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Rap Battle: Odyssey & Fever

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Started: 7/14/2011 Category: Entertainment
Updated: 7 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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(Special Ed - "I Got It Made" Instrumental)

Oh Feverish! You better get off my girlfriend's vagina
cause your gay, your name is Selena and Tamara
is that a shirtless or 50 Cent's new shirt
This guy with balls will love you to flirt

Your hair looks like Patrick Sway See that he died from the grave
This guy never talked as a kid, because he Abuse him to behave
Like home alone 2 that gives you to play a video game
He likes to play Super Mario Kart "That's a shame"

Your rhymes didn't sound right, your not tight
Go home and write some raps and make sentence till tonight
Before the Brain master Mafia hit you, You can take the microphone with you
You can take monopoly with you, like the president says "Take The Anarchy With You!"

You can rock with a Polyester with you
If your not a rapper, How come Green Day is going to diss you?
Your a Death Wish, F**k Feverish
I'll make you a dinner for your mom tomorrow called Fever Dish


Thanks to my youthful opponent for the challenge. Obviously this is not a serious debate or a serious rap battle but just a bit of fun.

At the potential risk of being pretentiousness, I've decide to experiment with the text rap format by bolding the syllables which occur on the "on" beats to hopefully make it easier for the reader to follow the intended rhythm. Note that the bolding has nothing to do with the rhyme structure, it just marks the four beats of the bar, with each line of text representing approximately one bar.

I put the smack down on this wack clown, tell him to put the crack down
He must be smoking something, the way his brain be jumping
From topic A to topic B, it doesn't function logically
That's why it's so easy to kill this easy-kill-ised-oddity

Obviously this fool can't emcee properly, I'm owning him like property
He's lost the game like monopoly or the lottery
I'll put your tape on pause, so you can't bother me, I'll take what's yours like armed robbery
Or like government foreign policy, with no apology

It's touching that you wrote that rap for me, but it's a rap catastrophe
I'll give you props for your audacity, cos you thought that you could battle me
You can't do it by yourself, you're best to go and get some help
I'm questioning your mental health, you step to me, you wet yourself

You know that you ain't Got It Made, you're in the hip hop second grade
The lack of skills that you've displayed has prob'ly left you quite dismayed
But don't stop rhymin', put your time in, look at it like mountain climbin'
Rap from the heart, respect the art, and one day you'll spit sharper darts

Debate Round No. 1
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Posted by Ezequielizedodyssey 7 years ago
me too
Posted by feverish 7 years ago
@extremely: What are you talking about? I'm pretty sure I didn't curse at all here.
Posted by Extremely-Far-Right 7 years ago
Wow, cursing like crazy. And people tell me that there is rap with "no cursing" in it.
Posted by Ezequielizedodyssey 7 years ago
well type that s**t down and see what you got
Posted by feverish 7 years ago
wtf? lol, you a funny dude zeke, I'll write a little verse for you when I get round to it.
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