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Raising minimum wage

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Started: 10/30/2014 Category: Philosophy
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P1: A family of four with two working adults earning minimum wage would be living below the poverty level.
P2: By putting more money in people's pocket there will be more spending in the economy.
P3: inflation rises every year, but has been raised, just three times in the last three decades.
:.- therefor the minimum wage needs to be 10.74 in order to account for inflation over the past 40 years.


Those premises do not support your conclusion.

P1: The market should determine the value of labor and wages through natural means.

P2: Interfering with the market, by setting a minimum wage, could have negative effects like job loss on the economy, because it would force employers to pay wages beyond the market's demand and their own resources, causing them to lose money and be less profitable ultimately stunting the economy.

P3: If the market was left alone to be as it is without interference the results would be fair wages for all.

P4: Fair wages are better than set wages, because they properly pay people for their labor's worth.

Therefore, there should be no minimum wage.
Debate Round No. 1


P1: employees surviving at minimum wage are also often the same people who must rely on additional support of government run social programs to support themselves and their families on such a small amount of income.
P2: raising minimum wage means some of these people would be able to better support themselves without leaning as heavily on social programs and this would ultimately mean lower taxes or a reallocation of those funds to support other needs.
:- therefore, social programs should reduce the expense to a minimum

I believe the free market should determine its value and the government should worry about the personal issue like raising minimum wage.



P1: Fair wages are better than set wages.

P2: Forcing businesses to pay a minimum wage would be unethical because it could require businesses to pay a wage that makes their business unsustainable/profitable.

P3: People own businesses to be profitable.

P4: Profitable businesses are good for the economy, ultimately providing good paying jobs, so the need for a minimum wage is diminished.

P5: The government should care for the poor on its own regardless of minimum wage.

Therefore, we should not raise the minimum wage since it is bad for employers who are good for the economy in the long term.
Debate Round No. 2


P1. Our economy thrives when all classes are thriving financially, raising the minimum wage will not only benefit the lower class, but it will encourage them to spend money and thus help other businesses..

P:2. The opposing side can argue that raising the minimum wage can hurt small businesses, However, as earlier mentioned raising the minimum wage will stimulate the economy and the money that the small businesses would be losing would be compensated by the money their earning from the increase in spending that comes as a result in the raise of minimum wage .

Therefore, raising the minimum wage will have a domino effect on the rest of the economy and benefit both businesses and it's employees.


P1: The economy does not grow because wealth is distributed evenly.

P2: Wealth is created by an industrious society with members who pursue entrepreneurship, employing many people at a competitive wage.

P3: The minimum wage stunts small businesses by sucking up their resources, and stunting their growth.

P4: Having a higher minimum wage so that other classes could spend more is bad because those people may not necessarily spend their money, choosing to perhaps save it.

P5: The minimum wage would be useless if the economy was less regulated with things like a minimum wage because competition would drive wages up when the demand requires it.

Therefore we should not raise the minimum, and perhaps even get rid of it.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by cheyennebodie 3 years ago
How about both adults increasing their skill levels so their work is worth moreInstead of having government wiping their butts and sending them out into the real world and nursing them when they cannot pay their bills.
Posted by Bubbagump282 3 years ago
Nobody said that the minimum wage was supposed to be able to sustain a family. Sad, but true.
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