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Proper Grammar on Social Media

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Started: 1/21/2015 Category: Education
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I think that proper grammar should be used on social media sites. Over the course of time, I've noticed how the use of abbreviations or slang terms have taken a toll on the vocabulary of my peers.
Take school assignments, for example. I was helping a teacher grade a few written essays, and I had to ask someone in my class to help me decipher what the person was saying. The matter was on the use of a "text dictionary", and the entire passage was written in "text speak".
The passage was written along the lines of: "i wish dat sum ppl wuld understnd dat txtng dusnt efekt grmmr. just bcuz sum ppl use txtng abb duny meen dat theyre grmmr is bad. sum ppls grmmr is aktully gooder bcuz pf txt abb."
Now I understand that the abbreviation of words when texting or using social media doesn't affect all people's grammar, but it does affect a large percent of teenagers today.
On the other hand, I am aware of the fact that social media sites are to be used as a way of communicating with one's friends in a fast and effective manner, and I'm aware that grammar varies depending on how a person was taught. I know that my grammar isn't perfect, but at least I try to an extent. It's not that hard to learn the basics and put them into practice, so why not start with where everyone communicates?


I accept this debate, I am assuming you think that slang terms and abbreviations used when texting or communicating on social media is affecting our everyday life and grammar skills, so we should not use slangs and abbreviations when communicating.
Slang text and abbreviations are used to save time and energy when texting or communicating. Though this may seem lazy, abbreviations are just another modern creation to make our life easier. This is not lazy, it is using our time more effectively and intelligently. Take cars for an example. They were created to make transportation from one place to another easier. It's not impossible to walk hundreds of kilometres, it would just take a long time. It would not be beneficial to force kids to not use abbreviations and slang, it would be much better to study or read. Its not because of slang and abbreviations that grammar skills of teenagers are being affected, it is because of their schooling and determination to learn.
Therefore it is better to use slang and abbreviations when texting or communicating on social media because it is more efficient..
Debate Round No. 1


I appreciate your civility. Yes, slang and abbreviation are modern inventions that make life easier, but the cons happen to outweigh the pros in this situation. I have to admit, you were right on your comparisson with the invention of transportation methods to the matter in which we are debating.

And no, it wouldn't be right to force children to not use slang and abbreviated texts; however, I believe that they should be reprimended more frequently at school and on social medias for the use of them. I'm not saying they should be punished, because in America you do have the freedom of speech, but they need some sort of warning to set them on a better track.

I'm highly aware that the English language is constantly changing, with new words being added and old ones removed, but standards should be raised by a small amount.


hiyoko1064 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2
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