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Ps4 Vs. Xbox One

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Started: 10/4/2015 Category: Games
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I am For Ps4 ALL THE WAY.
Who Likes Xbox and Is Willing to debate with me?


I say Xbox One is better, why?
Well first off, it actually has better graphics. Yes I know, PS4 does have a better graphic card specs than the Xbox One's. But if you compare and contrast many games, such as GTA V, Call of Duty series, Need For Speed, Halo, and many other famous popular and famous games, you can see that Xbox has way better and clear colors and rendering. For example, when you play GTA V and turn the graphic quality all the way up to maximum on both consoles, you can see that Xbox has better, realistic shadows, brighter and more eye-relaxing colors and when you go to the waterfall, you can see a significant amount of difference of water splashing, there's lots of splashing in Xbox but in PS4 you can still see it good, but in a less realistic water splashes and renderings. Also, when you buy Xbox, even it might be about $100 expensive, it comes with huge bundles such as Forza and other Microsoft games. Even if it's $100 more expensive than the PS4 with the normal price, they lowers the price to about $349 during special holiday seasons such as Christmas while Sony doesn't unless the store gives you a sale for holidays (Which means you will see Xbox cost only $349 in almost every stores during Christmas and other special seasons but you'll have to go to a certain store to get the PS4 with a decreased price.) Also, Xbox has the beautiful Kinect, who doesn't like Kinect? Yes, I know, you can control PS4 with your body using the PS4 camera AND A CONTROLLER like Wii, Xbox doesn't need a controller, just use your magnificent hands to do the work. Xbox which is owned by Microsoft, is a USA company. If you're American, why don't you help your country by buying their product instead of helping Japan by buying theirs (Do not react to this question if you're not American)? Microsoft also makes awesome and mind-breaking games such as Halo, Forza and much more. These games will come with you when you buy Xbox. Yes, I know, you get games too with PS4 when you buy one, but is the game's quality good as the Microsoft/Xbox's? Nope, not that I know of, and don't say that games like GTA V comes with PS4 which makes PS4 awesome, many famous titles like GTA V isn't made by PS4 or Sony, so don't even waste your and my time just mentioning that. And finally, Xbox's hardware is way more durable than PS4's. When some money filled testers dropped PS4 and Xbox One at a height of 15 feet, which can break a person's bones, the case for the Xbox One broke and fell off, but you couldn't see the inside and none of the buttons were harmed, but the PS4's? not really. When it crashed into the floor, it's plastic case was bent and shattered and you could see the HDD, processors, you know, and then when they turned it on, there was no problems or errors with Xbox One, but PS4 wouldn't turn on and kept giving the testers these error messages. See the full article over here ---->

That's it for my first argument, let's see if you got a better one!
Debate Round No. 1


Yeah, I'm just going to use the experience I have as a Sony gamer. First off, I used to have a Xbox. I got one after I had a Ps2. And I have to switch back to Sony after I experienced the red ring, sent it back to Microsoft, and got a new one, over and over and over again. So after I switched back to Sony, I had no problems whatsoever, never had to send it back. Now while I am taking about the brand itself, let's get back to Ps4...
First off, look at the wonderful graphics. Hook it up to a HDTV, and wow, It seems as if you could just jump into the game. Man, It really is amazing, and Sony has had better graphics for a long time.
Secondly, NO ONE ELSE has the new touch screen technology that was integrated into the controller, or the fact that the light of the controller changes correspondingly with the game. Also, a nice surprise, if someone is talking to you in the game through a com or a radio, the voice comes through the controller. Ps4 provides a nice, realistic gaming experience with a smooth interface and cutting edge technology.
And if you even think about bringing up Kinnect, So what. Sony has play station move.
Don't forget the exclusive games that are only for Ps4.


You actually have an good point there.

1.) When your Xbox broke up over and over again, how can you prove that it wasn't your fault? Many people say that in many shopping sites, for example, I saw this one-star review of a Bose headphones that said "All I did was put it in my school backpack and the extender broke." Maybe you did something like this to your Xbox, but you just didn't know that it was harmful. I have a PS2 right now and we had to replace it because it fell 3 feet INTO A THICK CARPET. The disk won't load and it would make this repeating buzzing sound.

2.) Yes yes yes, I told you that the PS4's graphic is wonderful too, and yes, Sony is famous for graphic qualities over a long period of time, but are you sure the PS4's graphics right now can defeat Xbox's? Look at this YouTube video:
It shows that Xbox has more contrast and clear colors, while PS4's color is kinda deem compared to it, and that's not the only video evidence, search about PS4 vs Xbox One graphics, you'll easily see how it's so separated between the PS4 and Xbox, so instead of just saying that one has very good graphics, prove that it's actually better than Xbox's, and even if one has better graphic quality, framerate is the key. Lower framerate = :(
Look at this video:
In that video, not only you'll see better colors and renderings on Xbox One, it significantly has higher framrates than the PS4 during an explosion or something that would cause lag.

3.) So the PS4 controllers have the first, integrated touchscreen? Well, not true. Wii U has the first. integrated touchscreen on their controller and sounds comes out of it, and Wii U came out about an year earlier than PS4, so can you prove that PS4 didn't see Wii U's idea and the touchscreen and sound coming out of their controller is 100% from the developer's brain, and now Wii U? Tell me.

4.) See, this is what I was talking about on my first argument. Yes, PS4 has Sony Move, but as I said before, it needs a controller, and without it, it's like an normal Wii without a controller. So yeah, just pointing that out that you've missed my point because Xbox Kinect doesn't need any controllers.
Debate Round No. 2


First of all, I can definitely tell you that it wasn't my fault. So can all the other players that have experienced the red ring. We took the best care of our Xbox-es, and they still broke, so how can you say that it is our fault?
The fact that this happened to many players suggests an epidemic internal error.
Second of all, PlayStation is the first company to incorporate a touch screen controller with the lights that come with it. Don't even try to bring the Wii U in it, that controller is entirely different. As I said before, the controller lights up and speaks, with the game.The design is ENTIRELY original. The shape, the setup, everything. Did they simply copy Wii U and put a Sony label on it?
Third of all, The PlayStation has always had better graphics. I plugged the Xbox into an HDTV and the graphics were still average compared to PlayStation hooked up to a HDTV. About the costly, expensive Kinnect, trash it, because it is so expensive in addition to the cost of the unit itself, that the PlayStation move controllers are cheaper, and provide an even more spectacular gaming experience!
Lastly, The Xbox doesn't have the option where you can buy a small unit called PlayStation TV, connect it to any TV, and have the capability to use the apps on the PlayStation, or even to buy another controller and play games with the small unit!
You can even project to another TV screen in case someone wants to watch!
In a very respectful manner, I ask you to "Top that."


First of all, I can definitely tell you that not everything from Microsoft is perfect and neither are Sony's products. Do you only see that people only complain about their Xbox-es broke down on the internet? Many people say that their PlayStation broke down too as much as the people who say that their Xbox is broken down. Also, have you heard of the "blue lights of death" that PlayStation customers experience? PlayStation breaks down as much (maybe even more) as Xbox breaks down, nothing is perfect, and even if Xbox's red light of death is common, you can actually easily fix it if you pay attention to the community.
Second of all, I never said that PlayStation copied 99% of Wii U's idea and their design and just stick their PlayStation sticker on it. I said the key ideas, such as lighting up, sound coming out and touchscreen and other key features are the ideas that PlayStation took and paste it on their trademark controller, did you really think I said that PlayStation copied the whole design of the Wii U's controller? Heck no, just the key features.
Third of all, we're talking about Xbox One here, not Xbox 360, how do I know? Because you said you bought a Xbox after buying a PS2, so it has to be a Xbox 360, and you said "I am For Ps4 ALL THE WAY. Who Likes Xbox and Is Willing to debate with me?" So if you're having a debate against a PS4 and a Xbox, it's totally not fair to put Xbox 360 in a competition with a way more advanced PS4, and the red ring problem was a problem with the 360, not Xbox one, so if you're unfair and saying that Xbox 360 is qualified to compete with PS4, you're just plain crazy. And have you not seen the videos that I posted on my previous arguments? You can clearly see that Xbox One's graphics are better, and maybe the 360's graphics aren't better than PS4's graphics because it's more old, and as I said, it seems like your talking about 360's graphics and not Xbox One's graphics against PS4's. And even if PlayStation Move is more cheaper than the Kinect, it's way more advanced and it can see and manipulate your movement way better using its 3D sensor, so it might be more expensive, but it's worth it.
Lastly, you can buy a flashdrive that Microsoft sells on their store to get better experience than PlayStation TV, it's a size of a bite sized candy and you can just plug it into any TV and you can sinc with your Xbox and watch other people play games on Xbox live, even project or livestream to another TV screen in case someone wants to watch!
In a very respectful manner just because you're an Korean like me, I ask you to "Top that" even if you can't argue anymore.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by SongHaGin 2 years ago
Console is better .-. Who wants to spend thousands of dollars when you can get good graphics in a console also?
Posted by bananaedmonkey 2 years ago
here's a real debate: PC gaming vs Console
Posted by FPSKorea1 2 years ago
P.S: I am a PC gamer and I have no interest in both PS4 and Xbox One. I just want to have fun debating.
Posted by FPSKorea1 2 years ago
omg idk why but on my first argument i was too lazy to read it over i got so many run on sentences and errors and stuff im ashamed as a Korean boi
Posted by SongHaGin 2 years ago
That second comment doesn't make sense.
Posted by Balacafa 2 years ago
I prefer Xbox One however I do not feel like I can debate about this confidently.
Posted by Lee001 2 years ago
Why *dosen't* prefer Ps4?
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