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Random Rap Battle#1: Omega (sonic) vs Soundwave (transformers)

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Started: 12/11/2015 Category: Miscellaneous
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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I will be Soundwave

round 1: acceptance
round2: first rap
round3: 2nd rap

trolling of any kind will result in auto win for one who doesn't troll
good luck, check out my profile for more random rap battles coming soon


E-123 Omega hereby accepts this challenge!
Debate Round No. 1


power core is activated
oops, i have been mistaken
i actually thought of you as a threat
your about as harmless as a freaking Kinect
even barricade could kick your a$$
(and that's saying something, hes kind of a spaz!)
i'm double the size, and double the power
if we ever did fight, i bet you would cower
over there in the corner like a little brat
to take you out, all i would do is pat
i'm a Decepticon, killing is my game
i'll take the entire E-unit on, it'd all be the same!
i'm a scientist at heart, so i'll show you mercy
nah, just kidding, ill make you hurt, see
while your flying on your jet packs, round and round
the LOGICAL thing to do is to TAKE YOUR A$$ OUT!
only my one eye is all i would need
to smash you to bits, i won't need speed
it won't be a tie, it won't be a draw
just like Cybertron, YOU WILL FALL!


[Beat starts at 0:10]
Power core activation?
Call that sh** anticipation,
Automated admiration,
Call this math and say I'm Asian,
Doc' Eggb****'s finest creation,
Past so dark, let's call it Haitian,
Freak of nature, striped dalmatian,
So sick, Eggman's ill ex patient.

As for you, it would be wrong,
To say you're even close to strong,
I set off fear in my opponents,
You set off the sex drive in Megatron,
My master made me, tried to boss me around,
Didn't get in my way, neither will waves of sound,
You can wave all you like, I flip a switch and I'm deaf,
Megatron's a**-kisser; breathing his last breath,
Just like this beat I'm gonna be the alpha-cause of your death,
You beta b**** forever second place, forever "second best",
It's time to rip that power core out yourself, give your sore heart a rest,
I'm so bada** Eggman made metal sonic, tried to make sonic die,
But who did Metal Sonic disguise as for this? No other than I.

To take out a legend, Dr. Eggman emulated me,
Metal Sonic failed of course, I'm the only me to see,
The only me, the final stage: omega "E-123",
Gamma's redundant just like you,
Autobots are OP, [op = overpowered]
The only thing they'll say are your funeral is to not R.I.P.

See I got a team, led by a beautiful chick,
I kiss p***y on the daily while you're mouth's on 'Tron's d***,
Team Dark 'til I die, Eggman best watch his back,
You serve a clunk of metal, I serve a glorious bat,
Full capacity in 4 milliseconds flat,
If I hurt you, Megatron will replace you just like that,
You're a deadman just like Eggman, this dalmatian smells a cat.
Debate Round No. 2



your team's about as weak as your fist
i wonder how many a$$es you've kissed
your teammates got nothing of me, i'm on a roll
as for them, somebody better get the pest control!
gamma got destroyed, and your next on the list
whoops, i may have just killed your friends and pi$$ed
on their graves, the oil's getting all over!
stand still so i can put you out as you hover
as for Megatron, please, don't get me started
he'll soon know the power i have, he's retarded
your being controlled by some little bird inside of you
i think it's time to blow you up, and set that little b!tch loose!
from a satellite i watched, slowly waiting
for my time to shine, while they were debating
got a little robot friend, lazerbeak's his name
he'll make short work of your so-called friends
don't get me worked up, you couldn't take me if you tried
due to your inferior firepower and smallness in size
my sound cannon'll blast you 139 feet up
do us all a favor and SHUT THE F*** UP!
i was a warden, had my own jail
so to you i'm gonna be your PERSONAL HELL!
if you don't believe me, ask Optimus Prime
so my friend, i think now it's TIME YOU DIE!
*fires sound cannon*


xPrtN00bSn1p3r forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by SonicAndRapBattles 2 years ago
he forfeited last round...guess i win...?
Posted by SonicAndRapBattles 2 years ago
that's not the type of trolling i meant, i can't tell you how many times ive been trolled...and the troll usually wins those debates!
Posted by iTziPocalyspe 2 years ago
Isn't the use of semantics in a funny and unique way the point of rap? Using word play and double meanings
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