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Random Debate part 2

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Started: 5/7/2011 Category: Miscellaneous
Updated: 7 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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This is the final part of the debate and there will only be one round.

To begin with we go back to the person who can better describe the le of the person in question, the person himself/herself or an onlooker. Now if we take your example of who knows better the teacher or the student on the first day of preschool, sure the teacher can better describe how the young child acted but what do we know of how the child felt? What do we know of what happened to them at lunchtime, or recess, when the teacher isn't there to watch and only the preschooler himself/herself and those he/she interacts with. The person themself is able to give a better account of their life since they are able to show it in full detail rather than the small glimpse that the onlooker gets.

Also a schizophrenic's delusions is an incredibly large pat of their life, why should we not dwell on what they believe is happening to them? Do you only care of simple actions and not how they feel and why they do things?

Finally there is the point made that the debate of unitary vs. narrative accounts of one's life is not specific to those who are important enough to need an account of heir life made. I was not aware that this was open to all people so sure, a young child isn't really cognizant of all that influences them.

However there are many more adults in this world than there are children, and that means that the majority of people would be able to provide a better account of what has influenced them than somebody else.

Thank you for a very interesting debate, best of luck to you.


I will address my opponent's three arguments below.

The first day of school, who can better describe it?

My opponent argues that because there are times when the teacher may not be looking a small child's account of what happened is better. However we must look at a few instances where this would certainly not be the case. He also argues that the teacher does not know what the child's personal feelings are.

My opponent seems not to have read the entirety of our last debate as I already explained that we were not debating about who can best explain personal feelings but who can best describe objective actions and scenarios that occur in one's life. Ex. The first day of pre-school. My opponent also seems to think that children are left completely alone during lunchtime or recess which of course is not the case.

Onlookers cannot know how schizophrenics feel.

I will explain this again. We are debating on who can best describe objective situations and scenarios that present themselves in a person's life. Personal feelings about these situations are not the main focus of this debate.

My opponent never argued successfully why a schizophrenic is better able to objectively describe their life better than a casual observer.

Even if children do not understand their influences, there are more adults.

First, my opponent never proved that there are more adults in the wold then children. He did not provide a link or any reason to believe him other than his word. My opponent might have been able to refute this argument if he could prove that because there are more adults than children, a unitary account on average would be preferable to a narrative account. However my opponent provided no justification for his claim.

Also, even if my opponent had proven that there are more adults then children, he did not take into account people with mental disorders who were still lucid, people with mental disabilities who were still lucid, nor did he provide a definition of what an adult or a toddler was.

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Debate Round No. 1
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Posted by Adamant1 7 years ago
Part 1 of this debate:
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Reasons for voting decision: Pro could not overcome the fact that paranoid schizophrenics and toddlers were capable of creating unitary accounts of their life. An easy way to counter this would be for Pro to apply the same principle to narrative accounts of someone's life.