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Pure Equality will never be achieved.

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Started: 1/26/2018 Category: Miscellaneous
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A simple debate.

Equality: the state or quality of being equal; correspondence in quantity, degree, value, rank, or ability:

Pure:free from anything of a different, inferior, or contaminating kind; free from extraneous matter

Round 1 acceptance
Round 2 main arguments
Round 3 rebutalls
All races are welcome (Unfortunately) if they follow these guidlines
-Use white man language no "WUTZ UP B" or whatever you mongols call it
-NEIGH YEE NAAA is not a valid argument
Burden of Proof is shared by both sides
Only male and females can join this (No transgender, or whatever word you make up)
Jews are only allowed if they follow these specific guidelines.
-Nose to body ratio should be over 1.5%
- No haggling
- Is not overweight
Don't insult your opponent
Be open minded, and just have a fun debate.


Firstly, saying something will 'never' happen, is the basis for dismissal of your entire argument. Pure equality will, and has been achieved, however, it has done so, and not done so, on many dimensions. For example. to neutralise the revelations made in Charles Murray and Richard Herrnstein"s book, the 'Bell Curve' where Race and IQ differences were explored, the American government responded by instituting 'Affirmative Action', a program specially designed to equalise the racial cognitive disparity. According to the dimension of racial averages, pure equality was achieved in this field, according to these metrics. Nevertheless, according to other metrics, this is imperfect. For example, the East Asian who has an IQ of 88, who is getting severely penalised because his ethnicities average is the highest, is suffering from impure, unequal treatment. Additionally, as a by-product of the root cause, racial IQ disparities, socio-economic variables differentiate and discriminate against a majority of one ethnic group. Thus, despite reaching pure equality by nullifying genetic differential variables, 'affirmative action' does not consider that Asians, on average, work harder than white students, and white students, on average, work harder than Latino students, and Latinos, work harder than black students and so forth. Thus, this program designed to ensure 'pure equality', was done so by discriminating based solely on a genetic phenotype, an individual"s baseline level of intelligence, but environmental factors were not incorporated into the legislative consistency/framework.

To understand the importance environment plays in the academic outcome of individuals: an individual with an IQ over 150, who does not pay attention in class, and refuses to do homework, will fail a test 99 times out of 100. Information does not magically appear in the head of the gifted.

Therefore, from countless lenses, pure equality has been achieved, time, and time again. I would argue, in 'Affirmative Actions' case, from a surface point of view, this is an example, according to one dimension, that confirms this. However, there are more complex factors, and nuances to take into account, that, despite proporting to achieve 'pure equality', there are an infinite number of other dimensions that would contradict this.

I also have a problem with the proposal. This proposal is far too simplistic, and vague, I would even be inclined to speculate that this was composed by an individual who had countless specific examples lined up, and wanted to give himself an edge by going on the 'pro' side. Pure equality is achieved every day, and will continue to be achieved countless times in the future. Someday everyone might live in a big house, with genetically engineered wife, and children, where all genetic inequalities, such as mental illness, physical deformities, intellectual capacities, are equalised. Time is not static though, time is dynamic, and pure equality, of the kind, might be achieved, for a brief moment, and then a day, a year, or a decade later, people might realise the necessity of these differences and how many things perceived as 'negative' had advantages that are now in void in this new world.

One thing you can be sure of, is that the intellectual elite are currently working like hell to ensure this result is realised. Their natural predisposition to gravitate toward communist ideology whose central tenant is 'equality' of outcome, is extremely promising for the eventual achievement of pure equality. However, one should hope, that they do not wipe themselves out in the process. One only has to look to the Soviet Union, where the Aristocratic, Intellectual, and governmental 'elites' were wiped out by the broader masses. Where even productive farmers, were mischaracterised as 'stealing' from the 'have nots' to achieve their position in life. Not taking into account hard work, determination, and once again, environmental factors. Thus, these 'elites' were slaughtered by the masses, who perceived their obliteration as their creating balance. Thus, yet another example of pure equality being achieved, on a monetary, and career level, for many decades until the Soviet Union eventually fell apart. The reason for its disintegration, was because, after several decades, they realised they were focused on the wrong dimension of 'equality'. The focus on equality of outcome had weakened the foundations of their nation, dramatically diminishing morale, and disincentives the natural inclination to climb social hierarchies by working hard to separate oneself and achieve more. Bob, the high school dropout, and Steve, the college educated floor manager, were now earning an equal wage. On a surface level, pure equality was achieved yet again. This fundamental philosophy, also eventuated in disastrous result of hundreds of millions of people"s deaths. Thus, modern day Russia, Western Europe, America, Australia, New Zealand, place a high emphasis on the free market and equality of educational opportunity. Thus, today, in the countries mentioned, we're currently living in a state of 'pure equality' once more. Equality of outcome, at its roots, requires favouritism, and discrimination in order to be instantiated. The descriptors are the fundamental underlying mechanisms governing 'Affirmative Action'. Pure equality is achieved, today, in the reality being its compulsory for all children to go to school, and those who succeed in singular, or multiple domains, will not be supressed or discriminated against from any tertiary academic institutions, on the basis of their gender or ethnicity.

Similarly, in Sweden, where 'pure equality' has been a reality for the last few decades, gendered differences in academic, and occupational outcomes, despite being hypothesised otherwise, have expanded now that women can freely choose. Women are vastly over-represented in nursing, teaching, secretarial/administrative jobs, and men, are vastly over-represented in engineering, architecture, and construction. To enforce equality of outcome here, would entail denying equality of opportunity, which would undoubtedly be governed and mediated by biological forces. The end result would be forcing women to do jobs they would hate, and be expressly denying their natural inclinations, which are a good indicator, it turns out, of satisfaction outcome. Thus, the pure equality was achieved in the dimension determined, after decades of trial and error, in the most important realm, opportunity, and the result was supreme inequality in the resulting realm, outcome.
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Posted by Minddagger 5 months ago
sad to say that i agree with pro on this one
Posted by Nathaniel_B 5 months ago
What do you mean by this? Pure equality? And in what sense?
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