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Rap Battle Lannan13 vs. LaughItUpLydia

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Started: 3/21/2015 Category: Arts
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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We have 3 rounds to post raps, starting in round 2. No line limit. The raps MUST be original freestyling. Swearing is not permitted, but too heavy x words equals non-creativity and it's also boring when you're just reading the raps. The goal is to dis the opponent the best using literature analysis (innovative metaphors, pick up lines, similes, etc.) while keeping the flow and rhyme. Don't take anything really personally; it's just for fun.

We haven't done this in a while so it may look odd in the current DDO settings but readers, enjoy!


Conduct goes for whoever had most impressive lyrics. No conduct is needed in this debate LOL.

Spelling and Grammar does not matter either so judge that on whoever you thought had more even lines and better rhymes.

Convincing arguments goes to best rapper overall.

Sources vote will remain the same, but sources ARE NOT REQUIRED.



I accept.
Debate Round No. 1


How dare you wake me from my slumber?
No-one challenges I, for fear of disturbing my thunder
A little kid like you don't know nothing, you cumbered
I'm not superstitious but I know 13 is an unlucky number

Especially when I specialize in breathing flaming lyrics
You shouldn't have done this satiric deed but I'm always ready to call the clinics
You're someone who's a part of the "lannan literary" gimmick
You might be good at mimicking but it causes side aches and hysterics

You accept? Your access to brains is denied, I'm the god of words and queen of creativity
Every time you try to think you'll go cockeyed and then you'll die from my radioactivity
My venom is acidic, once injected you're damnified, nothing's stopping me and my evil festivity
By the time you're dead I'll be known worldwide, all will fear my bellows of laughter and captivity

See that bright light way up high? I own the universe, the sun is my kin
It taught me how to make all the little ones cry, hell I own from Queensland to Berlin
The story ends like this, see, I make you stand puny in the presence of my power and pride
Then I make you snuff some Devil's Breath and your left with just yo hide.


In the name of the father, son, and Holy Spirit,
You want me in a rap battle then so be it.
Saving souls like a Crusifix.
Damin' you like my number is six-six-six.

Let me give you a Reading from Revalations,
It shows the winner of this battle with no hesitations.
It shows my opponent is getting Sodomized and Gamora.
Unleshing my wrath like Pandora.

Shockin' the audience like like Zeus.
Your murder will be on the frontline news.
Call me Legion, cuz your defeats are many.
Here to end your Satanic Tryanny.

What's up everybody it's Lannan13,
Let's take a minute and sit down with me.
Look at my opponent who's spinning and thinkin' she's G,
Hell they even named a Poetic Foundation after me. [1]

She shoulda thought twice before fighting a Marine,
Imma go the hardest then you ever seen.
I'm a Sharpshooter with my lyrical M16,
Go ahead and back out because I'm winning this like Charlie Scene.

I'm taking this like I look Iraq,
You're just a sad soul that can't rap worth jack.
I'm droppin' bombs like my name is Nixon.
Your mental stability needs a fixin'.

I'm going up just like a 90 degree vector.
Just like a bee I'm taking the nector.
You have no chance of coming to Earth, your Apothis. [2]
You have lost and that's not just a hypothesis.

I'm the greatst mind since Tesla,

My knowledge is forever like Nebula.
Just so I clear up some of the confusion,
I just comenced a rap atomic fusion.

Stealin' the show like a Light Quazar.
I spit more fire like I'm a Charazard.
You can see the writting on the wall, so make it Infared.
This makes me believe that you have yet to make anything intellegent said.

1. Lannan Foundation (
2. Refurring to Asteroid Apothis having no chance of hitting Earth.
Debate Round No. 2


Let's take a look at the statistics
I believe in myself, you believe in mystics
Oh look, no-one's ever beat me in a battle
Who holds a record of 101 losses? behold the wee-lil Lannan

Nothin fazes my crazes for power, I am all-around invincible
You hypocrite - quoting books which I first introduced to you! [2]
The $hitt you spit shows how you live in a world that's virtual
I split your ear drums for a beat, blasting raps too taboo for you!

Pay more attention to what you write on your profile
You say you watch Courage the Cowardly Dog? that explains your life
This too easy, the disses flow out my mouth like heavy water vodka!
You're against medical drugs but you lie to yo parents 'bout marijuana! [5]

Lannan spends his time on Pinterest, takes hours on debating computers
I'm not even listening cuz he's the worst I've heard in the past and the future!
Lannan, the old gay payin money for sex, therapy and cheap trousers
This guy is unoriginal, religion prohibits convention cuz they all cowards

You a weakling, the proof is the looks on yo puny face!
Ya say you a peace maker but you're just a peace-fake! [1]
I apologize if this gets too explicit for your boring type of bass
You can't deny your full of lies, ya think you poetic? naw, just lost in life's maze!

Thank you for another win, I be breakin my own records every damm day, yes,
Nothing you say makes sense in any way - I'll beat yo a$$ like Cathy Davis [3]
If you're a radio station called Pandora, Ima release my evils like the Pandora Box [4]
I unleash the beast and unlock the ox within my sinful self, admit to yo flummox!

You believe in those fibs written by the ancient primates?
We'll have to turn the mic up cuz you so f*cking quiet
Are you serious? If i'm Apothis then I'll crush you and yo bees! [7]
Stories of Zeus aren't scary, they're bedtime stories!

Sure, I'll preach, like Jesus teaching a sermon on the Mount
I'll remind e'rybody how you say one thing but act another
Lannan worries about his money, Bible says to give not to count
He's divorced 16 times n' disobeyed God, he must have a sad suicidal mother

I don't have no parents, I was born by the power of the Holy Spirit
I don't need no wife or kids, I got myself fame and dominion to go with it
They might call me uncontrollable, a liar yet fearless
But that's cuz I am, the truth about me is obvious yet incoherent

Yeah, the heat is rising, your words couldn't hurt a fly
Anything you say just reflects back to the sun who's my ally
I'm a dragon, you a herbivore looking for defense cuz you can't fight a moth
Don't cry, just try to withstand my fire - I'm the great biblical Behemoth! [6]

[1] The Lannan Foundation entails biographies, many of which say they are peace making but are actually just writing about it therefore "peace faking."
[2] I discussed the Bible to Lannan; it's my fault he's completely religious now LOL
[7] Con said "your Apophis" after claiming that he's the ever-so-powerful "bee taking nector" rofl.


I'm the king of this site, I even schooled STALIN,
I'm set set for life with free schooling, housing, and retirement. Hell I'm ballin',
Speaking of school Cuz your skills are lackin'.
You better back out Cuz you know that I'm packin'.

Got a 9mm, an AR, and an AK 47.
Make one false move I'll blow a hole through the Stairway to heaven.
You ain't nobody, not skilled just someone who works at a 7-11.
You shouldn't have challenged me Cuz now it's Armageddon.

Why you walking up in here looking like a Jew.
You better leave or Imma bring in the NeoNAZI crew.
You're a POS don't know what to do.
Just go crawl back where you belong, in an oven, and that's true.

What are you doing trying to match a mind like Lannan,
I'll bannish you like Konami banned Sangan. [1]
Raining down onyou with the power of a thousand suns,
I'm going to end your world, try to face my big Guns.
My raps have more power than a Hydrogen Bomb,
Be hypnotyzed by my Sieren death song,
Call me Katrina, cuz I'm wipping out my compitition like a typhoon,
Making you drown in my lyrical tital wave, like I'm Neptune.
Your raps are just so subtle,
My oppent winning Rap Battles are rarer than a Rare Earth Metal.
Governing you like my name is John Locke [2]
After this I'll be sizin' up your outline of chalk
You can't touch me, I've got the Mark of Cain. [3].
Bring you back to Egypt and put you in iron collar and Chain.
Blowin' your mind like Timmothy McVeigh,
Unleshing upon you the 7 plagues.

Die or you better praise Allah,
Or Imma gas you like Bashar al-Assad,
I hope your in the mood for 72 virgins,
No one can piece you back together, not even surgeons.

Sacrafice the first of your flock with a meat Cleaver,
When I'm done you will be a believer,
You're an Infidel that hasn't been to the Mecca.
You're just trying to cover up your microscopic pecka.

1. (
2. (
3. (
Debate Round No. 3


Who the f*** is STALIN? Is he the third world emperor of nothing?!
I don't know who you think you are but for me you're no problem
If you open your wallet it's a famine but my slaves will tell you I own mansions
You live on a remote island doing nothing but online trollin'!

This battle aint over but it sure is close
The people bet their money on me, Ima get a toast!
I got more ammunition than you can fathom but I don't like to boast
My mouth is like all RPG-71s put together, I know cuz I got the most [3]

I be blowin up your brains into fragments, I'm like Rick in the Walking Dead
You got no soul, just a foaming mouth, we'll shoot you down like Daryl Dixon said
I'll fight till the very end, if we're in an apocalypse then I'm the surviving henchman
No matter what my clan goes through I dominate, create, rule, and repeat the same

Haven't you already bragged about your false career as a marine?
I know your story, you dropped out of the army band when you were 15.
I got raw talent, don't need to brag, cuz you'll find out as soon as you're on yo death bed
I could kill you with my thumb if this were real life, when you hear the shots better cover yo head.

Man I look like a Jew that survived the Holocaust
Why? cuz I got scars from the times I fought
My real enemies are people like the Governor, not wimps like you [1]
Hell even my allies could kill you in one swoop - that's your cue

Get out of my sight cuz your not worth nothin'
God loves all but your spot in Hell is boughten
Creativity ensues you'll die unique not softened
I'm not scared of a bite, it'll go quick don't need no caution!

I got smacked once but won, fighting you is like a sibling squabble!
My lyrics are like the crack of a bat, your raps sound like a turkey gobble!
Were your words created by a toddler? This lil battle is like Mad Libs! [2]
After I whip yo a$$ as many times as yo age I'll put you to sleep in those baby cribs!



Welcome to the finial Round,
Seems like Lannan's Hell Bound,
Lannan's Left hook makes Lydia turn about.
It's time for the finial Knock-Out.

You saw your own failures and took off in flight.
You did nothing, but left yourself to this deadly plite.
We all know after you loose here you're out!
I know that without any doubt.

Take a step back you've lost this fight,
Lannan13's the real king of the night.
Took you 3 whole days to think about what your sayin',
That's so wrong I don't know where to begin.

Step back and let Lannan show you how it's done.
I troll people (and win) just for fun.
I'm about to show you the Lannan Supremacy.
Better than the US Hegemony.

The better intelligent, wise, and cleaver debater.
Now you shall bow down to me, your supreme creator.
Unlike you, I see the strings that controll the system,
Feeding on this site like the US on Petrolium.

Raising the flag of victory here, like the Marines at Iwo Jima.
Lydia is about to see Ground Zero Meet Hiroshima.
Takin' Arab oil for Americans to reapprioprate,
You just need to be like the Japs and capsluate.

Let's start that you can't even rhyme.
Come on man, I thought you said you were in the big time.
As this battle's gone on your quality has turn to cr@p.
I thought you said you know how to rap?

Now don't be a Sour Patch Kid,
But you've just lost your Winning bid.
Imma burn you up, you gonna hit the floor.
You better think twice before messing with the Corps.

Call me Babe Ruth cuz your a$$ is outta here.
This loss for you is gonna be severe.
Lannan is the rightful heir to the thone,
Take it from me, you just got pwned.
Debate Round No. 4
17 comments have been posted on this debate. Showing 1 through 10 records.
Posted by lannan13 2 years ago
Posted by Truth_seeker 2 years ago
lannan did a better job this time lol.
Posted by LaughItUpLydia 2 years ago
Posted by Wylted 2 years ago
Remind me to vote on this if I forget to vote with 48 hours left. Sometimes things slip my mind
Posted by LaughItUpLydia 2 years ago
It's all good.
Posted by lannan13 2 years ago
Sorry Computer is acting up again. It's suppose to be 4 lined bars.
Posted by RevNge 2 years ago
RevNge reactivated? O.o

Sorry, didn't know, lol.
Posted by lannan13 2 years ago
Posted by lannan13 2 years ago
But out of my issues Rev.
Posted by RevNge 2 years ago
If you want, I'll face you since Lannan deactivated.
3 votes have been placed for this debate. Showing 1 through 3 records.
Vote Placed by RevNge 2 years ago
Agreed with before the debate:--Vote Checkmark0 points
Agreed with after the debate:--Vote Checkmark0 points
Who had better conduct:--Vote Checkmark1 point
Had better spelling and grammar:--Vote Checkmark1 point
Made more convincing arguments:-Vote Checkmark-3 points
Used the most reliable sources:-Vote Checkmark-2 points
Total points awarded:05 
Reasons for voting decision: Truth be told, both of your flows were horrendous. Literally, the rhyming scheme was flawed; the syllable meter was erratically varied, and there weren't very hard-packed disses. I would have to award this category to Con because despite Pro's efforts with multiple sources, they didn't really have an impact. I'm going to have to base this mainly on flow and rhythm due to the lack of disses that packed a hard punch. In this case, Con has an advantage due to Pro's inconsistent rhyming along with Pro's wordy verses as opposed to Con's concise, but clearer ones. Therefore, Con takes the win on this battle.
Vote Placed by Wylted 2 years ago
Agreed with before the debate:--Vote Checkmark0 points
Agreed with after the debate:--Vote Checkmark0 points
Who had better conduct:--Vote Checkmark1 point
Had better spelling and grammar:--Vote Checkmark1 point
Made more convincing arguments:--Vote Checkmark3 points
Used the most reliable sources:Vote Checkmark--2 points
Total points awarded:20 
Reasons for voting decision: As a white person, I am unqualified to judge rap battles, but I did read all the citations, and pro's were more relevant, she had more of them and she had them in every round.
Vote Placed by YYW 2 years ago
Agreed with before the debate:--Vote Checkmark0 points
Agreed with after the debate:--Vote Checkmark0 points
Who had better conduct:--Vote Checkmark1 point
Had better spelling and grammar:--Vote Checkmark1 point
Made more convincing arguments:-Vote Checkmark-3 points
Used the most reliable sources:--Vote Checkmark2 points
Total points awarded:03 
Reasons for voting decision: Lannan kept a more consistent rhythm, and had better flow. He wins.