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Rap Battle: Odyssey & Rocky Lightning

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Started: 7/28/2011 Category: Entertainment
Updated: 7 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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(Smif-N-Wessun "Sound Bwoy Bureill" Instrumental)

Your styles are generic, mine was ethnic made
this guy never listened music, he smoke chronic
You better with the lights off, go take your clothes off
Just show me your round-a** nipples before I piss you off

this guy never win the boxing game
he got the smack down by the frown a** fame
I scar and kill, kill one of that fool
You went to Brooklyn, that's a private school

New York, boo York, your voice sounds like pork
he needs a doctor to take a medicine to cork
Rocky needs another real mother****in G
That's why he's the one got a HIV

Your going to be dead by the thunderstorm
you struck by the lightning, if there's a nose, you got the worm
Rocky needs some talent of poem, where's your comb?
Odyssey is the man that takes Odyssey Rocks The Freedom


You don't know my styles, I just met you
You call that music? Sounds like poop.
Do you think I'm a girl? That very 'sulting
I'm tired of of your rhyme, Mr. a-a-b-b.

I dont box, you think your cool
'cause you live In napa, but
all you do is sh*t on a stool
go home, you don't stand a mutt.

Why do I have HIV?
Last time I checked
Your the one with the STD
Why you gotta make your filthy lies?
Its cause when you down you look at the skies.

You're equilized, like the EQ you use when you rap
Its like auto tune, but sounds like crap.
The odessy? That's for you to figure at
Cause thats the end of my rap, kitty cat.

Debate Round No. 1
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Posted by Ezequielizedodyssey 7 years ago
Posted by Rockylightning 7 years ago
Posted by Ezequielizedodyssey 7 years ago
I have some tight rap. Mine they're not havng misunderstanding rhymes
Posted by Rockylightning 7 years ago
Eh. I dont mind. I was never good at raps.
Posted by Man-is-good 7 years ago
I agree. Sorry Rocky and Odyssey.
Posted by snapbacks 7 years ago
both sucked
Posted by Rockylightning 7 years ago
This was unexpected. I'll take it.
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Reasons for voting decision: Sources for instrumental (thank you), convincing arguments because I liked his better, and convinced me to vote for him!