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Rap Battle : (Pro)Cloud Strife vs(Con) Link

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Started: 3/5/2014 Category: Miscellaneous
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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My adversary shall start his rap on his next turn. Meaning he shall start in Round 1. This is not for acceptance and meant for him to start the debate

In his last round he will type "no round as agreed upon"

failure to type this will result in a full 7 point drop due to him/her having an extra round.

Lets get it on


Hey Listen playa tell me what is Tifas Sitch?
If your lucky later I'll let you smell her on my Dck!
Her and Aeris told me they want to salavate my nutsack
You wait your turn watch as I flipem and make there booties

Is this your first time ever seeing their titz?
Now whip yours out come on lets see that polygonal dck!
Where is barrett? They said they want to fck an amputee?
I'm not into that sh1t but I would fck Nanaki!

Tifa strokes my Master sword while Aeris sucked on my bomb sack
I tell them to call me Sephiroth while I explode on their cracks!
All aboard you slutz I'm now conductor of this train
You biches better swallow I don't want to see a cumm stain!

Its probably for the best I guess you didn't fck them first!
They wouldn't fck you anyway.. I know I'm just the worst!
I hope you liked my porno starring me and your posse
I better not find out you download it for free
I will end you Bich.. just fcking try me!
Debate Round No. 1


I am bout to own this little btch, I am going to leave him behind
I have got my blade on my back, and mako in my mind
Just look at this fruit, he wears tights and has a fairy
Swings his sword around and tries to pretend he is scary

Keep pretending you are scary, I am going show you the meaning of fear
Slash you 100 times with omni slash ,then listen to all of midgar cheer
I use to be in solider, that was my one and only profession
This little btch should quit before he starts and just offer me a concession

Every Time I slash you , I just get one step closer to my limit break
Every word that you spit, we can just tell you are another fake
You have a pointy hat, and like to walk around a field picking up rupees for fun
I am going to stick my busterblade in your back, just like aerith you are done

He spent an entire round talking about fukin tifa and aerith
The only thing that has ever touched his dik is his hand, believe that it has merit.
He wanted to ignore his own btch and try to focus on mine
Thats okay because aerith is a pimp, she sells dandelions

Even if you managed to bone them, did you assume they thought that you were good?
Who do you think they enjoy more? A fairy or a soldier with a real piece of wood
He said he was in a porno with the rest of my crew, I had to listen to what he was trying to say
I wanted to read it twice, because if you pay attention that btch just admitted he was gay.

At least he is out of the closet, it was about time he came out
That tiny little master sword, can make some gay guy pout
This guy is more of a fairy than navi
He prances around in tights, he needs to find a new hobby

LISTEN LISTEN, link you can call me navi just this one time
Even if you equipped rapping materia , you still wouldn"t be able to rhyme.
Jenova is my mother, that is one fact that can never be ignored
Your kind of like Mario because your always trying to get your btch back from ganandorf

I have slain countless dragons, own a airship, and saved the world before it was lost
Why they are trying to put you up against me blows my mind , you are nothing compared to sephiroth
I am going to end this, My bars have been on point
I am going to roll this little fairy like pixy dust and smoke him like a joint


I'll bet your thinking right now how you never told her
The shame you brought home. Never making it in Soldier
Your past is ashes and your dead in your mind
You even took your sword to her before Aeris died!

You boast your strength while beating up snakes
But you never noticed what you left in your wake
Jenova serves you up as slaughter
While the black purge is infecting the water!

You don't have a materia that can change what you have done
I have the Triforce mother fcker let me tell you what you have won!
I am the chosen master to end your everything
When you here the name Link you will know to kiss the ring!

How did you get that I was gay when I was fcking your crew?
I never said that Barret or cid was there so I never fcked any dudes!
Although when im in wolf form Nanaki looks pretty damn hot
but only when I was in college I swear I really don't like cok!

I bashed into trees so I could make enough rupees
To track Yuffie down and play with her boobies!
Are there any chicks that I havn't fcked yet
I won't Fck Cait Sith because that dudes a cat!

I know what your thinking How could I forget about Zelda?
That skank blew me this moring before I met with the elders!
I know you might think I'm obsessed with my dck
How could I not its 9 inches thick!

Bahamut cast your might shadow over lake Hyrule
I will turn it into How to train your dragon 2
Ultima can't protect you now I got my last heart peice
By the time you read this final word Cloud will be deceased
Debate Round No. 2


Why is this fukin fairy back for another round
I am going to hit you with climhazzard and put you in the ground
You think this guy would have already had enough
When I hit LB 3, I am going to follow up with finishing touch

I have got Materia equipped that gives me a lot of health
Deciding to take this battle, was a wish to kill yourself
I am going to slash that arm off, then we can call you barrets brother
After this battle ends, you will never want to be in another

Why bring up the tri- force, we all know that sht is overplayed and weak
What are you going to do when I summon KOTR, you are probably going to try and play hide and seek.
I have bahamut as a guardian, one do you think you can do against him
Will the real fairy please stand up, oops shout out to slim

I even have a materia for meteor, I can end the world at my discretion.
See back little boy, you have no chance in this rap session
This battle has already ended, It has finally done and its over
What have we learned for this battle, that this btch is just another hero poser.


no round as agreed upon
Debate Round No. 3
8 comments have been posted on this debate. Showing 1 through 8 records.
Posted by Finalfan 3 years ago
I don't care if I win this one! I had alot of fun! Thanks to Mikal for giving me the opportunity to try out my improv skills!
Posted by Finalfan 3 years ago
Damn I have gotta step it up! I will spend a little more time on this next one and make more ff references!
Posted by Mikal 3 years ago
noe XD

kills da point lol
Posted by Legitdebater 3 years ago
Can I use smosh's link rap song?
Posted by yay842 3 years ago
@Iknowallandiwillwinall: accept* fix your grammar, and no one accepts Mikal's debates because they are guaranteed to lose 99.99% of the time
Posted by SteveEvans 3 years ago
Lol I was going to copy and paste Smosh's rap on Legends of Zelda.
Posted by Taylur 3 years ago
It's a bit of fun. It's poetry... with swear words.
Mikal has done his fair share of serious debates.
Posted by i_know_all_and_i_will_win 3 years ago
Why always rap battles? They are stupid. Do you wonder why basically no one excepts them? Sorry for the hate.
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Vote Placed by Jonbonbon 3 years ago
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Used the most reliable sources:--Vote Checkmark2 points
Total points awarded:40 
Reasons for voting decision: Com basically talked about sec and stuff, while pro made actual attacks on con. That loses conduct, as this was supposed to be a rap battle between two characters, not a battle over sex using fictional names to address people. When it comes to lines, pro got me hooked with some pretty witty comebacks and some awesome rhymes. That's for arguments.