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Started: 8/8/2011 Category: Entertainment
Updated: 7 years ago Status: Voting Period
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Well I didn't debate for a while, so why not start again with a fun one? :D
This is a rap battle between me and whoever accepts this awesome challenge.
You can write many rhymes because there are 4,000 characters! :D
Write against me if you wish, but can u take what i dish?
round 1 is for acceptance!

*no counting the debate into the comments.

Good Luck and Have Fun.


I haven't had a rap battle yet. A more lighthearted debate. Let the Rhymin commence.
Debate Round No. 1


Before i start I like to say that you shouldn't get angry because of what I said.
Sorry if you do.

Look what the cat dragged in, watch me beat u before we begin
Slap the grin off your face as i spit these words out and win
I murder in the third major degree, gonna add you to my killing spree
You should just flee, cause my name is Nerdykiller maybe you heard of me

I know what you think, this kid is gonna push me to the brink
I am gonna beat you till your pink, man I already know your rap stink
You should just surrender, you are not even a contender
Dude your so ugly I don't even know your gender

You think your good at rap, watch me give you a slap
You just fell in the rap trap,I am gonna watch your mind snap
I am Korean not a jap, I can beat you while taking a nap
Thats gonna be a wrap, now let me give you a recap

Bring it on, but I already won, you just got burn
Just watch me make this home run and have some fun
Your uglier than Genghis khan, i just shot you with my gun
Even if you run, I know that your done, just be gone

I hope you didn't take any of this too serious.
Sorry if you did.


I’m BennyW
and I’m sorry to trouble you
but allow me to introduce
a silly Goose

His name is Nerdy killer
He looks like Phyllis Diller
I’m big bit he’s a bit li’ler
He says he’s Korean, a Kim Jong Iller

He must spend a lot of time on line
He thinks he has this but it’s all mine
He thinks he’s got rhyms
But I tell you many times

He likes to be ironic
Look at his profile pic it’s almost bionic
He’s a plaque like Bubonic
But my raps are the tonic

He’s a warrior for peace
That’s what he thinks at least
Him and all the other geese
Fly up into the trees

He’s a nerdy killer
Up on his pillar
When I’m done with him, he’ll be a bit stiller
This line is just a filler

You think you’re mean?
You’re only 14
you're a has been
before you even begin

I can take what you dish
Whatever you wish
Why to me you’re just a fish
Look at this

I got a bite
We're in for a fight
There’s gonna be a partay tonight
Debate Round No. 2


I shall begin!

Who do u think u are, just watch me raise the bar
I am stronger than the Tsar, I will shine like a star
You can try to do what u can, Your nothing not even a man
I ride a Ferrari while u cant afford a sedan

I am too quick, when i am on the mic, my raps are too sick
I am Nerdykiller I know what makes u tick, give a quick kick
Beat u before u can even blink, dude u suck u are such a dick
Wack u across the room so slick, stab u i the head with an ice pick

This is the fight, one u wont live to see another night
Everyday I reach new height, while u cant do anything right
I am Coca-Cola while ur Sprite, this is me being polite
When I say that ur face is (pale)white, u heading toward the light

Ready or not, u just got shot, gonna leave u to rot
I disappear into the night u just got caught
You cant handle anything I brought
Gonna break u and tie u into a knot

U lost realize that bro, ur rhyme doesn't even have a flow
I know I am such a pro, while i know u are so below


BennyW forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3


I shall give my last rap.

Dude why did u quit so fast, I knew u couldn't last
My rap skills are to vast, u are such an outcast
Please there is no comeback, Just another smack
My name is NERDKILLER and u just got hack, u wack

Like i said be beware, cause I will beat u here to there
U are worthless not even worth to repair, u are just a spare
I am too good this isn't fair, u are a hare while i am grizzly bear
I kill u with my deadly glare, kill u in midair, u lost take care

I am the best, forget the rest, succeed every test
Watch me give a jest, about u who is a man with breast
U better go, cause u can't beat my rhyming flow
I strike so low, I am the best even ur mom know

I am evil to devil my soul to sell, I am gonna give u a free ride to hell
My rhyme lock up in a cell, forever where u nightmare dwell
Do I need to say more, raps just come out from me they pour
I win every war, even the cold war, knock u down to the floor

I am the last man standing, always commanding
This isn't a misunderstanding, I am outstanding
U have one more round, make it count if u want to be around
I think u should just back down, and maybe lick ur wound

Thank You for a good debate!!!


Sorry I quit

I guess I am not fit

I hate to forfeit

Still, listen to my wit

You think you know me?

You don’t know me

You think you know all you see

So let me be

Nerdykiller thinks he is so cool

But soon he will have to go back to school

I don’t mean to be cruel

But he is such a tool

You think you are intimidating

All you do is hating

Instead you best start appreciating

No need to keep you waiting

Now I am done debating

This was fun

But now I am done

Let’s see who has won

Thanks a ton

Debate Round No. 4
3 comments have been posted on this debate. Showing 1 through 3 records.
Posted by BennyW 6 years ago
Oh it's OK I just feel stupid because of the forfeit. I was working on a response and had something to do and forgot I had to finish this debate.
Posted by nerdykiller 7 years ago
BennyW srry if i hurt ur feelings man. :(
Posted by BennyW 7 years ago
I look like a drunken Ben Stiiler? Hey that rhymes with Nerdykiller. How convenient.
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Vote Placed by randolph7 7 years ago
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Made more convincing arguments:Vote Checkmark--3 points
Used the most reliable sources:Vote Checkmark--2 points
Total points awarded:70 
Reasons for voting decision: Yeah this wasn't even close. Nerdykiller's flo was tremendous. Plus his avatar is way cooler, BennyW's looks like a drunk Ben Stiller.