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Rainbow Dash vs Applejack

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Started: 5/27/2015 Category: Entertainment
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Resolved: As opposed to Applejack, Rainbow Dash is the best pony.

Pony: a typical character in the show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

Here's a picture of the two characters. Rainbow is on the left; Applejack on the right:

Alright, here are a few rules:

1. BOP is shared, so both debaters make their own arguments.
2. First round is acceptance only.
3. Voting is on arguments only.

Sources on my part will basically be episodes.

Let it begin!


I accept.
Debate Round No. 1


All right! Let's show these peeps why Rainbow is definitely the best pony.


One area in which is undoubtedly in favor of the Rainbow side is the sheer nature of her awesomeness.

A. Rainbow has been spotted several times wearing shades, such as the instance in "Lesson Zero" where she is wearing them at the picnic scene. I'm sure my opponent and I can agree that shades are a sign of awesomeness. Applejack doesn't wear them nearly as often as RD has.

B. The ability to perform amazing tricks in the air is a clear indication of her coolness. In the episode "Cutie Mark Chronicles", RD recalls the time when she raced against two other pegasi that had been picking on her. As she did so, she pulled off a sonic rainboom which no other pony has been able to accomplish. She did a second one in an episode "Sonic Rainboom" when she swooped down to save the lives of both Rarity and the unconscious Wonderbolts during the Best Young Fliers Competition who had both been falling to the earth below. Afterwards she was declared the winner of the competition and was allowed to hang out with the Wonderbolts. This achievement is way beyond anything that Applejack has ever attempted to do. While RD is known for zipping through the sky, Applejack's only "true talent" is bucking for apples.

C. In "Suited for Success", Rainbow comments on Rarity's dress designed for Rainbow saying it is needs to be "20% cooler", which has been famously recognized by the fandom and used countless times in reference to her nature. It also shows that she has a standard of coolness for things such as dresses, which I'm sure Applejack doesn't. This standard is also used in "May the Best Pet Win!" when Rainbow uses the tests of coolness, awesomeness, and radicalness in order to determine her future pet.

D. She even has her own fan club (not started by herself). Scootaloo heads it and the club agrees that the best way to describe Rainbow is "super-ultra-extreme-awesomazing". Apple, of course, doesn't have a fan club.


Few acts can compare with Rainbow blatalantly kicking an adult dragon in the face in "Dragonshy" when she gets fed up with it taking up space in the mountain. If this isn't extraordinarily brave, I'm not sure what is.


Cross-apply my example of Dash saving the Wonderbolts and Rarity as not only astounding but thoughtful towards the other ponies. Dash also shows that she is loyal to her friends in the "Friendship is Magic Pt. 2" when the Shadowbolts approach her and ask her to be their captain. RD chooses her friends over the Shadowbolts, proving that she does indeed care.

Applejack, however, is the element of honesty despite not being honest several times throughout the show, such as in "Party of One" in which AJ lies to Pinkie Pie about what was going on in the barn when Pinkie had approached her and asked. That doesn't seem very caring on the part of Apple.

Rainbow proves to be of a good service to Ponyville in "The Mysterious Made Do Well" by performing several heroic acts, such as saving a filly from being isolated in a well and stopping a runaway baby carriage with a baby pony inside it from running off a cliff.

RD is clearly the best. Over to you Con.


All right! I'm going to show these peeps why Applejack is definitely the best pony.


One area in which is undoubtedly in favor of Applejack's side is the sheer nature of her hard-work and determination.

A. Applejack is constantly spotted working in Sweet Apple Acres, such as the instance in "Friendship is Magic Part 1" where she is kicking a tree in a successful attempt to get apples to fall to the ground before her encounter with Twilight Sparkle. I'm sure my opponent and I can agree that constant effort and work on a farm is a sign of a hard-working individual. RD doesn't work nearly as often as Applejack does. She is constantly spotted procrastinating and goofing off.

B. In the episode "Apple buck Seasons" Applejack's brother, Big McIntosh, has suffered from an injury. He is unable to help with the annual apple harvest. So, Applejack insists on tackling the annaul apple harvest all by herself. After many offers from her friends for assistance, Applejack continues to deny their offers. Eventually, after all her hard-work, there came a price. Applejack had worked so hard to the point that she had passed out.

C. Applejack has been known to work so hard that she has forgotten to have fun and bond with her family. In the episode "Apple Family Reunion" Granny Smith appoints Apple Jack to host the reunion. Applejack becomes so caught up in her planning that she forgets to have fun and bond with her relatives.


Applejack possesses extraordinary athletic abilities. She is amazing with the lasso and for a living she harvests trees by kicking them to forcibly knock apples out of them.


RD displays the most basics forms of empathy towards individuals; however, Applejack shows much compassion and care towards even the most uncanny of recepients. An example may be her beloved apple tree in the episode "Over a Barrel".

RD is the element of ambition. Applejack, however, posseses a much more appealing character trait. Applejack reflects the principles of an honest person.

Applejack proves to be of a good service to Ponyville in "Applebuck Seasons". Applejack saves the day alongside her dog, Winona, by stopping the stampede that was about to destroy Ponyville.

Applejack is clearly the best. Back to you Pro.
Debate Round No. 2


Borrowing my format, eh? ;)


It is true that Applejack can be, at times, more hardworking than Rainbow. However, this isn't necessarily a good thing. I would argue that AJ spends too much time into trying to work hard. In "Apple Buck Seasons", she did in fact work while refusing help from her friends. She was caught up in her pride and was so determined to finish the job that she ignored them. She also lied to Twilight about needing her help with the farm (going so far as to breaking her element of honesty again) and was even scolded by Twilight about being too determined. This is not a sign of a best pony. The best would have an equal balance between work and play, while making her friends a priority as well. We cannot seriously buy Pro's claim that the more hard work one does, the better she becomes, because it can, in AJ's case, be taken too far.

Rainbow Dash has a better balance between work and play than Applejack does. Contrary to Pro's assertion, Rainbow is quite hardworking. An example of this is in "Hurricane Fluttershy" where RD trains hundreds of pegasi to get in shape for creating a hurricane to bring water up to Cloudsdale. She was the one who began the event, planned it out, and worked each pony until they were in top condition.

Pro states that RD is lazy and slacks off sometimes. I challenge him to find a single example of her doing such while she was supposed to be doing her duty. There is a difference between slacking off and resting: the former requires deliberate refusal to do a job while the latter is for relaxing when you need it. I suspect my opponent of confusing the two, since they are similar but not the same.

A pony who goes as far as breaking her element just to get a job done in a certain amount of time while ignoring friends and family simply cannot qualify for being this best. Rainbow would never do this. She (Pro admits) has more empathy towards ponies, and always puts her fellows first, unlike Applejack. AJ works way too hard in comparison which is really a bad thing, not a good thing.


RD beats AJ at hoof-wrestling competition in "Fall Weather Friends", as well as beats her at tug-of-war, and finally is declared the strongest pony in Equestrian in the rodeo portion of their competition. Rainbow trains everyday, using her wings to zip through the sky and is well-known for her speed and agility. In the hurricane episode previously measured, her wing power is clocked at 16.5 which is stronger than all the other pegasi. Applejack may know how to use a lassoe and use her hind legs, but when it came to rodeo games that Rainbow hadn't trained for, she still won.


I have already shown how AJ doesn't always put her friends first such as in the apple bucking episode in which she works way too hard and gets too prideful of herself. Rainbow does put her fellow ponies first, one example being asked by the Shadowbolts to be their captain or remain loyal to her friends in the second episode of the series. RD chose her fellow comrades.

Rainbow isn't the element of ambition. She's the element of loyalty [], andloyalty is more important than honesty since honesty is focused on telling the truth as actually being attached to the individuals that one cares for. AJ isn't even that honest either, so her element doesn't really fit her. I've shown two examples in which she's broken it.

RD = the best.


RD's clear disadvantages that cause her to fail:


In episode one of My Little Pony, RD is seen procrastinating by not cleaning the sky of clouds. She refuses to clean up the sky until Twilight Sparkle challenges her. This instance will be mentioned later in my argument.


Rainbow Dash practically admitted this disadvantage in "Fall Weather Friends" when she states that she hated losing. Even worse, she couldn't stand her loss and challenged Applejack in the Iron Pony competition.

Another example is one I used earlier. She was procrastinating her duty to clean the sky of clouds and only started to clean when Twilight Sparkle challenged her. She can't stand backing down from a challenge.


This might as well be RD's reason for failing. First, let's start with the fact that there was a whole episode surrounding Rainbowdash and Pinkie Pie's pranking various ponies. In "Griffon the Brush Off", Rainbow and Pinkie "bonded" by going on a pranking spree;they even pranked some of their friends, including Spike.

Another case of Rainbow's mischievousness is when she tried to make the guards laugh in "A Bird in the Hoof".

Applejack = Awesomeness
Debate Round No. 3


It seems that Con has dropped most of my arguments and rebuttals, so they are automatically conceded. Extend them.


RD was actually practicing some flying moves for the festival to show to the Wonderbolts, so she didn't need to be clearing the sky at that exact moment. She also tells Twilight she can clear in the sky "in ten seconds flat", which she proves to her right afterwards. There's no need for RD to be working on clearing the sky when there's other things that need to be done, and it can be done very fast anyway. This is nothing close to procrastination.


Being competitive is not a bad thing, and Con hasn't shown how RD is being "overly" competitive by any standard. Naturally she would not enjoy losing as she practices flying everyday and is one of the fastest pegasi around.

There is really nothing about being competitive that is really bad at all in her case. I'd argue that taking a challenge is better than backing down from it.


There's nothing wrong with a few pranks every once in a while. When RD and Pinkie went on their pranking spree, their "victims" were, at best, annoyed, but they all found it amusing. No harm was done.

Con didn't make any arguments for Applejack, has dropped basically everything I've said previously, and doesn't contest my arguments for RD being the best. This should be a clear choice.

Even if you don't think RD is the best, you must admit my case is more compelling than my opponent's.


Unfortunately, something came up. I will not be able to debate this topic. I apologize to anybody who was interested in this debate and especially to the instigator. If the instigator is interested and it is possible, I can continue to debate this topic at the end of next week. Again, I am extremely sorry.
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by Varrack 2 years ago
We should totes redo this sometime
Posted by triangle.128k 2 years ago
Hey, since you're finished with this debate, do you care for a rematch between our previous debate on US being a Christian nation?
Posted by mystery_man43 2 years ago
@Varrack I know I sound like a broken record. : l But, I have been very busy once again and had to come up with something very quickly. I apologize.
Posted by mystery_man43 2 years ago
@Varrack Awesome video! xD
Posted by mystery_man43 2 years ago
@CyberConor LOL :D
Posted by CyberConor 2 years ago
Two of the best debaters on They clash against each other in a heated argument. Is it the next president? Terrorism? Social Security? No. It's the ultimate debate from My Little Pony, Rainbow Dash v.s. Apple Jack.
Posted by mystery_man43 2 years ago
@Varrack Actually, I used the exact same format as you. :D Sorry, I was pretty busy yesterday. I had to come up with something quickly.
Posted by Varrack 2 years ago
Hey you used the same opening line as me..! lol
Posted by mystery_man43 2 years ago
I'm working on my argument right now.
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Vote Placed by Midnight1131 2 years ago
Who won the debate:Vote Checkmark-
Reasons for voting decision: It was a good debate, however Con conceded in the last round. This left all of Pro's arguments and rebuttals from the previous round valid. So the debate goes to Pro.
Vote Placed by tajshar2k 2 years ago
Who won the debate:Vote Checkmark-
Reasons for voting decision: It was a strong debate, with Pro defending Rainbow Dash, and Con defending Applejack. Unfortunately, Con forfeited last round, so I have to give the verdict to Varrack, because many of his arguments were conceded. Whereas, Con's arguments were refuted by him.