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Quebec Separatism

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Started: 3/16/2009 Category: Society
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I feel that as a self-proclaimed minority, Quebec is taking advantage of the rest of the Canadian provinces, they use our federal government's money, they are given all the same health benefits, and they are in most cases admired by English-speaking Canadians. Maritimers often journey out to the great city of Montreal, to vacation and embrace the French culture. Meanwhile the Francophone are loathing the Anglophones, and wishing they could be rid of us, and rely on themselves rather then the Canadian Federal government.

Now many people might suggest that my view of this situation is biased, however, born in Northern New Brunswick, I was raised in a Francophone community, and learned French as a first language. I am proud to be a mix of the two, because it helps me to see each end of the spectrum.

Quebec separatists don't have the patriotism, and the pride in this country that it deserves from them. I'm not making a generalization, I'm not implying that ALL Francophone are separatists, what I am saying is that those who are, are taking radical steps even today.

In 1970 terrorist acts by separatists were topped off by the kidnapping and murder of Quebec's minister of labor/immigration, Pierre Laporte. The federal government sent in troops and suspended civil liberties. Then In 1974 French became the official language of the province.

I just feel that if they were to separate into their ow country, our economy would fail. It sounds selfish, yes, but then consider too, without the Federal governments health care, and tax returns, money to Quebec, etc. How would they cope?


I would like to thank my opponent first of all for starting this debate. This is my first debate on this intriguing site and will perform to the best of my ability.
That being said please try to go easy on me.

I see that you have selected con, so ill assume that you are against Quebec's want for separation (your last paragraph just seems to be leaning a little bit toward a pro stance) sorry if I am mistaken and lead the wrong side of the debate though. :P

But getting right into it, I believe and am completely in-favor of an autonomous Quebec. With complete regulation of its own domestic affairs, international affairs and an adoption of its own currency. Complete sovereignty, is the only thing that makes sense for the 6 million or so francophone' s in Canada. Think about it, Canada is one of the most decentralized countries in the world. It is that way because of multiculturalism. in such a vast country like Canada you have completely separate "Provincial Identities".

What I mean is that a Canadian takes different forms and values depending on where he or she is from. We have great regional differences. (Examples): People in British Columbia are influenced predominantly by Asian traditions as well as other ethnic backgrounds and a growing political tendency to vote for the New Democratic Party. The prairie provinces interest are slowly being entrenched by conservative values, for low taxes means easier extraction of oil because less is taxed with fiscal conservative. And of course as a fellow maritimer my opponent knows that our main appetite on the east coast is pot ash, fish, potatoes, and fish, maybe Ann of green gables, for the islanders. and we are influenced by more liberal/NDP tendencies.

Ontario is just the bastion of Liberalism, and is fairly multicultural. (Toronto, other regions)

Then we reach the point of all this. It all boils down to Quebec, and Quebec is different from the other provinces because of one thing. Language. It shares Ontario's liberal tendencies but overall, its a land surrounded by other anglophone provinces who, besides New Brunswick, make no attempt at providing a fair sympathetic outlook to how the Quebequios feel about their repressed position within Canada.

In my opinion, Quebec has the political and cultural right to form a modern day nation state based on the language divide, The French Catholic differences they have with the rest of Canada. Their growing African population from French colonies, which has created a separate identity. And they have their own separate land which has been called their own for over 200 years.

You bring up the point regarding the 1970's FLQ crisis, which was an unfortunate set of 90 or so bombings. However, the FLQ were a Marxist revolutionary party speaking on behalf of the Quebec workers movement. For at this time Anglophones Controlled 80% of business's in Quebec, And kept wages at national lows. Quebec was also propagated with pro-national unity symbols that the feds created to repress French culture. The National media also sent a steady wave of federal government bias on the situation, to further marginalize Quebeckers.

On your last point, I believe that Quebec would manage fine on their own market wise, and possible propel more competition between GDP's in the America's. I think in a globalized world where no tariffs and free markets are a must they would find no problem furthering their growth, possibly facilitating more trade between Canada and the USA.

First post!! score.

your move duder.
Debate Round No. 1


comport forfeited this round.


:) my points are there, i hope for a response.
Debate Round No. 2
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Posted by I-am-a-panda 8 years ago
What rank/ criteria have you set?
Posted by RoyLatham 8 years ago
Would it really hurt to say what the resolution is?

I thought the Canadian economy was based on the rich natural resources of the western provinces that supported the eastern population centers. Not so?
Posted by comport 8 years ago
I'll take that into consideration :D
Posted by NukeTheJuice 8 years ago
maybe if you changed your age/rank criteria you would get people who would debate this topic.
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