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Started: 3/2/2013 Category: Miscellaneous
Updated: 4 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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So if one person (1) supposedly "owns" the universe, but another person (2) owns 1 than doesn't 2 own the universe?


Actually no, you said if 'Person A' owns the universe but if 'Person B' owns 1 universe then they both own the universe.

That implies they both own the same universe, but for 'Person B' you just said he owns 1 universe while 'Person A' owns the universe.

In terms it means each 'Person' could in fact own different universes.
Debate Round No. 1


I don't understand your point. Obviously the person who owns the person who owns the universe, owns the universe... Lets not get multi-universes in here. That is a whole different story. Ad no this is not the same if you own a watch and your mother "owns" you then she DOESN'T own YOUR watch. But we are talking universe (Notice not universes).


One quotation on own doesn't really make make a difference towards the statement. A mother doesn't own a child nor "owns" a child.

owns 3rd person singular present of own (Verb)
Have (something) as one's own; possess: "his father owns a restaurant".
Admit or acknowledge that something is the case or that one feels a certain way: "she owned to a feeling of jealousy".

A. You didn't describe thoroughly which of the to you were describing. In the sense of the second the first one owning it by domination of it, in a way he/she owns it.

Refers to a dictatorship government.

Quote from
"5. Dictatorship
A dictatorship consists of rule by one person or a group of people. Very few dictators admit they are dictators; they almost always claim to be leaders of democracies. The dictator may be one person, such as Castro in Cuba or Hitler in Germany, or a group of people, such as the Communist Party in China."

So one person dominates the universe via military support although the other person rightfully owns the same universe then the one that overthrows the second person. Then the first person owns it.

Prime example of a movie that relates to history of Kings overthrowing others. "Black Knight"

Which is a story about a King that took over dominance in the society and establishes him King. Although the rightful Queen of the land lived outside that community. Yes she rightfully "owns" it as he rules as King but he owns it.

In cases like this she doesn't own anything until she takes back control because she was overthrown by someone else that had more power and declared themselves the King. Which doesn't happen until the "black knight" (Martin Lawrence)

B. In the original statement you never said the first person owned the second person. Nor was it implied.
Debate Round No. 2


Ok, first of all, do you see how short my comments are? I'm not gonna watch an hour and a half movie to understand what you are talking about.
B) yes I said if (1) owns the universe but (2) owns 1 (which doesn't need to be in parentheces because most people get that.) than doesn't 2 (once again) own the universe... It's impossible to debate with some people!


You should make it more clear in your debating then. That's why they say be proper it counts. There's many different ways to out look your argument genius.

So something to look at. Why do you think that this brought up the idea of a multi-universe or even what I debated.
You wasn't clear enough in the original statement. So everything else is implied.

This is a site for debating, if you do not take it seriously enough to actually debate and be clear when starting a challenge then you shouldn't be here in the first place.

Is it suppose to be fun? Yes, in the art of competition.
Debate Round No. 3


Imnotanugget forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by TD_Cole 4 years ago
You used the numbers in parenthesis for describing people (1) and (2) so when you put out 1 without that implies your talking about an universe.
Posted by DrHaz3 4 years ago
At that point it's called a multiverse unless of course you're talking about dual ownership which is also a perfectly legit answer.
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