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Rap Battle Caker man vs masterful quality>quantity.

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Started: 8/21/2017 Category: Miscellaneous
Updated: 10 months ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Caker called me out in one of his raps so I want to have a 3 round rap battle.

Give me your best rap Caker.


I said I was comin' for your neck, but now that you've stepped up i'mma bounce your head off the deck
rhymes comin' cold like we were battling in Quebec
better be barring a miracle or you'll lose
this is verbal sparring but if you want i'll lace up the old boxing shoes
recent family tragedy will have you feelin' blue
so pick the pace up, before I tear you down like those Confederate statues
i'm goin' to war with you like my name was Shaka Zulu
you claim to be real but I can see right through you
cookin' you up like a 4th of July barbecue
we just made a breakthrough, words stickin' to you like a tattoo
so go back to the drive-thru dollar menu
and leave selling out 100,000 crowd venues to me
Debate Round No. 1


Two part rap with this being the introduction.

I'm walking down a back ally where I see a mad man smoking crack, I ask him what he's doing, he says "stroking mi sack."
He's a vile old coot only wearing one boot and the idea of a shower doesn't seem to compute.

It's sad to see and old man with a broken knee, crawling around like an amputee, talking trash while so low to the ground, has a dirt moustache and bums around.

I said "wait a minute, caker man is that you?"
He said "ye but mi crack man now n I'm a Jew."

I gave him a dollar then I got up and went, he found that offensive and began an argument.

He yelled "just cus I'm a bum doesn't mean I need your cash, sure, I live in a slum and got a dick rash, but things are going well, despite the bad smell cus I've got a sh*t ton of crack to smoke n sell."

He began spitting rhymes and spat out his teeth, farted, sharted and then pushed out a queef.

"I Might be old but I feel young, it's kinda cold but I'm real hung,
You won't believe the size of my genitalia, I'm a real endowed proud Mammalia, you wouldd think I come from Somalia, my nicknames penetarlia"

I listened with intrigue, but then he started to fatigue at that moment I knew he was out of his league.

He suddenly shat himself silly, pants fell down, I saw his willy.
The mans got one hope, no hope, does nothing but dangle dope, penis can't even be seen under a micro-scope.
It was pathetic, the herpes on his nob was an ugly aesthetic, but the tattoo on his bum was kinda poetic.

I grabbed his head and kneed him in the face,
I stabbed him dead and made him bleed in place.

I began to heave a shite onto his corpse,
It felt kinda right but at the same time awks

As I smeared it into his old dead cheek,
It appeared as though his head started to speak,

"I'm dying, the thought of not hearing you rap is terrifying, gift my ears and lift my tears that would be exemplifying"

To be continued in the next episode of Masterful vs Cakerman!


I was chillin' in this alley down in the Cali valley

This dude prolly' on some LSD walks down the street screamin' sayin' "NOBODY LOVES ME"

he's an attendent to the Gay Pride parade but I could tell there would be trouble when he walked down the alleyway
I was loadin' up getting ready to spit in his face and tell him to go away but it became immediately clear that his mental state was in disarray.

He walks up to this homeless crackhead and initiates foreplay
he asked if he was me and then starts rhyming like his words were flyin' down the freeway
but then the old crackhead does his best to get up and flushes him away like a tidal wave

"masterful is what they call you on the internet but you can't stop me from getting your sisters panties wet, you get swept and then you get slept, it's what happens when you talk s-it but you don't seem to get the concept"

masturful was being slapped around pretty good, he was being set ablaze like a pile of fire wood
I couldn't believe what I was seeing, a top 10 DDO rapper, defiled by a crack fiend

the situation got worse when he wouldn't heed
the old dudes warnings
and tried to rap with a little speed
but then he started transforming, and the clear weather turned to storming
the crackhead wasn't happy because masturful was being pretty boring
but it was at this time he looked around, I was hiding right around the corner because my damn ears started to bleed

The situation got weird and I started to see that the homeless man was tryna pee
on masturfuls leg
masturfal smacked him in a coma and said
"I'm gonna lie about you to everyone on the net"
and hence we are here, biting on his ear like mike tyson, insincere
spittin' mad raps noone can understand, like an auctioneer

but there's one goal I set out to achieve and that is striking fear
into the hearts of my opponents, bringing upon the final frontier
i'm flying sky high like Santa's reindeer

* All Raps Seen Above Are Ad-Libbed *

Debate Round No. 2


Previously on Cakerman vs Masterful

"wait a minute, caker man is that you?"
"ye but me crack man now n I'm a Jew."

"I'm dying, the thought of not hearing you rap is terrifying, gift my ears and lift my tears that would be exemplifying"

-Episode 2

*Rain pours in the cold dark night*
*Holds Cakers old, dying head in arms, gently caresses his hair and begins to sing softly*

Masterful- "Baby, we were meant to be, the love we shared was shear serenity, I'd hold you in my arms forever more, you are my little sweet man-whore"

Cakerman- *Begins sobbing uncontrollably* "Ohh Masterful, You're such a good guy, let me hear you diss me one last time before I die, I fear this is good-bye,

Masterful- *Kisses Caker on the head* "I got you baby girl,"

With a name like Caker, you won't get pvssy unless you rape her, he's still paying off debt for his pacemaker.

I rap in metaphors, people always asking for encores, it's not easy appeasing the displeasing whores, but you got to do it in these verbal wars.

You were dead the moment you tried to pick a fight, now nowhere to tread your dread is burning alight,
Blazed by words of holy light, you'll be dazed and able to only see white,
So go back to the hell from whence you came, you're just a bad smell with a dense sense of shame
Smashed and slashed with words unaided, your dignity's withering, about to be degraded.

He tries to plead, but I intend to supersede with a blend of words I use to apprehend he's the next ffag-end who'll meet my complex Godsend, the effects send its subjects into a vortex, designed to erect a new kind, defined by a combined mind of mine.
It's time.

Verbally torched as pyre, you burn scorched on fire, the flames are brilliant and inspire, even the most resilient can't respire.
This lyrical brutality is not just for show
It's a miracle in totality that'll combust the flow.

These words are like a diuretic for you, they're hydro-kinetic and aim to outdo, you'll be thirsting for more before bursting your core, leaking liquid red there's utter gore, it's like being attacked by a carnivore.

At a height a bright light forms, filling the sky with thunder and storms,
One arm razed, he's dazed, amazed by the speed that I made him bleed, eyes-glazed, he's close to dying, at least he has ceased and is now complying.

As he fades a tear trickles down from his face, as it runs it tickles reminding him of his birthplace.

With his final breath, he utters a muttered word, he stutters and is barley heard, but I understand what he's trying to say, his demand is for me to stay, with his free hand he attempts foreplay, wait, dis niggah gay?
At that moment I realise, what this implies, our love wasn't an attempt to satirize, this man was trying to fantasize.

And with the final words thrown, he lets out a groan before falling asleep to reap what he has sown.

It's too late now, his body is just a husk, decaying a foul musk, soon to be dust.

This man will be forgotten, buried and rotten, never remembered, forever dismembered.

And so I walk away, another man felled, it was a violent display, but I felt compelled, to ensure he died and his pride was no more, I could not ignore the death of something I deplore.


You'd cower in fear seeing my mom with a damn sandal
Ran, handle that bad case of Lamb Camel's
Couldn't spit if your life depended on it
Instead i'll sacrifice you for some ham and a pack of Camels
talk of water but your flow is weak, so to speak
If I were to document this battle it'd be on a Land Channel
title the episode

"Canned Spam Vs. A Savage Mammal"

guess which one is you as I eat you and spit out your flame weaker than a sham candle
this man acts hard but wears women's flannel
this man is a p-ssy like a member of Gaggle
like a baby that never stops crying your head's been rattled
with that last round you really must want a battle
should have put more rounds in don't be so bashful
your legacy won't live, not even in a time capsule
i'm raining down on you like a biblical storm of unprecedented proportions
me and the crew ride down your block like the four horsemen
go savage mode fighting you like a Roman

It was at about this moment I realized that before my eyes Masterful was dying off like the Blockbuster franchise
he's a damn liar who you can't criticize without him crying like he just got freshly circumsized
to be honest it kinda makes it hard to empathize when he's losing a battle to a man who's whole talent is to improvise every line he makes, I never modify my sh-t because i've got what it takes to monetize my style when i'm whooping someone who barely qualifies

I pulverize and publicize your face, I satirize every event at every place
I paralyse those who challenge to face their fate
the underlying issue is that I terrify you
on levels you can't quantify, you're in the thick of the stew
I hospitalize you with these sick lines they gave you the flu
so fantasize about this time when you got jewed
you've been screwed because now i'm muffling so noone can hear your cries
your career is like the Titanic and it just capsized
so I guess this is goodbye?


I'm not done with my homicide
haven't yet had the time to make it look like suicide
come at you katana swingin' like a Samurai
by the end of the rap I'll be justified barely leaving you alive even though i'm not yet satisfied
so keep your snide comments to yourself, but this time i'll let it slide
just be warned next time you'll get washed up on the ocean side

I'm doing all of these raps off of the top of my noggin
that's why it may appear that my rhymes tend to soften
but it doesn't happen often even though you may catch me wheezin' and coughin'
so take it as a word of caution, I worked you like an auction
i'm not gonna fall for your Charles Manson brainwashing
isn't my rhyme scheme awesome?
i'll ask before your face gets distortion
beware man because it only takes one portion
to get addicted to your imaginary fame and fortune
and then soon you'll think you're sh-t and start supporting extortion
you're taking it harder than the Lakers did Portland
and now i'm making money off the motherf-ckers I torture
You've lost this battle like an unwanted orphan
flame thrower lines will have your crop fields scorchin'
i'm invading in and out of homes like I work for Orkin
you walk in the room flexin' fake Air Jordan
my raps don't have a real message and they can't be shortened
all I can tell you is that are important, you should improve your performance
before you wake up in a bathtub missing internal organs
my good intentions lie dormant
I have my sneaking suspicion you're a DEA informant
maybe that's why the PD busted in my house saying they had a warrant
that entire night before you and I spent the whole night snortin'
we didn't go to sleep from Friday to Monday mornin'
but then you turned around and got to contortin'
and even got a confession on video recording
according to the investigator they're guarding your identity
but I'm disregarding every other word they say
even thought we had alot of fun that week we have to be parting our seperate ways
after I saw you in that alleyway when you were in the middle of your menstrual phase
I said to myself I would get you one of these days and now the verse that I've laid has it's merit to be worth some praise

*Mighty Morphing Ad-Libs*

Debate Round No. 3
6 comments have been posted on this debate. Showing 1 through 6 records.
Posted by NDECD1441 10 months ago
Mmhmmm yes. Please have as many voters as possible. HellishPanda vs NDECD is in voting.
Posted by HellishPanda 10 months ago
Could you please vote on our debate?
Posted by Masterful 10 months ago
lmao good rap, I feel like we're getting somewhere now
Posted by Masterful 11 months ago
I was going to write a 2 part rap maybe try and connect the two somehow, i'm not free styling just going to do my best to dis you.

I'ma have to post tomorrow though got stuff on, hope you don't mind.
Posted by cakerman 11 months ago

The battle is finally happening, I would have preferred to feature you on Come Hard With your Bars IV though Masterful, still best of luck to you

I ad-libbed my first round if you wanna do that or if you wanna do written we can make that go too
Posted by NDECD1441 11 months ago
WOOOOHOOO! Remember Caker. You dont have to ad-libb your rap. Take your time to edit. You will need it if you wanna win.
3 votes have been placed for this debate. Showing 1 through 3 records.
Vote Placed by JimShady 10 months ago
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Who had better conduct:--Vote Checkmark1 point
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Used the most reliable sources:--Vote Checkmark2 points
Total points awarded:03 
Reasons for voting decision: Masterful wins Round 1, and cakerman wins Round 2 (I'm disregarding cakerman's first rap). Both had excellent rhymes density, especially in the later round, and the timing of it all sounded pretty good in my brain. But, to choose an overall winner, I will go with cakerman, mainly because he insults, in my opinion, are stronger. Coming up with it as you go helps, but in a rap battle that doesn't REQUIRE it, it doesn't help that much. caker wins by a little, good job to both MCs
Vote Placed by Mharman 10 months ago
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Who had better conduct:--Vote Checkmark1 point
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Made more convincing arguments:-Vote Checkmark-3 points
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Total points awarded:03 
Reasons for voting decision: I was;t a fan of either raps, but Masterful's were slightly worse.
Vote Placed by dsjpk5 10 months ago
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Total points awarded:03 
Reasons for voting decision: Con had better flow.