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ROBLOX Vs MC: Which one is better? (NOTE: This is not a copy)

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Started: 9/23/2016 Category: Games
Updated: 1 year ago Status: Debating Period
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First off, let's look at the pros:

-No paid server-hosting
-Unlimited game storage
-Great Dev community
-Active community
-Clothing/Model Catalog/Library
-Inspires creativity
-No hassle with mods/plugin installment/downloading
-You can create ANYTHING
-Group hosting
-Free models ALWAYS
-No limitations

-Offline (not needed to play multiplayer)
-Inspires creativity
-Pay 'n play forever
-Free skin downloads
-Can create any type of minigame/game


-R$ Costs money
-BC, TBC, OBC costs money
-Safe-Chat can be annoying
-The bigger the game, the more it laggs

-Server hosting costs money
-Paid access
-The bigger the server, the more it laggs
-Limited up-time for most servers
-Most plugins costs REAL money
-Hassle with plugins/mods installment/download

(NOTE: there are more pros/cons than that I mentioned, these games have A LOT in common.)
(NOTE: please, don't rate it just by playing either of the games for 2 days, take your time before rating.)


Hello thank you KevinTOC for the opportunity to debate on this topic. For my first contention I would like to state that minecraft is way more kid friendly. In roblox there are no filters for the words that go through in a lot of games. Children shouldn't be exposed to such content. For my second contention, I would like to state that Minecraft is a game that is never ending. There is always more you can do. What I have noticed while playing roblox is that it "end" at a point for a lot of games. For instance the emojii, and donut tycoons. Once you have your factory finished there isn't much left to do. While in mine craft you can still build, mine, and explore more. For my third contention I would like to state that mine craft is more portable. What I mean by this is that you need wifi to play roblox on the other hand mine craft you can take anywhere. For instance I recently was on a plane for 10 hr. I couldn't play roblox on the other hand mine craft was available. Thankyou
Debate Round No. 1


First off: ROBLOX has a special type of word filter called SafeChat, this doesn't only censor words like f*** or sh**, but it also censores sites that are NOT from ROBLOX, (F inst.

Second; Minecraft infact DOES end, only the world is VERY big (2 or 3 million blocks). But indeed, many ROBLOX games do end, but a lot of the popular and good games, either take longer, or do infact have no end at all (For inst. Phantom Forces, Dayz.).

Third, indeed, ROBLOX is indeed less portable.

Fourth: In ROBLOX you have SO MUCH freedom, the only limit, is your imagination (or your scripting skills, but then you can ask a developer). You don't have the hassle of going through plugin/mod installment/config, you just script it.

Fifth: In ROBLOX yes, you have to pay annually or monthly for BC/TBC/OBC. But in MC, most plugins cost money, and keeping your server up costs money. Plus, in most Minecraft servers, you can donate real money for more/better stuff, which kcan inda refrence to BC/TBC/OBC.
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