debate Round No. 1


I don't mean judging individually I mean that you grade both men together as a team who'd have to choreograph each moves and such and if their match was better than the match of their opponents then they win. Storm and Jericho would get graded on their overall performance and their moves. They do not get graded individually. They should be graded on their ability to work together (even thought they are technically"fighting" each other). It should be who put on the better performance, team Canada or team USA. It is all about how is your chemistry with your partner who you have worked a routine with. Storm Vs Jericho is graded as a 9 based on moves and entertainment while Bryan Vs Ambrose is given a 7. it would be similar to gymnastics in a way.
And although i agree with you that in mainland Europe there are not many big televised wrestling promotions, there are many independent wrestlers and promotions that would be pretty good and could put on just as good performances as some of the wrestlers from the bigger promotions like WWE or TNA.


Placing two participants from the same country in the ring together does remove many of the problems with judging. However, it brings out all the more the fact that we must "suspend our disbelief" in the competition. A central component of any "wrestling" match is that two opponents are in the ring together. By placing teammate in the ring who are pretending to fight against each other we see all the more how inferior Professional Wrestling is to actual combat-based sports. When we have judo, why would we want Professional Wrestling? It would be like adding NERF guns to a marksmen competition.

While I doubt that independent promotions could put on a performance like the bigger promotions, my point was that we need to look beyond North America and Europe. Professional Wrestling is all but non-existent in Africa, South America and most of Asia. It makes no sense to make a world-wide competition out of something unknown to three-fifths of the world. Perhaps in thirty years, if Professional Wrestling extends beyond its current boarders, we could revisit the issue. For now Professional Wrestling is not suited for the global arena.
Debate Round No. 2


potnoodlehead forfeited this round.


May I assume that the debate is over?
Debate Round No. 3
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Reasons for voting decision: Conduct for the forfeit. As to arguments, Pro failed to justify why Pro wrestling should be in the olympics, which was his burden. He noted similarities to other things (like gymnastics)--which hurts his case, honestly, since he needs to give us a reason to put wrestling in the olympics DESPITE these similar things that were in his own case. This is largely a subjective debate, but in the end, I just didn't see any compelling justification from Pro. As always, happy to clarify this RFD.