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Psychiatry is a hoax and should be abolished

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Started: 12/25/2011 Category: Health
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Is psychiatry (as practiced today) a hoax, and should it be abolished as a medical specialty?

Pro argues that psychiatry is a hoax (and should be abolished as a medical specialty.) Con argues that it is not a hoax (and should not be abolished.)


Psychiatry: medical specialty devoted to the study and treatment of mental disorders
(Note: The matter of debate is the MODERN practice of psychiatry, as upheld by the American Psychiatric Association)
Hoax: deliberately fabricated falsehood made to masquerade as truth.
Abolish: Formally put an end to
Medical specialty: branch of medical science


First round is strictly for acceptance, definitions, and discussion of terms of debate.

Thank you.


I thank my opponent for the intriguing topic and expect a wonderful and educational debate.
Debate Round No. 1


Psychiatry is not a hoax, or, as the aforementioned definition states, a "deliberately fabricated falsehood made to masquerade truth."

Psychiatry saves lives
Through prescribing medications and talk therapy, psychiatrists are able to help people and prevent serious problems involving health risks related to stress, suicide, and anxiety. It has saved lives of any sufferers of mental illness.

Psychiatry works
The medications work. They are tested. Some common examples? Ritalin. [1] Or Prozac. [2] Or Paxil. [3] When a medication goes through its trial period and has detrimental or Placebo-like effect, then it is thrown out; that's how it works with medications in any medical field.

Psychiatry is a medical science
Modern medicine involves diagnosing and treating diseases. [4] Psychiatry does just that. Hence, it is a medical science and should be considered a medical specialty.

In conclusion, psychiatry, as a whole, is not a hoax, since its primary purpose is to relieve suffering, and there is no deliberate trickery. Moreover, psychiatry should continue to be considered a medical specialty, since it fits the definition of a medical science.

Thank you.




I thank my opponent for his response and for demonstrating passion towards this debate topic.

My Case
While psychiatry might be looked upon with awe and revere for whatever work it may do, the fact remains that there are aspects hidden from us. Aspects created for the sole purpose of clouding the hidden truth behind psychiatry. Aspects created to cover the savage truth that psychiatry is a hoax.

Contention one: Effectiveness
Psychiatry should not be abolished as it has a place in our society, however certain reforms need to take place to further the effectiveness of this practice. When looking into the resolution at hand, we find that the question is not to abolish psychiatry itself, but to abolish psychiatry as a medical specialty. Psychiatry itself is not a hoax, it only become a hoax when medical solutions are used to solve non biological problems. With this said, lets now look into the link between the topic of effectiveness and the given resolution. Although psychiatry might have a place in our society, medical education itself does absolutely nothing to aid this practice. Why is this? The answer is simple, the perception of mental illness as a biological entity is highly mistaken, thus psychiatric treatment's such as drugs and electroshock are proven infective as they are unable to properly diagnoses the real problem or the real cause of the so called mental illness. Now when looking into non medical form of treatment used by modern day psychiatrist such as counseling and psychotherapy, we find that these methods are more efficient as they are not focused on solving a physical or chemical disorder. Breaking this barrier, they are now able to properly diagnose the cause of the "mental illness."

"You also know, I am sure, that there is no physical or chemical abnormality to be found in life, or at autopsy, in 'depression, bipolar disorder and other mental illnesses'. Why then are you telling the American people that 'mental illnesses' are 'physical' and that they are due to 'chemical disorders'?" {1}

"The fact that a depression can be caused by a disease like cancer doesn't mean depression as such is a disease. And the fact that certain depressions are "maintained" (not "caused") by disturbances in the body's energy system, which is shown by the fact that they can be resolved with EFT (which I'll discuss in a moment) also doesn't mean that depression is a mental or physical disease. In that case it just means it's a condition that can be resolved by a manipulation on the body together with the mind."{1}

In conclusion, psychiatry should be abolished as a medical specialty. In doing this, we are now able to reform it in a manner that it is able to properly diagnose mental illness as a mental problem and not a physical problem.

Contention two: Necessity
Like explained in my first contention, the use of medical procedures in terms of psychiatry is highly flawed. Now lets expand on how the practice harms the patient. After going t5o medical school for several years and graduating with a doctorate degree, one cannot help but add the knowledge acquired to everything they do. When this individual becomes a psychiatrist, he/she is now unable to solve any mental problems without having the urge to use a more medical approach. This now leads to many prescriptions which we all know is an ineffective way to solve psychological problems. This could in turn harm the patient as they were misdiagnosed and given the wrong solution. Thus the following conclusion is made:a) Abolish psychiatry as a medical specialty to save multiple life and
B)Abolish psychiatry as a medical specialty to create a reform in modern psychiatry thus transforming the precise of psychotherapy and counseling from a hoax and into a well respected practice. Abolishing psychiatry as a medical specialty will allow psychiatrists to focus more on helping someone deal with there psychological problem rather than an imaginary physical or chemical disorder.

"But it does more: it given them a false and detrimental attitude.� ...analytic instruction would include branches of knowledge which are remote from medicine and which the doctor does not come across in his practice: "{2}

"In fact, Ethan Watters & Richard Ofshe in their book "Therapy's Delusions" report that "In a review of forty-two studies comparing professional therapists with paraprofessional therapists (such as teachers given the job of counseling students), only one study showed that the trained therapists got better results. Twenty-nine studies showed no difference between the two groups, and the remaining twelve studies showed that the paraprofessionals actually outperformed the professional therapists."�{1}

This proves that psychiatry is more about helping people deal with there original problems rather than using medical solutions. Thus, psychiatry should be abolished to allow for both maximum and accurate treatment of psychological problems.
My opponents Case
My opponent does make a valuable point that psychiatry saves lives; however, like I mentioned in my early citations as well as contentions, psychiatry saves lives through the use of open conversations such as counseling rather than medical solutions. The resolution states that psychiatry is a hoax and should be abolished as a medical specialty and thus eliminating the medical part of psychiatry will fulfill both my burden of proof by proving that modern practice of using medicine in psychiatry is a hoax and should be abolished as it threatens the safety of many and hinders the understanding of human psychology.

"Modern medicine involves diagnosing and treating diseases. [4] Psychiatry does just that. Hence, it is a medical science and should be considered a medical specialty. "{3}

My opponent misunderstands psychology in every way. There is absolutely no prove that psychological issues can be or rather is a disease, thus according to my opponents definition of medicine, can not be consider medical in any way.

In conclusion, psychiatry practiced in the modern day is a hoax and in an effort to reform this hoax, we must abolish the psychiatry as a medical specialty.


Thank you and I hope to receive your rebuttal soon.
Debate Round No. 2


Unfortunately, I cannot find the time to retort fully. I'm very busy this time of year. If the opponent would like, we could re-do this debate some other time, and the opponent can just copy and paste your arguments above.

Thank you and sorry.



I thank my opponent for at least posting. I will be more than glad to take this up with my opponents in the near future.
extend arguments and thanks for reading.
Debate Round No. 3


Don't take this the wrong way but........, see you in the near future.No harm intended.

S ee you in the near future.
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by endrun 5 years ago
Psychiatry SHOULD be abolished. I was abused by it as a child, and yet the irony is all these politicians who know nothing about what Psychiatry is or does call up the "mental health system" whenever there is a shooting of large media attention. It not only violates the LAW routinely and regularly(both state and federal) but is unduly costing society billions upon hundreds of billions every year in public health insurance FRAUD stemming from the routine illegalities and fraud practiced by Psychiatry.
Posted by Man-is-good 6 years ago
by using behavioral neuroscience, though his forfeit prevented him from doing so.

Continued RFD.
Posted by InVinoVeritas 6 years ago
Or very bold.
Posted by DanT 6 years ago
Or a Scientologist
Posted by DanT 6 years ago
That's like saying, "Proctology is a Hoax and should be abolished". If someone accepts the pro position, they are a fool.
Posted by RoyLatham 6 years ago
Most of modern psychiatry is prescribing drugs to treat mental conditions. The drugs work, so I don't see any room for a Pro position.
Posted by 16kadams 6 years ago
who would say pro? it's like saying that gravity is fake.
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Reasons for voting decision: As usual, I grant one point of conduct to Con for at least conceding rather than forfeiting and wasting his opponent's time with such forfeits. However, it's clear who won...Wierdman managed to question whether or not psychiatry is a medical specialty and whether or not medical treatment should be given to non-biological problems, and thus managed to also show that psychiatry was harmful in such a misconception. While Con could have challenged such a statement....see comments for continued RFD