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Putin banned western vaccines in Russia.

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Started: 8/13/2016 Category: Health
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"[Janurary 9, 2016]states that President Putin has issued orders that his people must be protected from GMO "food" and Western pharmaceuticals "at all costs." "

Notice " and western pharmaceuticals, includes vaccines. Dmtry"s article has Putin concerned about the western business model of poisoning its people with GMOs, junk fast foods, and vaccines for personal gains." [0]

"Russian president Vladimir Putin says that Western governments are enslaving humanity through vaccines." [1]

Seems to me Putin has banned western vaccines in Russia.



You do not explicitly state your opinion but from one of the links you provided one can fairly reasonably infer your position is anti GMO and anti vaccine. And from that one can reasonably infer you support Putin's decision. I do not.

Since vaccines is what's mentioned in your headline that is what I will focus on. Putin appears merely to be a prop on to which you can advance your anti-vaccine views. My position is discouraging people and preventing people from receiving vaccines is a serious concern which has the potential of creating a public health crisis.
Debate Round No. 1


"My position is discouraging people and preventing people from receiving vaccines is a serious concern which has the potential of creating a public health crisis." bearski

Your position is that vaccines can save lives. I beg to differ. Vaccines can only cause harm. The cure for cancer, heart disease, and diabetes has already been found. [2][3][4] All three disease can be cured via lifestyle change, diet and exercise.

Yet, there is no money in telling people to eat a whole foods plant based diet, get enough rest and exercise. Follow the money, and you find the corruption. Btw, I am not anti everything. I fight climate change deniers all the time. [5] As for GMOs I don't think there is enough evidence to be against GMOs.




Small pox which used to kill millions. Not only does small pox no longer kill anyone it's extinct in the wild and all because of a vaccine. Polio has been nearly wiped out and probably would have been if not for another bastion of ignorance --ISIS
Debate Round No. 2


There was a time when I completely agreed with you. I understand how vaccines are supposed to work. I understand how herd immunity is supposed to work and how we are supposed to have eradicated many diseases via vaccination.

The problem is things are always what they seem. Remember the tobacco companies? Everyone thought cigarettes were okay or even healthy. Doctors smoked, yet later we found out cigarettes were anything but healthy. There is always a chance you are correct, but simply spewing statistics won't change my mind.

If you really want to change my mind, watch the three videos and tell me why they are wrong. My predictions based upon empirical evidence is that vaccines will be just like cigarettes.

I don't know what your implying with your last sentence. I will tell you that my intentions are good and I want only the best for everyone.


To compare vaccinations to smoking clearly demonstrates just how intellectually bankrupt your anti vaccine argument really is.

Here is an analogy which is more accurate and relevant-- that is between the vaccine and the disease it prevents. Vaccines as is true of all medications aren't perfect-- they have side effects mostly they're mild and tolerable but rarely very rarely they can cause severely adverse reactions. But those sort of reactions are extremely rare.

Exposure to the disease which the vaccination would have prevented places people at 100s times greater risk for serious complications including death than do vaccines
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by DeuceKaboose 2 years ago
This is a weirdly structured debate. I don't see how you could argue a fact
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