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Rap Battle 5 Cheesedingo VS Lannan

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Started: 4/2/2013 Category: Arts
Updated: 4 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Well, This guy says she gots what it takes to take me on. WE SHALL SEE.

1) Offend your opponent. That is the way rap is. If you can't put up with that, don't accept.
2) While offending your opponent is necessary, try not to take it over the top and go out of your way to make your opponent feel like sh*t.
3) Be good at rapping.

First round is acceptance ONLY.




I am honnord that Cheesedingo has decided to make me the guest of honnor and to challange me to this wounderful rap battle that I am planning to fight it out with him until the finial straw.

Debate Round No. 1


I don't think your prepared to lose
I'll break your heart like Taio Cruz
soon you be passin' out like you drinkin too much booze
i'll be gettin' all the cheers, you gettin' all the boos.

I just won't stop like Alaska's Snowing
Soon the towel is what you'll be throwing
I'll cut you like this lawn i'm mowing
soon my mind isn't the only thing you'll be blowing

So just give up while you have the chance
My sick rhymes got you in a trance
Your rhymes you'll probably need to enhance
There is no way you will advance

You'll see my d!ck is sweet like honey
It shines so bright, you'll call it sunny
this aint no joke. You think i'm funny?
I'm not Lil' Wayne but I am Young money

I'll keep it short for a first round just to get things warmed up and started. Your turn, Lannan!


Ain't no one tell you to not to count you chicken before they hatch,
Cause after this debate you'll wind up with an eye patch,
You won't even see me swing this hatch,
B*tch this is over, set match.

Hell you think your so tough but you get beat by Chris,
You think you got me beat, but you your sh*t ain't worth p*ss,
Appartenly you never faced somebody from Kansas,
I'm like the weather in Kansas, on fire, freezin', and by the end you'll be sayin' God help us,

You think your sh*ts cool,
B*tch it ain't even worth my stool,
Man you ain't going no where and do the whole world a favor and drown yourself in a pool,
Cause, man, you know this sh*ts a jewel.

They say gingers have no souls,
But you better watch out for them holes,
Cause I kicked the devil's @$$ and now he ain't sh*t just like a mole,
No one can stop me, just kill yourself, pills in a bowel.

See since I run hell ain't nobody around,
See if you don't be watching yourself I'll be draggin' you down,
Your loosin' so bad that your dead grandparents, upon you they frown,
Yah, that's right my sh*ts making you depressed and puttin' you down.

Your move Cheesedingo.
Debate Round No. 2


Set match, you say? Hey that ain't true.
This rap ain't over till i've mown you through.
You'll be beaten down fast by and my crew
you'll be cooked up by homeless, mulligan stew.

Your raps are lame and pretty low class.
Talkin' bout chris beatings? That's pretty crass.
I've learned from Red on that 70's show
cause my foots ready to kiss your a$$.

You sayin' Kasas life and weather is tough.
In Alaska it's still in the negatives, and we can't get enough!
Freezin' our a$$'s off in the tundra rough
You sayin' life for you is harsh, but that's just a bluff.

You think you ahead, but you so afar
from my tight rap skills, cut you and give you a scar.
You must be drunk off your a$$, just went to an open bar.
Go drown yourself in swimming pools, call you Kendrick Lamar.

I can't believe you think you're good. Get out, you just insane.
You know I'll always be "Right Above It", you can call me Lil' Wayne.
Your done. Demolished. Just give up. Broken like a window pain.
I'm outta hear, this rap is won, but at least you know my name.

Your turn, Lannan.


I see your all talk and no action,
But your the reason we have a fvcked up nation,
You see my rhymnes are settin' your cremation,
Yah I here for your enternal damnation.

You're goin' to here the rap tap tapin' on your door,
I'm goin' to break it down and rape your sister like she's my whore,
All the stuff your spittin' is just folk lore,
After your dead my ego will soar.
I'm winning cause I got a royal flush,
It's over now just like Orange Crush.

Man I'm only evil when I need to be,
But I'm beating you so easily,
I can see the sh*t you be spitting,
I can see now that you're quittin',
But you just be a hatin' b*tch,
Man you just need to Vote to Lynch.

You think your the best in America,
I'm the best in the world, huh,
Yah you didn't know that sh*t didn't you,
Now your screwed,
Yah see your sh*t ain't even new,
I'm going to murder your crew.

You say that I'm drunk and it kills,
B*tch, being drunk like this takes skills,
I down 48 just for thrills,
I'm show awesome that, for me they need tornada drills.

In this world it's kill or die,
And you think that your better than I?
Back up before I bust a cap in your @$$
Forget it your @$$ is grass.

You don't know what it's like to fight the storm,
It's goin' to rape you inside your dorm,
You know all your skills are a hoax,
Just as Porky Pig said, "that's all folks."
Debate Round No. 3


cheesedingo1 forfeited this round.


Look at this, my opponent can't even show up.
Bro I'm so bada$$ I stink angle p*ss from a glass.
He can just sit there and suck my jong,
Yah that's right I won, so now you vote con.
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by cheesedingo1 4 years ago
Posted by lannan13 4 years ago
Salright, we can do it again some times.
Posted by cheesedingo1 4 years ago
Dammit dude I'm sorry I completly forgot about this. sorry I had to forfeit.
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