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Rap Battle: LeBron v.s Steph Curry

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Started: 6/28/2016 Category: People
Updated: 1 year ago Status: Debating Period
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Hello everyone, this will be a very unserious debate. If someone accepts without leaving a comment, the debate is forfeited. No audio, just write the verses on the argument page. I will be be rapping as LeBron, my opponent will be Steph Curry.
This should be fun!
Comment if you are interested.


For the record, I don't swear. I feel like it detracts from my message and rhythm.

Round 1.

When in the course of human events
Steph Curry's greatness some fool resents
His MVP case I will present
While you on the other hand are forced to invent-
Lies, as useless as the Treaty of Versailles
And ultimately, though you wish to deny that Curry's fly
You will be forced by me to comply

Curry has handles, Curry has range
But you still think LeBum's the best, how strange
You must have not watched any Cavalier's games
Otherwise you would know how he earns his 'fame'
He scores 26 a game with the help of referees
When he drive down the lane he step like 'one, two, THREE'
But they don't call squat, cuz he whines like a child
Compared to his antics, Curry's quite mild

In parting, I leave you with this one thought
Can NBA referees be bought???
Debate Round No. 1


**thats no problem, it's better anyway not to swear, thanks for accepting!

Look Steph,
You look like you got anorexia every time I stand next to ya,
I beat you in game 7, call Cleveland "celestia"

Boi, it was at the end watching you exit,
Your game was a bigger disaster than brexit,

Yo, it's me, LeBron, the number one seed,
You're only number one is trending on Ayesha's Twitter feed,

LeBron's got strength,
Compared to curry, I've got an extra foot in length

Looks like now you've fouled out,
Temper? I just saw you throw pure mouthpiece out,

This boi tries to blame failure on the referees,
Spoken like a man who's hopeless, Oh please!
Why dont your whole warrior crew come to Cleveland,
But only as refugees,

In terms of rappin, I can beat you without these,
Yo Curry, can I get you another mouthpiece?


((Yeah thanks for doing this. very creative debate)

Round 2.

You rap well, but..

I've got the sickest rhymes
Dem' Splash Bros droppin' dimes
Three point shooting is sublime
LeBron sucks so bad he works part time

You think LeBron's always brought his team heaven?
Lets go back to 2011
Your 'Dream Team' got creamed
You made Nowitzki look like Kareem
You unraveled at the seams
And you left Miami to grab a new team

I don't need length or strength, I've got...

Two hundred and seventy six 3's
Can you do that? Please
You call yourself the King but no one listens to what you decrees
You'll fall over if I sneeze (flop)
Or if there is a faint breeze (stop)
And if you continue to challenge me I'll bring you to your knees

Your move, LeCrybaby
Debate Round No. 2


Curry, it's right, you can shoot threes,
But boi, try your luck In the paint,
Cause all 360 degrees,
Will get at trucked by the Saint

Look Bruh, I was taken straight outta high school,
Your lame game I take for my fuel,
I beat you in Oakland, the whole world knows I rule!

I left Miami to go back to my hometown,
You's a home grown clown who thinks he hot cause he can shoot a few from downtown,

I fall over if you sneeze?
You must have Loser disease,
Get back down on your knees,

Cmon Steph, don't get too excited,
This boi went to the NBA finals, just to find that he wasn't invited,
Forget it,
Don't take a wrong and try to right it,
You should just take the bullet, and bite it

Look at my hands, a ring on each finger,
You fail at ball, rap, and your just as bad a singer,

Imma let you go now Curry,
Stop playin games,
You just got defeated by King James


Lebron, you might be king, but I'm the Crown Prince
The most exciting player since the hey-day of Vince
Your lack of range is not hard to convince
Your 3pt% makes me wince

'Can shoot a few threes' please, I'm the best ever
When I fire one its automatic, like pulling a lever

Sure since high school folks were kissing up to you
Honestly I don't understand all of the hullabaloo
You can ball, its true
You got your own brand of shoes
All fueled by the idiocy of the Lebron-loving crew

I'm the real deal
At #7 I was a steal
With my lights-out game I'm reinventing the wheel
With logic I appeal
You will fall upon my steel
You only care about your Kia automobiles
Debate Round No. 3
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Debate Round No. 4
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Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by DebaterGood 1 year ago
Im very sorry, but I have to end this "debate". For some reason, I am not able to post the argument or even see how long my opponent has to respond to my forfeiture of the last round. Im very sorry to @enderwiggin. This was a very fun debate though.
Posted by enderwiggin 1 year ago
I'll accept.
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