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Rap Battle #2

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Started: 10/27/2014 Category: Funny
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Well...I guess I better start this up again. Although I'm currently struggling with three debates (along with a team one that I totally left my partner to dry T-T), let's see how this works out. Standard rules, 20 line limit, flow, creativity, blah blah blah. First round acceptance. No insults are to be taken seriously. Let's start then. ;D






What!! You said 20 line limit, so I use all my 20 lines!
Debate Round No. 1


Note: I added some notes for people who are too dense to understand what some of my lines mean. Also, I could only use 8 lines, but they're long. Sorry 9space. ;(

This kid's gonna spam like he did last round, get up and run before I pound you to the ground
It's like basketball but you don't have the skill for a rebound,[1] your cries by the cheer of the crowd will be drowned
This battle's result will be your burial mound, for my flow and my rhymes I'm world renowned
I'ma smack you all the way to Chinatown[2] and around, my victory's as positive as your ultrasound[3]

Fifteen and so desperate you masturbate with food,[4] fapping with PB cause you think it's so lewd
Sought truth from Truth_Seeker[5] your lines are that crude, in rap unlike your arguments you can't allude
Master debater,[6] you think you're that shrewd? From my first line you should have known you were screwed
Your mouth on the forums can never be subdued, so VOTE ME like the debates you conclude[7]

[1]A rebound in basketball is the act of successfully gaining possession of the basketball after a missed field goal or free throw. In this case, rebound additionally means to recover in value, amount, or strength after a previous decrease or decline.
[2]Response to 9space's Asian ethnicity.
[3]An ultrasound is often used to confirm pregnancy. If the ultrasound is positive, that means that the subject is pregnant.
[7]9space usually ends his final argument in debates with the phrase "VOTE ME."


Dammit. My lines got deleted. Now I have to restart. Here we go rap may not be as quality as the last time I typed them up.

He calls himself RevNge, only because he's worth less than even one tenge[1]
He doesn't have an ethnicity on his profile, only because he's blacker than a wenge [2]
Every single word I speak gives my opponent collywobbles
Your body I will bobble, you won't even be able to cobble

He's even admits he's worse than a noob[3], obviously fearing me
Being more useless than his man boobs, he should bow down to the rap king
You might as well rap for me, which would actually be a good choice,
The only way to win, logically, is to follow and sing with my voice
Oh wait--You can't! Your lines are absolutely terrible
Have you read 'em out loud? 'ey are simply unbearable
He's so indecisive, hasn't voted on anything yet [5]
It's like he spends everyday lonely in a room, sucking on meth

(I know my real original lines are better, because I had 16 lines. But I can't remember those 4 missing I might get a eureka moment later and remember those 4 missing lines.)

[1] 1 tenge is a money amount worth 0.006 USD

[2] wenge= wood.

[3] In this debate he claimed he was "worse than a noob":
Debate Round No. 2


I wrote this in 20 minutes. Sorry for the lack of content.

Look at this Chink[1] thinking he can bust a beat, feel my fist of thunder from your face blood secrete
I'll send you from here to New York Main Street, you're just a little kid here to say trick or treat[2]
You should have stepped down cause this round is your defeat, with your skimpy elo this is hardly a feat
In anything against me don't even dare to compete, stay in the audience or sit speechless in the backseat

You calling me a nigga, this race invented rap, you Chinks should stop copying along with the Jap
Your lines don't even rhyme they're weaker than your b1tch slap, our skills in between lies an indescribable gap
I bet your Asian dick below a whole inch flap,[3] this battle's halfway over and you're sitting on death's lap
Your inferiority is what your mind around can't wrap, lil' brony don't give me your friendship magic sap[4]

I can kill you in fanfiction![5] You have an Elo addiction! Your whole DDO existence is just one big contradiction!
Stand in awe of my diction! Feel the wounds of mine infliction! You're awaiting your conviction and now hear my jurisdiction!
Your name is nine space king, and you hail from Beijing![6] The nine in your name is for your nine millimeter ding-a-ling![7]
The language of your ancestry is only xing and ching! It's evident on the other side the fence that you swing![8]

[1]Slang for Chinese
[2]Reference to Halloween a few days ago, also in reference to 9space's profile costume
[3]Surveys have shown that Asians are the race that has the shortest penis.
[4]Brony is a word mixed with "bro" and "pony." Bronies are male, overage fans of My Little Pony, and the motto of My Little Pony is "Friendship is Magic."
[5]I'm planning to add 9space in my fanfiction series, Warped.
[6]Again, a racist remark. Beijing is the capital of China.
[7]Ding-a-ling is slang for penis.
[8]"Other side of the fence" is slang for homosexuality.


This hypocrite continues insultin' my race,
Yet he really ain't go no good taste
His profile still says he has no ethnicity
Don't like publicity? Well, you're quite obssessed with domesticity

His whole rap is based on how I'm Asain
Wow, did anybody see his creativity and clap his hands
I thought not, your stuff is repetitive garbage
Junk that's tarnished, not even polished

I step down my game to give him some chance to revise,
Only for him to fall further and die,
To me it's all the same, either way he just can't survive
All my lines screamin' murder, he responds with a cry
Oh hi Marc. You don't seem to actually be a tough guy


He was doomed from the start
Bein' dumber than Bart
All his insults to me are just smelly farts
While I snipe him with my poisonous darts
My viper teeth sinkin' in until he can't tell good from bad apart

-domesticity can mean staying at home, but it can also mean (of an animal) tame and kept by humans.
-"Wow, did anybody see his creativity and clap his hands"--Obvious sarcasm
-Oh hi Marc. Reference to a famous line from the terrible movie The Room
-Bart is a main character from the simpsons
-Poison--viper--get it? No?
Debate Round No. 3


Note: I have a school project due tomorrow and I forgot all about it. Sorry 9space. On a lighter note, thanks for the awesome rap battle!

Your disses are as weak as your delusional mind, if you think you can beat me you're obviously blind
My complexity and flow is amazingly refined, your debating is sh1t even with Jack[1] combined
House arrest and in my words you're confined, your last verse is like a death warrant signed
Your loss was destined by fate intertwined, each line of my rap is just like a bomb primed

It's finished since you've fallen straight into my snare, it's like a newborn foal inside the dragon's lair
Fall to your knees in despair cause you're in disrepair, the only thing left is for you to hold your hands in prayer
You're a tramp in the presence of a billionaire, a steak on my plate cooked medium rare, well prepared
You're a cripple I'm Astaire now sit on the death chair, our words can't possibly be able to compare

[1]Jack is 9space's supposed alter ego.


Nice job.... AAAAAAAA BBBBBBBB rhyme scheme.... let's see how I do against it

It's the final round and pro with his raps still got no compatibility
Only lazily usin' 8 lines, this is obviously his maximum capacity
When will he learn he got not ability, insults retain no credibility
Look at his fragility, he crumbled so much, I expose his susceptibility

You think you can prime bombs? Well I can deploy huge nukes
Devestatin', obliterin' your entire verses through and through
Your repeatin' rhymes only make your raps weaker, meeker
I shoot you down easily with my attacks, like missile seekers

This rap's winner is obvious, my opponent got no legitimacy
He stuck to unoriginal raps and insults, such display of immanency
He thinks he's rich, oh indeed, his wild tales talkin' bout such affluence
In reality the only think he has lots of is his fantasies filled with flatulence

In this battle I've countered him over an' over again
Is he a real man?
For all we know he might be eatin' insects like a Wren
So don't vote for the lame bird, vote for the rapping clan!
-Shooting down.....later reference to a bird.... heheh...
-Wild tales=fantasies
-Flatulence is basically inflating things overly
-Wren is a bird, just in case it's not clear. It's a small bird that eats insects. Yup. Simple as that.
Just an interesting note. I didn't go 100% until this round. :P
Debate Round No. 4
13 comments have been posted on this debate. Showing 1 through 10 records.
Posted by Blade-of-Truth 3 years ago
Rev is getting better with each battle he does.
Posted by 9spaceking 3 years ago
I mean, I only have a few rules that, so far, separate me from Jack:
-Jack always uses 14-font-size Andale Mono while I use default 12 point font
-Jack reminds us "Jack here." whenever he starts debating.
-Jack is generally "cool and laid back."
-Jack tries to twist your arguments against yourself as much as possible
-Jack never concedes

And a new recently added rule:
-Jack always thinks from the perspective of the opponent before thinking of his own
Posted by 9spaceking 3 years ago
While thinking from a different perspective can certainly increase debating quality and capability, I think it'll only be helpful in inspiration of ideas and "being cool" in rap battles. Altho I'm pretty cool already without Jack IMO.
Posted by 9spaceking 3 years ago
I don't need Jack for rapping XD
Posted by RevNge 3 years ago
You might win in future rap battles if you bring up Jack as a backup rapper. :P

I didn't even get to use 16 lines in one round... *sigh*
Posted by 9spaceking 3 years ago
yeah...I went 100% last round. Although I can't be as sure in the other rounds. Especially the round where I lost my awesome rap. :(
Posted by RevNge 3 years ago
Nice last round! I think you beat me in that one. :P
Posted by RevNge 3 years ago
I see. Using 19 lines. ;P
Posted by RevNge 3 years ago
I'ma wreck you last round. I'm using all 20 lines. :P
Posted by RevNge 3 years ago
XD I can't vote because I can't confirm my identity.
3 votes have been placed for this debate. Showing 1 through 3 records.
Vote Placed by Blade-of-Truth 3 years ago
Who won the debate:Vote Checkmark-
Reasons for voting decision: Round 2 - Tie. I enjoyed Pro's usage of multies, and it flowed well with every line ending in good rhythm. I also enjoyed Con's disses though, and felt they were more impactful. This round balances out for those differing likes and neither really stood out over the other. Round 3 - Pro. I found the 2nd set of bars by Con to lack a real rhythm, the transition from line 2 to 3 was real off. The jumping between a 4 bar set and 5 bar set was also off, and could have been amended by shortening the two lines into just one with better flowing multies. It was actually the multies structure utilized by Pro that stood out in this round. His punches were more impactful as well due to the smooth flow and transitions. Round 4 - I'm barely giving this round to Rev. The lack of quantity almost made this round a tie, but once again there were a few rough transitions made by Con that didn't necessarily flow well due to a lack of rhyming seen even in the first 4 bars with capacity. Close battle - R
Vote Placed by dynamicduodebaters 3 years ago
Who won the debate:Vote Checkmark-
Reasons for voting decision: The fluidity was overwhelming and he had some lines I just laughed out loud they where so good: "your mouth on the forums can never be subdued..." That line was boss. Or the line where he says 9spacekibg can't win even with jack....
Vote Placed by FuzzyCatPotato 3 years ago
Who won the debate:--
Reasons for voting decision: First, Con had more lines and therefore more insults total. Second, Pro's racist insults were less effective than Con's. Third, however, Pro had more and better citations. Fourth, Pro's implications about Con's "skin cancer"-size penis were quite strong and unrefuted. Tieing.