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ROUND TWO:lf Jesus Was White! He wouldn't Have Been Crucified

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Started: 10/21/2014 Category: Religion
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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But Jesus was black! White Man wipped and crucified him!


I accept the debate.

I know a lot of people think Jesus must have been white, or at least tan, because most Mizrachi Jews are indistinguishable from their Middle-Eastern neighbors. However, we know from the teachings of the Islamic Hadith that a white/tan mother and a white/tan father can give birth to a black child.

I will cite two Hadiths as evidence for this, one from Sahih al-Bukhari, and another from Sunan Abi Dawud:

Abu Hurairah said A man from Banu Fazarah came to the Prophet and said "My wife has given birth to a black son".
He said "Have you any camels?"
He said "They are red".
He asked "Is there a dusky one among them?"
He replied "Some of them are dusky".
He asked "How do you think they have come about?"
He replied "This may be a strain to which they reverted".
He said "And this is perhaps a strain to which the child has reverted."
Reference : Sunan Abi Dawud 2260
In-book reference : Book 13, Hadith 86
English translation : Book 12, Hadith 2253

A bedouin came to Allah's Messenger and said, "My wife has delivered a black child."
The Prophet said to him, "Have you camels?"
He replied, "Yes."
The Prophet said, "What color are they?"
He replied, "They are red."
The Prophet further asked, "Are any of them gray in color?"
He replied, "Yes."
The Prophet asked him, "Whence did that grayness come?"
He said, "I thing it descended from the camel's ancestors."
Then the Prophet said (to him), "Therefore, this child of yours has most probably inherited the color from his ancestors."
Reference : Sahih al-Bukhari 6847
In-book reference Book 86, Hadith 70
USC-MSA web (English) reference Vol. 8, Book 82, Hadith 830

From these two clear Hadiths, we can derive the following principles:

1. People's skin color is much like the hair of camel
2. Muhammad knew the facts of modern gene theory far in advance of Western science
3. It would theoretically be possible to bread pugs which were cool electric blue in color. I plan to start a kickstarter campaign, a youtube channel, and a wordpress site written in all caps to get support for this very endeavor.

Also, Jesus was likely black because of this teaching in Revelation:

"And in the midst of the seven candlesticks one like unto the Son of man, clothed with a garment down to the foot, and girt about the paps with a golden girdle.
"His head and his hairs were white like wool, as white as snow; and his eyes were as a flame of fire;
"And his feet like unto fine brass, as if they burned in a furnace; and his voice as the sound of many waters.
"And he had in his right hand seven stars: and out of his mouth went a sharp twoedged sword: and his countenance was as the sun shineth in his strength." (Revelation 1:13-16)

We know that older black men's hair goes white, and because of its texture it is much like wool. I know because I used to be a barber but I was forbidden to cut an older black man's hair because I did not know what I was doing, and would make them look bad when I did it. They wouldn't tip and often leave angry.

Also, the feet of a white person or even a tan person do not look like "fine brass". Iron Man, perhaps, has feet like this, but this is because of Tony Stark's metallurgical talents. However, if the light hits black skin just right, it does indeed look like brass, and considering that there were seven candlesticks in the room, we can be certain that this was, in fact, the case.

James Earl Jones is a prominent black actor and voice-over artist, and he indeed does sound like "many waters" --- that is, deep, calm and much like we imagine God to sound. I think he is far better than Morgan Freeman in his voice over work, but Morgan Freeman is the better actor (though Bruce Almighty was a travesty).

Finally, we must look at how Jesus was dressed on this occasion. His "paps" were "girt" with a "golden girdle". He also had a sharp two-edged sword coming out his mouth. Only two of my favorite musicians could pull this kind of get up off, and they both happen to be black --- George Clinton and Prince.

I have added a youtube video to demonstrate George Clinton in his usual regalia, speaking on Prince.

Anyway, thankyou, whiteworstnightmare, for your well-written, eloquent and thought-provoking posts. They give us much food for thought and strengthen the unity of all people, everywhere, regardless of color.

Vote Pro!
Debate Round No. 1


l do not agree with you in your first passage about the Haddith!. Actually it was a fairy tell story l believe told in those days that a white man gives birth to a black child.Are you trying to point out to me that black came from white,is this where your point is? That can never happen only under controlled circumstances can a white person or white tan person give birth to a black child!

Look Arabs and Whites personally l believe they should be classified as whites.Because both Arabs and Whites went through a similar evolution, if ever there was one, to have that smooth skin compared to their parent the black people.Look here a person with tan color has straight silky hair and gives birth to a person like in your example,a person with like wool hair. l'd like you to explain more into this phenomenon.

And going back to the point of this debate,Jesus our lord in whom we all loved.Was crucified because he was a black man they were unhappy because a black man came claiming to be Christ ,the savior of all human beings!And they nailed him for this!

lf Jesus was was white he wouldn't have been crucified why,because they would say "he is one of us,he is cool.' Because in those days been black wasn't cool!,And so today black people don't like been black,look at the booming cream lightening creams market,The peoples idols Rihanna and Beyonce those girls are very black in color but look what they have done to their skin.Because in these days people appreciate a person of lighter color than the darker ones.But what you don't know for a fact is that it is the black man that built the is still a scientific mystery how the egyption pyramids were built,going further into theories that they were built by an alien societiy!.t just shows how blacks where technically advanced society in those days. Research on the origins of a whiteman to understand the power and knowledge black people had. They civilized the world,When white people took over and anything black to be associated with badness. lt was like that in those days of Jesus.So Jesus been Black and claiming to be God was unacceptable to the white community! That is how it led to his crucifixion.

l wish to connect with some one,so we could produce this movie about the real Jesus! l watched the movie Passion of the Christ.Good movie, but the real Jesus is black!

l know most people here would say this dude is completely nuts SO WHAT if Jesus was black grey blue in color,what difference does color make! My friend if you didn't know this,and know that for a certain these things will happen.
Do you know the past will decide our future.That is why history is very very important! If we have a fake history like we have,the entire humanity is headed for a doom,extinction!


Whitesworstnightmare, are you saying that the Hadith are fairy tales? That won't win you any points with your kissy-poo love-dove Muslim friends. But yes, Muhammad was a white-man:

Jurairi reported: I said to Abu Tufail: Did you see Allah's Messenger (may peace be upon him)? He said: Yes, he had a white handsome face.
Sahih Muslim 30:5777, See Also Sahih Muslim 30:5786

Know your history.

Now, according to Muhammad, if you take two white people with wavy hair, and they have a black baby with woolen hair, this is not because the white woman was with a black man. Rather, like camels, it was because sometimes colors just change spontaneously. People are a lot like camels, actually, when you think about it. They spit. They smell. They smoke.

According to Islamic lore, the camel is such a prideful jerk because he knows the 100th name of Allah. Humans only know 99 names but the camels knows all 100. So a Camel is not a good example of genetics, but that's what Muhammad said.

Yet, the Romans didn't crucify him because he was black. They crucified him because he was trying to get the Romans out of Israel. You really think the Romans care what color he was? No. All they care about is making money. The Roman emperors would kill their own brothers for 15 cents. Know your history.

The only race there is is the human race. But there are two divisions of this single race: the oppressor, and the oppressed. Which side are you on, I ask you? Many of the oppressors are white, but think of all their black collaberators. Who is worse --- the devil who looks like you or the devil who doesn't?

In Rwanda, one group of blacks hated another group of blacks, and genocide resulted. Think about that for a second. What inspired one to view themselves as superior over another?

"The construction of divergent ethnic "Tutsi" and "Hutu" identities was formulated during the era of European colonization from the late 1880s to the 1950s. German colonialism did little to alter the existing stratified social system. The Germans were not interested in disrupting social affairs " their sole concern was the efficient extraction of natural resources and trade of profitable cash crops. Colonial bureaucrats relied heavily on native Tutsi chiefs to maintain order over the Hutu lower classes and collect taxes. Thus, the German affirmation of the stratified social structure was utilized by the Tutsi aristocracy as justification for minority rule over the lower-class Hutu masses. Germany"s defeat in World War I allowed Belgian forces to conquer Rwanda. Belgian involvement in the region was far more intrusive than German administration. In an era of Social Darwinism, European anthropologists claimed to identify a distinct "Hamitic race" that was superior to native "Negroid" populations. Influenced by racialized attitudes, Belgian social scientists declared that the Tutsis, who wielded political control in Rwanda, must be descendants of the Hamites, who shared a purported closer blood line to Europeans. The Belgians concluded that the Tutsis and Hutus composed two fundamentally different ethno-racial groups. Thus, the Belgians viewed the Tutsis as more civilized, superior, but most importantly, more European than the Hutus. This perspective justified placing societal control in the hands of the Tutsis at the expense of the Hutus. Moreover, this Belgian affirmation of the Hamitic theory provided a conceptual foundation for Tutsis and Hutus to start identifying themselves as different ethnic groups. The Belgians established a comprehensive race theory that was to dictate Rwandan society until independence: Tutsi racial superiority and Hutu oppression. The institutionalization of Tutsi and Hutu ethnic divergence was accomplished through administrative, political economic, and educational means."

So, here we have an example of colonialists influencing the natives with their white supremacy, and making one group of blacks they viewed as "closest to white" superior, the other inferior.

This is the same thing with the Capitalists promoting "light skin" as beautiful and "dark skin" as not. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but if that beholder is a Capitalist pig, he'll distort everyone's visions. He only cares about the money. You know this.

Think of it this way: would you rather have a society where blacks and whites viewed eachother as complete equals and lived in economic and social harmony, or a society where there were only blacks, and one group oppressed and enslaved the other group? Clearly, you would want the first society, regardless of so-called "race". So the real enemy is not race, it is oppression --- and it can take cultural, economic, social or religious forms. But it always has the same face: inequality.

So you and your anti-white stance are merely reversing the inherently oppressive nature of the predominantly white Capitalist apparatus. And should all your dreams succeed with this attitude, all you will do is replace one oppressor for another.

What color did Jesus think of himself? That is what matters. He said, "Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me." (Matthew 25:40) If a woman or man is mistreated, marginalized, raped, murdered, enslaved or abuse because of skin color, then Jesus considers himself as that skin color. And it is that sort of thinking that breaks the chains of Capitalist-pig oppression, not your concern for skin color.

Now I see you playing kissy-poo with the Saudi Arabians, like they're not worse than the KKK in terms of white supremacy. You need to educate yourself and quit trying to please the oppressor, wherever he lives.

Black pugs and white pugs get along fine. So white and black people can get along fine. But we can't do that until there are no more bosses, no more kings, no more classes, no more concern for race.

You playing kissy-poo with the Muslim slave masters is a lot like you playing kissy-poo with this reverse-Colonialist mindset. You know you'd rather have a white friend and equal over a black tyrant, so forget about this nonsense. He or she could be whiter than Christmas, but if they're for you, and identify your pain as their own, that's all that matters. Quit playing kissy-poo with all these masters and manipulator-mind sets. You may see you're against the lightening of the skin, but if the whites are the predominant oppressors and use racial division as a weapon, aren't you lightening your mind when you start getting all hot and bothered about what color Jesus is, or Moses, or Confucius, or Akhnaten, Santa Claus, Johnny Cash, Kris Kristoffersen, Waylen Jennings, John Belushi, the Blues Brothers, Ray Charles, Richard Pryor, Sam Cooke, Rodney Dangerfield, Red Fox, the UFO aliens, the submarine Aliens, the subterranean aliens, intergalactic cats, giant mouses with lazers shooting out of their eyes, the Pokemonsters, Gremlins I & II, Critters I-X, Tremors, the Leprachaun, Alien vs Predator?

Think of the pugs. Vote Cropononopon.
Debate Round No. 2


People slaughtered each other in Rwanda because because they didnt know that their Jesus was black and is of close relationship with them..if they had known a different mindset would have lived in them.You don't understand the burden white man have placed on them.There are more atheist in Africa in the present age,compared to the dark africa of the ages! Africans originally are religious,but the white people interrupted they're religion ,because of this it is difficult for them to relate to their ancestors.l tell you this if Africans really knew Jesus was black,it would definitely change they're perspective of life and who they are.Africa would come out of the dark continent to the light continent.In your example with the camel you forgot to mention the verse in the bible it says,It is easier for a camel to enter into a tiny needle than a rich man to enter the kingdom of god.That is a white man!

lf color isn't the matter why then was Jesus turned white. As harmless as it may look but the truth needs to be said.God didn't say to the prophets go and teach them lies. That is why l keep playing the race card! Because it is the white people who deceive the world as colonial masters.Who gave them the right to determine who is who in our history. lt is totally unfair considering the other races are suffering because of white mans greediness for money and ignorance towards other races.!.

Mightbenilism you keep mentioning that l'm playing kissy poo with the Arabians.Well guess what?These Arabians look similar to you,they are your brothers.You are of the same Family tree with them!

Back to Jesus they killed him for sure because he was black and what he taught the black people.Even though you defend the white people by illustrating that he wanted the Romans out!.lf he was a whiteman they would have probably negotiated since he was white God.Its totally ridiculous what you're saying and pointing out.

l do not care about your color of you skin. You can be white, sinless,wealthy and have no involvement in the crimes your fellow white ancestors committed. You are innocent l understand but your riches whiteman, your riches came from the spilling of blood of innocent people who's heritage and wealth you have stole. Color is not important is what white people say!They are afraid of been broke if you here them say that,because they're wish is for things to remain as they are as the only supreme race.Which l believe that kind of mentally should be totally wiped out of the human race. You're sitting there on your leather couches sipping expensive wine,having the best best breakfast filling good about yourself ,Living lavida whilst two thirds of the worlds population lives under a dollar a day,f*#king amazing guys, Assuring yourselves you worked for it...But white people you worked for nothing,actually you owe nothing! lts time you concentrate on healing Africa ,Middle east and the rest of the world for the wounds it has suffered at whitemans wrath! l have know doubt America is the beast in the bible,even though l love America so much!

lf color continues to be ignored and no healing takes places...Trouble for the white race l tell you!That's where the devil is trying to get you at! You don't understand the warning of September 11 because you have been schooled the wrong history! lf no lessons are learnt and no healing takes place.White people are f*$ked. Do you know America spends trillions of dollars on military every year whilst a nation like Uganda needs only $20billion to get out poverty.

l'm not against white people nor do l hate them.Beautiful people Lets us remember what Jesus died for. Lets us give him no room to punish us.Lets us heal the nations we have caused suffering.So that in that day we may be found righteous in his sight!

To Judah, B Real & the rest of my already racially enlightened Brothers & Sisters in this dabate.....I just want to warn you that most so-called White Jews with genuine Hebrew bloodlines are not ready to accept neither the fact that their Hebrew origins/bloodlines are Black.... nor the fact that all of Mankind descended from the so-called Negroid Race.

You see the stigma attached to being African is so unpalatable for some folks that it causes them to spazz. But, according to Jim Crow, Willy Lynch, the government, the Catholic Church, European standards, etc.....despite appearances to the contrary caused by recessive genes...if there is one drop of Black blood in your lineage you are considered Black.

Elaborate caste systems were created by "society" for mulattoes, quadroons, octoroons, (Jews), etc. Which explains why so many people of color are still stuck..."color struck" in their slave mentalities today. Light vs. darker complexions meant certain privileges.

But Negroid Jewish ancestry has been a well-known, documented, & accepted fact among educated Caucasians for centuries. Famed scholars, historians, philosophers, scientists, archaeologists, have been known to refer to Jews as sand niggers, mongrels, & other semi Negroid terms.

Such mentality helped to justify their indentured enslavement/employment and use as tax collectors, accountants, bankers, money lenders, overseers, financial watch dogs, slum landlords, foremen, etc to keep track of money for the conquering elite... which included the Romans, then much later & now... the British.

Which is why Austrian born Hitler had little problem victimizing them as he masterminded the German Revolution known as the Holocaust. The German people were sick of working for slave wages in their own highly industrialized nation under the leadership of Jewish watchdogs while their resources were being commandeered & pocketed by the British. Since they couldn't reach the Brits, (as usual) they attacked the emissaries (overseers).

Over the centuries, due to the race mixing among the Pharisees & Sadducees with the conquering Romans & Asiatic peoples the bloodlines & semi-Negroid (mongrel/chop suey) appearances of the Hebrews & Arabs evolved to become what we see today.

By polite social standards, Yeshua was considered a Black bastard"a militant rebel... of lowly birth that did not meet the social nor political criteria required to be The Messiah.

I guess that when you have been raised to feel smugly & condescendingly superior to someone not even considered HUE-MAN then find yourself in the same boat it is rather mind blowing. When folks prefer to live in a state of denial, their minds are reprobated & they will not be moved. They will twist your words, intentionally take things out of context, and vilify you in an effort to hold onto their delusions of superiority rather than embrace the Black Man as "brother"...or equal. Cain will continue to destroy Abel until God's day of reckoning.

When asked by Whites what difference does it make whether Jesus was black or White...I simply smile & reply... If it doesn't make any difference, why did you make Him white? Can YOU handle the Truth?


Listen, whiteworstnightcap, you write "Mightbenilism you keep mentioning that l'm playing kissy poo with the Arabians.Well guess what?These Arabians look similar to you,they are your brothers.You are of the same Family tree with them!"

Aren't I in your family tree, too? Aren't you my brother, too? Of course the Arabians are my brothers and sisters, but so is everyone else. Your point makes no sense --- plus, you haven't explained why you once said the God, Allah, is the same as the God of Jesus, when the God Allah picked a white man to be the last prophet when Jesus was clearly a black man. I admit Jesus was very dark skinned, and had hair like a sheep, and was dressed like George Clinton and Prince. You read it. You know my exegesis, my eisegesis, my Plectrumelectregesis was %110 legitimate in this regard. Your quarrel with me is a quarrel of brother to brother, like it or not. And that is why I'll struggle through your misconceptions because, in the end, all we have is eachother. Who is going to save us, friend? The great Cthulhu? The greath Cthulhu does nothing but tell you lies and blind promises, but then stabs you in the back with his mighty winged hand. You don't want that, I don't want that. So we're going to fight.

You also say, whitesworstnightrider, "Back to Jesus they killed him for sure because he was black and what he taught the black people.Even though you defend the white people by illustrating that he wanted the Romans out!.lf he was a whiteman they would have probably negotiated since he was white God.Its totally ridiculous what you're saying and pointing out."

You need take back your slanderous statements about me. I gave you infallible proof that the Roman Italians would kill anybody. If I said they would kill their brother, who is as pink as Kirby from Super Kirby NES, then you can take it to the bank that they wouldn't negotiate with Jesus if he was white, and was trying to overthrow their government. Now do the right thing and apologize.

You write, "l do not care about your color of you skin. You can be white, sinless,wealthy and have no involvement in the crimes your fellow white ancestors committed." Good. So we're fine then. Now apologize for saying I'm "totally ridiculous", "have buck teethed", "need to get my teeth fixed so I don't look like a rabbit" and "have uglier teeth than if Bugs Buny and the Predator made a baby."

You say, "l'm not against white people nor do l hate them.Beautiful people Lets us remember what Jesus died for. Lets us give him no room to punish us.Lets us heal the nations we have caused suffering.So that in that day we may be found righteous in his sight!"

Then there we go. See, that wasn't so hard, was it? I'm glad I enlightened you. I turned the pit bull into the angel pug. It doesn't matter if angel pugs or white or black, because in heaven, all pugs are righteous. All pugs have wings of gold, and fly around Jesus all day --- Jesus who is all colors. He may have been black on earth, but in heaven, with the angel pugs, Jesus is a shining prism, reflecting universal totality. Every little pug face is reflected in that shinging jewel-gem! You and I will be there, whitesworstnightbarracuda, and we'll have our own UFOs to pilot around the goodness of everlasting space.

You write, "I guess that when you have been raised to feel smugly & condescendingly superior to someone not even considered HUE-MAN then find yourself in the same boat it is rather mind blowing. When folks prefer to live in a state of denial, their minds are reprobated & they will not be moved. They will twist your words, intentionally take things out of context, and vilify you in an effort to hold onto their delusions of superiority rather than embrace the Black Man as 'brother'...or equal. Cain will continue to destroy Abel until God's day of reckoning."

I'm calling you my brother though. There's no Cain in me that's going to slay your Abel, and you know this. When you said I "look like a walrus that got stuck in a car door", those words cut like a knife. I just said you were playing kissy-poo with King Sa'aud Jong Il, and you got mad and called me a "chick gizzard lookin' horse-faced stink wizard". You must apolgoize right now before all the public. And you know the only hatred in my heart is for high rates on auto insurance. I don't hate you. I respect your right to say what you want to say. But you've got to quit saying if dracula and a walrus made a baby, it'd be prettier than me.

In conclusion, you write, "When asked by Whites what difference does it make whether Jesus was black or White...I simply smile & reply... If it doesn't make any difference, why did you make Him white? Can YOU handle the Truth?"

Like I said, the past is the past. There is only one race: the human race. A black pug and a white pug are still a pug. A white man and a black man are still a pug. These divisons that seem racial are really the divisions between the oppressed and the oppressor. Remember that not all white people chose to colloberate with the oppressor. Remember John Brown? He was whiter than a polar bear's butt but he killed the slave masters deader than a white walrus in the jaws of a great black shark. Do you know jimmy fallon, Justin Timberlake and KATY PERRY on Twitter? Me neither! That's why we're brothers, whiteworstzelleweger.

So quit harping on things that don't matter, and fight the real fight: oppressor vs oppressed / emperor penguing vs lorakeets. Then we'll play a game of chess in heaven, and both sides will be gray, and we won't tell whose pieces are whose, no one will win or lose.
Debate Round No. 3


Although l agree with you, you still put words in my mouth on several of your statements accusing me of been a hater! l stand for the oppressed,you might call the past the past but the world has't healed yet from white mans oppression!Like it or not say what you want but the fact still stands.The people you oppressed are still bleeding from the suffering they endured during white mans hands.This has continued to affect generations and generations of new generations,and you sit there boasting that the past is the past.

White man should give back what they took in countries they oppressed during the past.Then at that time we can say let the past be the past. l say this because the white race have never shown remorse for their actions as slave and colonial masters. Do you think God is happy with the white man?Certainly l don't think so! Look at your brothers in Asia and Africa.What are you doing about them.They live under a dollar a day,and white man has continued to be as ignorant as Jimmy the Greek!They spend trillions of dollars on totally unnecessary wars every year totally forgetting that there's a child dying of hunger somewhere in the world everyday!

Instead of spending trillions of dollars healing Africa,or spending trillions feeding the poor in Asia.They waste money on totally useless things to feed their ego's at the expense of human life. They is still a long way to go before we see a black pug and a white pug been viewed as pugs.The reality in this world is.A black pug is unpreferable to a white pug!

How does the world view the white man l wonder!Too much privileges l guess compared to any other race,these privileges did not come as a result of a blessings from god,but is of what is stolen from Africa and Asia during white mans colonial and trans Atlantic slave times. White man can't just handle the truth,they like to brush everything aside, twist your words, intentionally take things out of context, and vilify you in an effort to hold onto their delusions of superiority!


Hold the phone, Jack! You said a black pug is better than a white pug? How can you say that? All pugs are equal. In some areas, yes, black pugs excell a white pug. In other areas, a white pug excells a black pug. The fawn pug excells them both in almost all areas, though. So, really, you and I should be doing our part to welcome the future overlordship of the fawn pug.

Truth be told, when the fawn pugs rule things, life will be better for all. They have a better system of education, a better system of employment, more checks and balances when it comes to government corruption and, plus, their space program now outdoes us by a percentile of 40# to 538952gvjds&*Y#U,. You can't argue with those figures, can you? Don't even try! I say, you and I are both wrong because we're missing the forest for the cake: the fawn pug ought to run things.

Now keep in mind, I've not apologized for anything the white pug world has done. All I say is that the vast majority of white pugs are kept under suppression by dachshunds. Yes, the white pug came from the original black pug, but when the black pugs mated with neanderthal pugs, out popped the white pug babies! And, yes, these white pugs have done some dirt --- no question. But I ask you: would you rather have a white pug bringing you your paper in the morning, or a disgusting dachshund pooing in your microwave? They do that, you know. They crawl right up the counter and let it go like a serenity prayer lets go the paiN!

Obviously, we're never going to see eye to eye on this. You have your ways and I have mine. But the fact remains that I have presented more historical facts, better mathemetatical figures, cooler videos and I've done so with a style you can only dream of. I've whooped you --- its time to face the facts! Me against you is like a hippopotamus fighting a salamander. You just can't win, try as you might. I've got you in the boa-constrictor hold, and you can't move! You know where I learned my philosophical Judo? VLADIMIR PUTIN! And he is all races, just like Jesus: white, black and asian. He is everyone all wrapped into one shirtless tyrannosaur! How can you argue with these facts? You've lost, but don't worry --- I won't oppress you. When I conquer, I bring those I conquer into my hordes as equals. Together you and I will begin a Mario Cart 64 league, and will DUMP ON ALL COMPETITORS SO BAD THEY WON'T SOON FORGET!!!!1 I even have the secret wifi codes to make Luigi black, if you want. We can make them all black, in fact --- black Yoshi, black Peach, black Browser. We'll be the blackest, baddest league of Mario Cart 64 empresarios since Billy Bob Thorton married Angelina Jolie! Now those are some two white devils who were made for eachother. That Brad Pitt guy is a putz! She should leave him! Did you see World War Z? Are you kidding me? She married that? That guy is a no-good Hillbilly, wheraes Billy Bob Thorton has more range than Montana. Ever see Sling Blade? Now, if Sling Blade was in World War Z, that would be a movie!!!! I think Angelina Jolie needs to get back with Billy Bob QUICK before she turns into a piece of boring Missouri graham cracker like her Mishugana husband!
Debate Round No. 4


Certainly you lose this debate ,You try to justify what is not true. Voters will see that you playing kissy poo with them!
maybe try another debate good luck pug! BOK BOK BOK!


So there you have it, folks. Whitesworstnightmare loses so bad its incredible! You didn't think you'd see such a loss before 2015 rolled around, by mightbenihilism did it!

To summarize:

We both agree Jesus was black.
My opponent says he was crucified because he was black. I say he was crucified for sedition.
My opponent offered no proof of his assertion. Just a lot of rhetoric.
I presented conclusive proof: Romans killed eachother, and they were white. Therefore, Jesus being black did not need to be the cause. Besides, the Bible doesn't say he was killed because he was black, but it does mention sedition as the cause. Look it up! I'm tried of doing all the footwork for you.

My opponent says I played kissy-poo,b ut he is the one playing kissy-poo with Suadia Arabia. Why is that I ask? No answer given. He has documentaries and beautiful music plus pet videos making clear my case, but still he does not address the FACTS! He is like a little kitten meowing at the moon, or like a tiny fish in the deep blue sea. He cannot attack my logic so he has to attack me, personally, with his ad hominems and his fallacies.

The truth won this round, witesworstnoodledoodle. Not me. I have truth on my side! White pug, attorney at law!
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by mightbenihilism 3 years ago
you snored because my debates are like a good turkey dinner. You are satisfied with their scrumptiousness and they make you recall a better time. Watch out though! You better walk off those calories or your belly will go fat.
Posted by whitesworstnightmare 3 years ago
mightbenhihilism... l'd rather be a chicken,than a chicken which runs with no head like you! l actually snored while reading some of your debates.You just debate for the sake of arguing with no direction like a headless chicken. l feel pity for your views.Shows immaturity lacks intelligence! Only those who pity you will vote you... white pug!
Posted by mightbenihilism 3 years ago
whitesworstnightmare, if you can't take the haet you need to leave the kitchen! I can't be blamed for my magnificent debating strength! You should have thought twice before leaving this debate open to all challangers, because now you're in a landramat surrounded by 18 gremlins WITH NO WATER!!!

What are you going to do, whitesworstbroomhilda? Your arms are just too short to box in my ring. You should try gymnastics or something. maybe tennis --- hahaahaha!!!1
Posted by TrustmeImlying 3 years ago
Man, CON's got me laughin
Posted by SweetLiberty 3 years ago
@ mightbenihilism... I've got to say, the Battle of the Planets Opening Theme is priceless.

"G-force! Fearless young orphans protecting earth"s entire galaxy. Always five, acting as one. Dedicated. Inseparable. Invincible!"

Thank you for that!
Posted by whitesworstnightmare 3 years ago
Bring your armour and all you have.But my words have the power to make a gun totally useless!
Posted by mightbenihilism 3 years ago
I'm glad you're on the other side of the world, because no hemisphere is big enough for the two of us!

Now stand and fight! Prove you are not the chicken!

Round TWO is the decisive battlefield. No round three is needed. It ends right here, Jack. Mightbenihilism vs. Whiteswhorstnightmare --- battle of the planets!
Posted by whitesworstnightmare 3 years ago
hahahah! l'm here now mightbenihilism,l'm on the other side of the earth when you're sleeping l'm awake, time difference,l'm not a chicken because l'm not scared of lies!
Posted by mightbenihilism 3 years ago
Come on, whitesworstnightmare, bring on some arguments. Are ya chicken? BOK BOK BOK. You chicken.
Posted by mightbenihilism 3 years ago
I'm thinking of Yemenite Jews in particular:

Wikipedia classifies them as Mizrachi. I suppose there are some Arabs who are darker. Anyway, if I made a misstatement there, I apologize. :)
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Vote Placed by MLG_Pingu 3 years ago
Agreed with before the debate:-Vote Checkmark-0 points
Agreed with after the debate:-Vote Checkmark-0 points
Who had better conduct:-Vote Checkmark-1 point
Had better spelling and grammar:-Vote Checkmark-1 point
Made more convincing arguments:-Vote Checkmark-3 points
Used the most reliable sources:-Vote Checkmark-2 points
Total points awarded:07 
Reasons for voting decision: Pro had absolutely no proof for his side of the argument. Con actually had VALID arguments that weren't just opinions. The grammar and spelling were very close, but I noticed a lot more errors in Pro's writing. Con used sources for his information, whereas Pro just had opinions with no information to back them up. Plus at the end, Con said "White pug, attorney at law!" Which made me laugh.