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Rap Battle Duo #1 (the Syndicate Slayers vs. Truth_Seeker & JonBonBon)

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Started: 9/26/2014 Category: Miscellaneous
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Debate Rounds (5)
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Pro: ShadowKing Studios & JasperFrancisShickadance (the Syndicate Slayers)
Con: Truth_Seeker & JonBonBon


3 Rounds
Up to 16 lines per Person (#1 SEE BELOW for clarity)
Up to 20 lines per Duo (#2 SEE BELOW for clarity)
7 Criteria*

1. Aggression. Ex. "Fhuck you, ya cum-drinkin' @ss-eatin' liberal douche bag homo"
2. Rhyme Format. Multies, similes, metaphors, idioms, symbolism, famous phrases
3. Personals. "Carl is a busta, a sheep fhuckin' loser, his win ratio reads 0, he needs a hero"
4. Rebuttals. Rebuttals are when a rapper addresses a bar, flips it, and disses you back. How effective were they? Why? Ex. Pro: "Andy likes cock, yo!" Con: "Yeah, I like cock, mine, when it's deep in ya baby's mama's candy, ya jerk / Yo, check ya baby, no drama, but it mine be Andy's handy work"
5. Wordplay. Ex. "I'm like Spiderman, I spit the venom in them, on her skin, not on her denim" (mediocre WP); "She called me Peter cause I parked her, in a web of seduction/ but she ain't a Mary Jane cause I'm not high on her skilled suction" (better WP)
6. Originality. Ex. "Yo B, you a cat, like the one in the hat / ya naked of skills, ya can't rap" (Not Original) Say something unique or in a unique metaphorical way. Originality can be attached to even the presentation of the lyrics.
7. Entertainment. Who gave a better lyrical performance through worded descriptions? Who gave lyrical showmanship? Whose lyrics had flair, pizazz, gusto? Whose braggadocio was the most eloquent? Whose next verse did you anticipate to read the most?

*Fewer criteria make it smoother for voters to determine a victor.

Voting Using the 7 Criteria.
Conduct- 4 out 7 of the Criteria
S&G- Who had the best Rhyme Format & Wordplay? (see above)
MCA- Who used Aggression to the fullest; better Rebuttals; had funnier or crueler Personals; had more Original jabs & stabs; was more exciting to read (Entertainment)?
MRS- These points are MVP points. Which debater had the best line you liked? To award these pts. you MUST RFD the line(s).

R1. Guidelines & Con's acceptance AND Rap Format Choice (see BELOW)
R2-R5. Lyrics of the opponents

Con MUST choose ONE (1) as the Rap Format of this Debate:
One of the same gender raps R2 (girl vs girl)
The other gender raps R3 (guy vs guy)
etc. etc.

Both Pros rap R2
Both Cons rap R3
Pros R4
Cons R5

There is only 1 Method of attack:
1. free for all (#1 & #2)

Open Voting; 48 hrs to respond, 10 day voting.


I accept

Free for all
Debate Round No. 1


Queen Slayer
Let the chickens step in the Lion's den, I'm predicted to win, so lets get to The End

The game is grim, dim[0] for our rivals, its counted a sin for them hens to be cluckin' again!
Da wimps T & J accepted this tighter challenge to their own dumb chagrin
Call us Slayers: we move like shadows & vipers, pounce on ya like a hyper kitten

Slayer King
Calculated & complicated, I'm hated by jaded DDO bittches cuz I'm lethally opinionated
My teammate is underrated, she ain't faded, her wrath is inflated to make these suckas outdated
We up against the Missing Link & his asexual photographic pansexual Leigh[1], yes, G
Ya see, we never seen a keen empirical proof of BonBon's true gender, a Pat[2]?, a he-she?
But Jasper is verified[3], certified[3], she mortified, lil mama unleash the lyrical homicide!
On these petrified betide bi-sexual brides[4], kill 'em with Syndicate terrified lyrical genocide

Queen Slayer
Nigga we on fire, atmospherically hot, Pro-fessionals, feel how our argument is heated
500 degree Fahrenheit, Oh wait, I forgot the Con-victs haven't yet been judged and un-seated
Opinions, polls, and of course, forums is where Slayers wrap riddle in raps to sedate
Write yer words here, dorks, ya'll been slaughtered like Oscar Mayer pork in this debate!
A visually obvious win, playin you blind bumish ding-dongs in a rhyme game of ping pong
Rappin takes wit, skills to be fit to spit flips[5], Ring-ring, ya'll--back in school is where ya'll belong

Slayer King

Uneducated in this art, I fart on ya like Bartman[6], Seeker ya mama rides grocery carts, man at Walmart[7]
And John, you tart, ya not smart, ya teammate is a pie chart, everybody gotta piece of his whack heart[8]*
A Blade split him in two[8]**, and a white bittch claimin' to be a dude[9], exposed him to the nude[9]
Dani accrued[10] him into dog food, my homegirl Jasper has slayed both of you broods[11] in every feud!

Queen Slayer
T_S you'll never see victory against me cuz you'll be caught in your own shitty verbal crap
Chokin', screamin', sinkin' fast like a beginner swimmer drownin' after the 1st lap
JB, I scoff at your hideous face, my eyes water at ya photoshopped blemished disgrace
I already know your raps will lack embrace with bad pace, I'll eat my cake, we ace this chase
Because of my malice I'll fuhk you with a mace, I got amazing crazy catlike balance
You two are gonna make this worse than the song for Plants vs Zombies and dance[12]
You're cowering already, this hasn't even started! I'll teach you a lesson in violence
The both of you can't rap cuz ya caught up in fake conspiracies and pseudoscience[13]!

Slayer King
Man, you two ain't gonna get no cred, ya gettin' lyrically spanked red by a DDO Avril Lavigne
Makin' jump like Jack's beans[14], then choppin' down by ya spleens to lyrical rape you obscene
She don't even need Regime to intercede, to shred ya like garden weed, then Bruce Lee ya to ya knees
Fhuck yo pleas, Syndicate speed stampede ya down like steeds, we game it better than Assassin's Creed
Round 3 we will completely annihilate thee as we see ya deficient, malnourished submissions
Cancerous lyrics unable to remission & position an offensive retaliation or defensive munition
Nigga you can't snatch my crown! I'm undefeated against you & who the fhuck did you bring with you!
Equality among the genders is fair, but yo hoe looks like an albino Arabian mare with a '70s hairdo
Twenty Fourteen, ya'll can't surrender this soldier & his Captain who holsters a bazooka on her shoulder
Blowin' away you bipolar mothafhuckas with closure, ya can't jump over 2 boulders that's universally solar!

[0]-dim- become vague or indistinct
[1]-Name for a boy or girl (
[2]-A Pat is a non-gender specific person (
[4]-betide-to happen especially as if by fate
[8]* [8]**-Blade (
Wylted (
The Russian (
Siege (
9SpaceKing (
Oryus (
Alexander (
Lefillegal1 (
[9]-Michelle (
ShadowKing (
Jasper 1 (
2 (
3 (
[10]-accrued-periodically accumulated over time (before her FF) (
[11]-brood- the young of an animal cared for at one time
[12]- Video:




Shadow, I get that you"re trying to be creative with your lyrics, but you might want to stop writing so much
You seem like you"re stumbling over lyrics and you"re trying to rap on a beat you can"t touch
As such you need to clutch the fact you"re using Jasper as a crutch
It almost seems like you"re flirting with a younger girl, George Clooney much?

I ain"t verified, but let me clarify
My body ain"t candy for your perving eyes.
Me and truth are seeking victory, that ain"t no lie
My lyrical value is something you can"t deny
When I spin my rhymes I"m bringing sh!t you can"t defy
We gonna kick you out that door, baby bye bye bye

Now, Jasper, you know I"m coming after you, it"s funny you call me ugly but you can"t land a dude
You got it twisted sick like the flu, but here"s a little something for your brain to chew
I"ve got beat harder than rick ross, call me rational madman cuz I"m the baus
You drowned yourself in the wordy bars, I can see you choking, call it cigars
You"re laughable, passable, and overall impalpable
Now you"re facing the consequences and the punishment is capital
I can never get enough when it comes to getting dough, but you can"t seem to keep up with my flow
Listen to that, I can hear your loss say "hello," low blow bish let"s call this quid quo pro.



What does death have in store for us? The duo: Syndicate slayers!
I'll crush both of your spirits, leave you sending bit by bit prayers!
We don't play fair, Shadow flows slow, no one knows your there cuz your a hair!
Look into death's glare, I'm a vicious beast slashin' a bear, JonBon is a night mare!

I might"ve lost to Mikal on that God debate, but my logic surely convinced you! (1)
Don"t be scared to share your faith, i believe in God and you believe in God too!

You stumblin" from makin" these rules too complex that they left you in the ditch
Cuz when things don"t go right, you scream "WHICH ONE??" like a little b**ch!
Channel your energies of aggression to spark wisdom in a teaching profession
Maybe then you"ll make an ascension in making a psycho emotional progression
Your Rap career is demolished! Consider yourself crushed by the deadliest woe!
Saying that Jasper"s ebb"s..wait! Shadow I thought you said words are not flow?!? (2)

Forget your false exaggerated corny raps, you get dismembered by this avenger!
Wait Shadow you called a 14 year old girl lil mama? N*gga your a sex offender!

You couldn"t handle your business, that"s why your relationship status says private!
You brought all these lyrically clever disses and not one lyric was even a direct hit!
You copied my voting criteria and you influenced by the Bible (4), this is fool proof!
You wanna be the real me when i spit my fire, get the heck outta here goof Truth!

In conclusion, my bars were complete Truth and yours wasn"t!
My bars pack more power in it"s punchlines and yours doesn"t!


1. "You argument is based on that God can be known to be real through a series of logical deduction. My vote comment is simply demonstrating I agree, God exist, by using logical deduction. "


" the ebb is in her flow"

3. "Basically simplicity should still be upon the rules but they need to have more clarity. Some just need to be eliminated."

Debate Round No. 2


Queen Slayer @ Both Cons
What they talking bout? sounds like all things stupidly immature

Who told dem it was cool to be rude to me? dey had too much liquor
I got an ally, JBB only got a guy with cannibalism as a hobby [1]
T_s what gave you the idea to preten-ta seek truth, wazzit LSD?
Try those treatment centers, nah that wouldn't do for Jonbonbon and tits T
Insane asylums wouldn't even fit those candy f**kers gettin' high unlike Trip Lee [2]
They don't know who they up against cuz I ripped & brainwashed their heads
They rappin da ABCs before they go to bed and lay down those ugly hair dreads!

Slayer King @ JBB
You say I need a crutch & Jasper is such, well, Bittch you obviously don't know too much!

Look at history, yo fhuck--White brawds been liftin' niggas up since the Dutch[3]
Revolted & punched Spain in the gut, like I repeatedly done to yo Teammate mutt
It ain't sexual dalliance, yo duck-face slut, it's called lyrical chemistry, which we strut
My R1 cuts gotcha stuck in a rut of muck[4], while you dildo-fhuck Cousin It in his stanky butt
You two schmucks, got no luck to pluck us & buck, so lil' mama SHUT THE FHUCK UP!

Queen Slayer @ Both Cons
"Pooh pooh" they said with a pursue through a misconstrue of a hullaballoo crew

Cuz dats what they ensue, it's true so think that through nice before you withdrew
Heavenly gifts bless me and SKS, but our queery opponents are weary and dreary
"Hard work and difficult" truth seeker said this was with an acceptance that's sorry
All I do is relax in my purgatory and observe your life story, what evolves is fury
Not much else to say, SKS have it our way[5], he's the Rap King & we're angry!

Slayer King @ Truth Seeker
Nigga, you be stupid, nude like Cupid, you be obtuse[6] ya sources are a misuse of validity

You unable to deduce clarity w/ that bull, a dolt like Rocky's moose, ya references are pure gimmickry[7]
In source #1, you so dumb you actually discredit ya'self, son--that ya logic is really abstruse[8]
Everybody here knows my vote holds no juice vs. Mikal's inducive use at whippin' yo caboose
Source #2 shows you as a goof, a Husky puppy[9] believin' ya "arf!" sounds like a Rottweiler "WOOF!!!"
I spoof you now, whiner[9] I give you shiners, you tell people its Maybeline eyeliner, but lackin' proof
Nigga, go listen to Pop, rock out to Justin Bieber, you griever, you a flop that only drops sop[10] for white cock
Stop listenin' to that post-op tranny about Hip Hop-"lil mama[11]" has a neutral meaning, which I shot
Source #3 you fhuckin' dweeb is pure semantics, another Seeker antic to turn dookie into a platinum tactic
You're a frantic panic tired of losing to my rhyme mechanics as Jasper somersaults yo @ss with her lyrical acrobatics
Again I say, you suckas will get no cred against us, while I cuss, Harry Henderson[12] does a fuss
BonBon raps like she's tryin to discuss a pack of sus[13] while Queen Slayer combust these bittches to dust
We Rap Gods[14] on this debate, BTW Bon to yo mistake: Clooney can taste jailbait, riches equate to clemency
I take a taste of vanilla teen on my plate, my black @ss will catch 88 birthdates in the State pen with no leniency!

Bittch, please!

[1]-Truth seeker said in a private message: "oh ok, lol, i'm eating you soon as you get in" (cannibalism) and if you ask him if it's true he won't deny it!
[4]- muck "fecal matter of animals"
[6]- obtuse "lacking in insight or discernment "
[7]- gimmickry "a collection of gimmicks"
[8]- abstruse "difficult to penetrate; incomprehensible to one of ordinary understanding or knowledge "
[10]- sop "a concession given to mollify or placate"
[11]- "Slang terms of endearment. They're being friendly."
"But basically it's just a slang reference to a female "
"its them just sayin hey girl. like ay lil mama means ay girl...."

Lil Daddy is the opposite & hetero guys call hetero guys that:
[12]- Harry Henderson-
[14]- Rap God




What are you guys even saying? I literally can"t tell.

Your lyrical value is something I"ve found to come straight out of hell.

It"s cute that you rhyme every other word, but you lose what you"re trying to say.

And at least I don"t have to swear every other freaking thing I spray.

I understand that you"re not as cool as me, but I assume that you can think

Words that actually make sense in your sentences might be your missing link

@ Shadow King

What"s the matter scared of me? You sound a little nervous

King slayer is getting slayed, but I guess I"ll thank you for your service.

If you want me to shut up, you"re gonna have to make me

But I ain"t backing down so you can go ahead and see if you can take me.

In all honesty, I probably have read your lines eighty seven times,

And I"m not sure how to respond cuz it doesn"t make sense in my mind

Homie you need to calm down and try to use your brain

Instead of just watching as I walk in the room and dem boys make it rain.

Although there"s something I need to ask of you, because I find it quite disturbing

You said you taste vanilla teens like it"s normal to go around perving.

And you got the nerve to come up in here like I"m the one with problems

I got 99 threats and you ain"t one, but in one blow I can solve them.


Listen, I only gotta say a few more things

But first let me rap like both of you dweebs

I make sense with incense and got 20 cents

To pay my rents and all my gents be looking fresh

That didn"t even rhyme and this next part isn"t on beat

But who cares?

Spare me your tears over the fact that you"re losing

Me and truth over here are definitely grooving.

Next time pick a fight with someone your own size

I bet you couldn"t say you were winning if you looked me in the eyes



Last battle, you were talking about real eyes recognizin' a fake disguise
I'm here to also talk about your looks and my disses'll lead to your demise
Yo' face looks like pot pies, Your eyes stretched out like an asian's small size
Your level's like unleavened bread, it does not rise, your a mummy when it dies
The shades you made were cut and glued from the swatter you used to swat flies
Yo' hair's a prize, but if it left, you'd lose your I.D n' be hidden not with hot guys

You talked about my cowlicks when your hair's a bird nest, burnt twizzlers n' sticks
We would all pay tickets to see this girl from the Exorcist stab herself with a crucifix (1)
What if you looked like John Mccain without a brain? No matter, you both still look the same
I'd put you in a place where you'd leave the hall of fame to be walled (2) to the hall of shame

My pants saggin' low, goes to show that i'm presentable, you stare cuz you already know
Rock clothes from good-will, you waste then wash yours from mad spills given by the bureau (3)

Shadow, before you had vanilla teen on your plate, your tongue tasted vanilla ice
I'm talking about that white fruitcake Michelle that whipped you not once but twice (4)
How does it feel gettin' creamed by a (5) a hill billy, eatin' cake (6) and having a slice?
I see you trying to justify your actions, but if you innocent, why be so over-reactive?
You linked us to her pic, you like that pose cuz that's the one you find most attractive

Your raps are corny like your plantation field, your enslaved to dirty dog corn n' egg porn
Your style is domestic you babblin negroe hill billy, you are the African foghorn leghorn

It's ok Eeyore (7), no need to make a diss track, i'll spit your words right back n' you'll B-flat (8)



2. "To tell a joke which flops resulting in your removal from the ensuing conversation."

3. "A government department or a subdivision of a department."


5. "To get plowed over by something much larger than yourself."



Debate Round No. 3


Jasper & ShadowKing @JBB:

Talkin' about 99 threats, you stupider and ya know it than 2 sham computer components
You so fake ya never fhuked anyone in ya whole life, me and King're the real poets
Cuz you so high on lame perverse narcotics you can't comprehend anybody's words
All you can spit out of your deformed mouth are halfwit rhymes about turds

You illiterate ninnies, ya brains ain't even janglin' pennies, cause ya have no valuable sense
Lackin' acute reading skills, hence ya lack of discernment, I implied "an if" in the present tense[1]
Read some Dr. Suess before you rumble with Athena & Zeus, we wage war with whirlwind wonder!
Jasper pull the noose, this goose is proof only Danielle & you present pristine powerful plunder!

Laughter and glitter is what'cha get at my gala, you party poopers are just losers
Every nasty cunt ends up in the same place cuz ya'll are just snotty, hairy, green boogers
Should I respond to her ill manner with polite curtsies? no, I'll verbally abuse her
This DDO user's future will end sooner than these viewers can spot her brain tumor!

I will shut you up after this hyper battle, you won't stand up again & contest the best rhymer
Ya liners lack sophisticated metrical fiber, fire my Proton Pack[2] & zap you like Slimer!
After 87 times you can't define my rhymes, then it ain't my poetic punch possibly the problem
Probably it's your acuity, your kindergarden psyche garbaged up like a goofy, gormless goblin's
What room are you talkin' about? A public restroom? A backroom in a cheesy, Redneck titty bar?
Niggas ain't dippin' into they cookie jars for yo body scars, maybe in Qatar, otherwise ya claim is bizarre
Be honest, damn: you won't be the bride, you'll be the groom, a dyke in a dude's costume
So yeah, boys make it rain on you as you enter the room, when 22s, 357s, & 30 aut 6s go boom!!!
And my tears ain't from crying, but from risibility[3] from ya'll's silly acts of pompous nobility & civility
Ya'll aiming for Conduct pts? That's feasbility cause ya'lls lack of creativity can't give us Slayers fallibility

Jasper @ Both Cons:

I must mention your disgusting beat they make ya sound like a whining toddler
It wasn't the studio dat made yo chords sound like a C sharp diminished minor! [4]
Folks say ya'll good, they just scared of whatcha do if they admit dat ya'll some bad rhymers
Your breath scares them all away, I can handle anything cuz I'ma stay new--not like old timers!
Liars! Ya'll say ya'll's rap is Hip to Hop, but what do you do: debut in new white baby attire [5]
We caught fire, this game makes us hungry, my desire is to make my choir soar higher! [6]

ShadowKing & Jasper @Truth Seeker:

So I got hit twiced by an HIV-packin' cracka? But harder did she hit ya, fhucked ya, & crapped on ya, T[7]
Don't blame me for ya foreclosure in that debate[7] you got raped by ya own error to embrace her disease
You by far hold: Worse Rap Battle Defeat[7] eat that beat down, dude, Guinness wants to interview you
You doofus, it ain't over-reaction, Rule 1 is "Aggression" as I continue to oppress you like a Nazi to a Jew
I "liked that pose", what the hell is this nigga spittin', oh wait, still shittin' blind eels[8] like a kitten
You Monaco[9] call me Britian, I'm Great like a Kitchen[10] where I fry yo @ss like Memaw's chicken[10]
I make cowardice niggas bail[11] you make innocent females cancel accounts with emails[12] then skedaddle
That's why many treat you like cattle & never rattle from yo babble, waddle along cuz I've won this battle!

Suckah, your baby bottle aint comfort enough for you to recover from da last rounds
You gained weight since the time it was R1 acceptance, yo a$$ was only four pounds
Have ya checked da mirror since then? where've you been? long haired snitch with a 5mph pitch?
It's a sin to swear but Ima do it now cuz when i'm judged it won't add up to your accounts, bittch!
It's almost Christmas so you better act nice for Santa, but I'm not worried about him
Axis and allies fought but gave in, I'm standing firm for when the rapture is prelim! [13]

[1]- IF "I take a taste of vanilla teen on my plate, my black @ss will catch 88 birthdates in the State pen with no leniency!" Present Tense NOT Past Tense

[3]- laughter-
[9]- 2nd smallest country in the world


Truth_seeker forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4


Syndicate Slayers @ The Forfeit Gang

Why'd the two damn foraging fatso beggars forfeit when they were just bout done?

They retired too soon so their loss could be a forfeiture run, the torture has just begun
Truth seeker's been looking for the stuff in slutty titties 'stead of bein an author here
He can't hold his bladder in this tattered butcherin' place, he's gotta do it with grubber pee-ers

You Kentucky chickens felt the fried affliction issued by Syndicate friction for yo crucifixion!
Yo opposition got caught in Jasper's poetic interdiction[1] then diminished by my allegorical constriction
That's what you cockeyed suckas get: spittin' fairytale fiction: loaded with huge ca-ca contradictions
Ya red-lettered dereliction[2] is pure conviction, fools, don't ya'll know ya'll in the voters' jurisdiction?!

Yer shame is proclaimed in red letters, aimed at voters so they can read this battle knowing the Slayers win

Showing your big booty to anonymous people on the Internet, the person your fhuckin is yo momma and kin

Niggas, my alliance can even rebut silence! No cred, no reliance[3], but you bustas, are still in non-compliance

Ya lyricism is like whack science, like I'm watchin' Defiance[4], gimme some "Ho-Hos" you jolly green giants![5]

[1]- authoritative prohibition
[2]- willful negligence
[3]- certainty based on past experience



Yes we forfeited, but it still doesn"t change the fact
That neither of you two figured out how to rap.
I mean, we can lose conduct, but nothing more
Because we"ve already used your faces to sweep the floors.

Don"t get too overconfident, you might be disappointed
When the slayer king and queen get unannointed
But don"t worry about your pride, I won"t rub it in too hard
I"ll just keep it in your mind that you two don"t go hard

Listen up and shut your faces
This whole time I"m spitting aces
You"re getting third and fourth places
You couldn"t even sell those medals on craigslist

I ain"t in this game for fame
You know this win ain"t under my name
But it doesn"t make a difference to me
In the way I put you in your seats

You couldn"t shred it on a beat even if you had a grater
If only you could spit, your lines may have been greater
But I"m over here spitting fire
Call me the lyrical annihilator

Y"all got some issues you need to work out
I"m here to show you exactly what you"re doing
Here"s something I"ll teach you about
You"re only superior in that you"re better at losing.


A bunch of losers who decorate their lyrics with videos just to gain recognition
I came in telling you like it is point blank so i could watch you tap in submission
Shadow, you might want to reconsider belittling JonBonBon's own virginity
Because you say you love unprotected sex, but yo' girl isn't in the vicinity!

Your name's Shadowking because you hide in the darkness like a prowler
You hardly ever battle rap, you pick 4 rounds, little debates on your browser
You elected Jasper to boost your reputation, using her to fulfill a lust for power
You talk about Michelle's fear of crowds, but you losing, so who's the real coward?

Jasper, your the one to talk, you got severed in your own league at your own request
Claiming that you wanted a Christian battle, but still lost, something you got to accept (2)
I'll freely admit, i lost to that snowbunny of a creature in a rap battle, got voted by a ton
But notice my words hurt more than his cheap rhymes, i had truth and he had none!

Shadow, your mistaken if you think flow can save you cuz i'm killin you in your very own ecology
You rushed your vid diss against me last time (3) You call that art? that's quantity below quality!

The probabilistic calculations articulating elimination of my enemies by these cannibalistic tendencies
Your flow unstable to be able to find an available spatial appraisal for the lyrical naval that's interchangeable
Cuz antagonistic aggregations debilitating stabilization of you centipedes with animalistic chemistries
This blow'll disable your fable of being an inhalable nasal playful emcee thinkin he can breath unmistakable

If your the Nazi then be sure to have divinity strip you of your delusional authority
While i will place your feminine inclination to submission in the societal sorority (4)





Debate Round No. 5
23 comments have been posted on this debate. Showing 1 through 10 records.
Posted by ShadowKingStudios 2 years ago
If you can find one--just one--comment of mine where I declared I'm a freestyle pro, then I'll PayPal you 1 grand then I'll live battle you for it back. I've never professed freestyle busta. I do written lyrics, even studio recordings but never claimed to be a freestylist fool. You lost because your shitt ain't the flavor these debaters are use too. Period.

Richard never said hyper kitten was "hot". He wrote: "that's Jasper's silly take on wordplay" Now read further blind fhucker, because he didn't endorse hyper kitten as being even remotely awesome: "if Shadow rapped [it] then we'd have an issue of lameness."

Nigga either get with the program or bounce outta here. You won't be missed.
Posted by TrollGod 2 years ago
I know more about battle rap than you SKS. You only won because RichardCypher is a true d1ckrider. I would gladly challenge you in a live battle here at SMACK New York if you THINK you're even remotely good.

Honestly, all of your wins are from poor judging. RichardCypher thought your "moth" rebuttal was hot in our battle. He thought "hyper kitten" was hot in this battle... GTFO. The Truth_Seeker battle is my last one as for text battles go. Email SMACK URL if you want to really battle in real life. I'll even put stacks up because I'm that confident I'll school any of you clowns on here.
Posted by ShadowKingStudios 2 years ago
I just noticed your comment Jasper.

Let me explain something to all those who will listen with an opened mind.

Rap Battles need to constantly elevate lest they become boring in presentation. If we on DDO continue to present RB's as pure "insults" the format will dull. Imagine this akin to the 1920s-1940s era of Hollywood movies when nearly every cinematic production released carried a "melodramatic tone". Imagine if Hollywood continued to produced those type of movies. Theaters would have long ago went bankrupt. Here's a closer example: imagine if 80s rap styles (Run DMC, Kurt Blow, NWA, Beastie Boys) were how Eminem, Nas, Kendrick Lamar, Bone Thugs, or even Tupac rapped like. Well, there would be no Slim Shady high octane "White America" or "Rap God" flows, no supersonic melodious funk flows like "Budsmokers Only" & "Tha Crossroads" from the Thugs-n-Harmony.

The 7th rule of this debate mandated Entertainment. Are you-all seriously saying you want to read one-dimensional solo-person raps till the end of time? Or do you want the gotdamn game to transcendent to new & clever presentation & content?

Jasper, there is nothing wrong with the grim/dim wording. TrollGod, as his name implies (& according to a PM from Richard Cypher), is using the tactic of provocation to get rap challengers. The only explanation you owe anyone is to a voter.
Posted by Truth_seeker 2 years ago
It was a good match either way.
Posted by JasperFrancisShickadance 2 years ago
TrollGod: Jasper Francis Shickadance is the name of my cat. I didn't write that grim-dim line. Yeah, if you don't know about rap don't comment as if you do.
Posted by ShadowKingStudios 2 years ago
Your comment is idle. It serve no purpose except whack critique. Like many, you don't read before you speak.

hyper kitten
Falls under Rules 5, 6, & 7

Dumb nut, it's saying Seeker & JBB will be made obsolete from rap debates after Jasper finishes with them. Learn some Hip Hop terminology, idioms, & braggadocio then holla back when you got game.
Posted by TrollGod 2 years ago
I could not read past the first round:
Queen Slayer's first verse round 1:
"The game is grim, dim[0] for our rivals, its counted a sin for them hens to be cluckin' again!" don't need to footnote the word 'dim.' I'm sure we all know what it meant. How does this line even remotely make sense??? The game is grim (okay got it), dim for our rivals (okay), its counted a sin for them hens to be cluckin' again!" .. what? It's a sin for their opponents to be talking again?

Another bar from first verse round 1:
"Call us Slayers: we move like shadows & vipers, pounce on ya like a hyper kitten."
-___________- 'a hyper kitten' I hope this is in the 'Funny' section because saying you will pounce on your opponents like a hyper kitten ... is corny as hell.

Slayer King's first verse... this bar OMG what does it mean????
"My teammate is underrated, she ain't faded, her wrath is inflated to make these suckas outdated."
Her wrath is inflated..okay got it. Then comes the punchline: "to make these suckas outdated." What? ....
Posted by Truth_seeker 2 years ago
lol, if Dani was on my team, ya'll would've been buried.
Posted by ShadowKingStudios 2 years ago

Real business, nigga. The Syndicate is about to take this Rap Battle debating into a new era for DDO. We're like Death Row's rawness meets Aftermath's lyrical brilliancy with some No Limit in us & a bit of Cash Money's bling about us. What's so cold about this new clique is Jasper hasn't yet reached her prime. When she doesn't a betcha she be like Doc Holliday telling you chumps she'll "be ya huckleberry." Then gun you down you.

What I'd like to see is her & Dani team up. That's lyrical superiority there, my nigga.
Posted by RevL8ion 2 years ago
Well, the Slayers were noticeably superior... :P
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Vote Placed by RichardCypher 2 years ago
Agreed with before the debate:Vote Checkmark--0 points
Agreed with after the debate:Vote Checkmark--0 points
Who had better conduct:Vote Checkmark--1 point
Had better spelling and grammar:--Vote Checkmark1 point
Made more convincing arguments:Vote Checkmark--3 points
Used the most reliable sources:Vote Checkmark--2 points
Total points awarded:60 
Reasons for voting decision: even without the ff, the Pros dominated the Cons til the end. at one point T-S's lyrics sounded whiny and apologetic. Jbb's lyrics in last round don't fit her lyricl pattern in the previous rounds and seem suspicious as a forgery by her teammate. unlike Jasper's lyrics which sound exactly like her style and word formulation. come on dude 'hyper kitten' that's Jasper's silly take on wordplay. if Shadow rapped then we'd have an issue of lameness. Shadow's last two bars in round 3 are some of the realest words rapped in these debates, in which he depicts reality in black and white literally bewteen a black man and white man have relations with a young white girl. Jbb and T-s rebuttal of his flirting with Jasper was lame and effective destroyed in rebuttal by both Slayers. the best thing about this debate was clear lyrical chemistry the slayers show vs the lackluster performance by the Cons. the Pros best work were they rebuttals.
Vote Placed by RevL8ion 2 years ago
Agreed with before the debate:--Vote Checkmark0 points
Agreed with after the debate:--Vote Checkmark0 points
Who had better conduct:Vote Checkmark--1 point
Had better spelling and grammar:--Vote Checkmark1 point
Made more convincing arguments:Vote Checkmark--3 points
Used the most reliable sources:--Vote Checkmark2 points
Total points awarded:40 
Reasons for voting decision: Conduct to the Slayers since Truth and JBB forfeited. Arguments to the slayers because they were superior in all aspects--flow, complexity, disses, you name it.