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Punching with your two strongest knuckles is better than punching with all four.

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Started: 2/14/2016 Category: Miscellaneous
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According to some of my friends, they think punching with all 4 knuckles is better than your 2 strongest knuckles, I just want to say that if you punch with all 4 it is more likely to break or hurt your hand in a fight or just breaking items with a punch in martial arts. I also stop by a website ( ) and here is a quote from the website.

"[It's] known as a Front Punch, or a Front Two Knuckle Punch. It is extremely important that you align the first two knuckles in your hand with the bones in your forearm for maximum structure so you don't hurt yourself. Commonly people will hit with their ring/pinky knuckles and break their hand (known as a boxer's break) and that obviously impedes your ability to fight."

This is open to everyone so please comment on your idea on how a punch should be performed in either a fight or just to basic items, like wood for example.


Now, I must admit, I don't punch too many people, or things. BUT, theoretically.

The amount of Force emitted form a Punch is so much greater then the strength of your Knuckles, that the Force distribution on impact is more effectively administered if you use the greater number of knuckles.

using less increases the amount of stress per knuckle.

In addition, I am presenting the claim that we are discussing a competent fighter; and wrist strength, and technique (to ensure that you have accuracy*** a huge thing when landing 4 or 2 knuckles) to make sure that you do not twist your wrist or break a knuckle by only landing 1-3.

So. I hope to hear what you have to say.
Debate Round No. 1


I want to thank GoOrDin for taking up the challenge. Now, lets say your average street fight, no professional MMA fighters, just your average citizen (Of course it depends on the person if he or she does self defense or any type of Martial arts) I bet that depending how bad or good the fighter is, it will end up either with a broken hand (Or other body parts) Or just slight pain. Now The two strongest knuckles will cause damage and not risk your hand being broken or in pain in any way, than using your 4 knuckles and here's why:

Naturally you will aim for the head/face and depending on your knuckles can cause pain if you hit the head/face with all 4 just because the other two (Ring and Pinky) are the weakest bones in your hand so there is no point in risking breaking your hand during a fight because you used all 4 is it not better when you have a near 100% chance that you won't break your hand using only two of your knuckles. But of course you don't know what could happen in the streets.

Now lets talk military wise, I have a friend that served in the Irish military for 6 years and he personally told me that using 2 of your knuckles is better than all 4. Now I asked him "Why?" he just said that in war effected countries you just cannot simply risk your hand being broken, just because you really need it and if you do have a broken hand in one of those war effected countries, your basically screwed.

Ok, now for professional fighters, they are trained well and also they have gloves (Depending on the Martial arts) they would take less impact while wearing gloves than bear handed. In some situations they can risk breaking a hand in boxing for example. But its better not risk it at all. Your basically giving the same damage with out the risk.

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I can't argue with a military man regarding a fist fight.
So he earned a valid credit here.

But my opponent's reference to a Professional was redundant.

I suppose the thing is, that BY administering enough force to break your pinky or Ring fingers in a 4 knuckle blow, would actually indicate that you never used your Index finger at all.
Therefor it is an invalid example of the flaw of a 4 knuckle punch.
But he did address it as being a risk.
Likewise though, in a 2 knuckle punch, You can collide with bone with only your middle or index finger, and a full blow with one knuckle on bone can lead to you breaking your main digits.

I would suggest that not throwing a full force blow is logical - to maintain swiftness, dexterity and accuracy. Thus making even a PINKY Punch effective and risk free.
Debate Round No. 2


Thank you GoOrDin, for staying in this debate. Now, how can you break your hand with your two strongest knuckles? If your unlucky and unskilled, yes you probably would like with any other punch. If your going to execute an 4 knuckle punch, you are equaling out the impact around your knuckles, it is still theoretically puting your hand in risk of breaking it. You would also cause more damage only by concertinaing on your two powerful knuckles and for some certain knuckles you can even tear flesh, you can see some in boxing, Boxers tear flesh some times (Especially bare knuckle fights), of course depending on the knuckles.

For some knuckles your two strongest are further away from the palm than the ring and pinky knuckles you could naturally cause a 2 knuckle punch without even knowing , look at your knuckles now, see the shape? Of course different people have different knuckles but the majority has that type of structure. So when you try to do an 4 knuckle punch you could just end up doing a 2 knuckle one and whats the difference? Well, you would know if you actually did a 4 knuckle punch, you would feel it, it would hurt a lot.

I want to thank GoOrDin again for taking this up and also you guys for tuning in!
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broken Index Knuckle,

This isn't a reliable resource. I am not able to defend my case any beyond the theoretical. Which was conveniently my opponent's strategy also.

This image was not certainly a wound from punching someone. IT is ONLY an image of a broke index knuckle. When compared to broken pinky and ring knuckles, it is quite evident exactly how much strong this knuckle is.

However, If you punched someone ONLY with the index, having attempting to include the MIddle, then, You are hooking - likely the skull bone - with one knuckle, and can break it. I am quite sure I know street fighters that broke their whole hand. Lots of my friends were gang fighters in school.

Either way. My theoretical claim that administering a full blunt force Blow with 1-2 knuckles is more dangerous and risky then using 3-4 knuckles. I like using my Pinky Knuckle. - U just need to warm it up
Debate Round No. 3
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