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Rap Battle Round 2 of Tourney

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Started: 8/19/2014 Category: Miscellaneous
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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This is the second round of the Rap Battle Tourney. Go to the forum to read all of the rules. You can either say "accept" and we'll begin rapping in Round 2, or you can just do your rap in Round 1 but then not rap in Round 3. Your choice. If you want to discuss any conditions, ask in the comments. Begin!


I accept!
Debate Round No. 1


My last opponent did not provide an example,
of how to honorably lose,
my lines will be even more than ample,
to leave you with a nasty bruise,
so start running before you get trampled,
I have already lit the fuse.

You have twenty losses? Let's make that twenty-one,
Don't waste your worthless time, you've already been outdone.
If you try to act tough, it's a very obvious bluff,
get out of here before it's gets rough,
you've already had enough.

In spite the fact that my rhymes are tight,
you still try to put up a pathetic fight,
I know you're a lady, I'm tryin to be polite,
'cause I'm a gentleman by day and a rapper by night.

I'm being polite? Yes, it could be a lot worse,
your other battles have cussing in every single verse!
Now even though this fight is lyrical, and doesn't take any force,
It will take a miracle for you to make it through its course.

It's okay if you go ask for help from someone auxiliary,
a person to help you stand a chance against my artillery,
but when you hear the bombs drop,
you'll have to wave the white flag and stop,
the bloody battle in which I'm at the top.

I do hope that by now you've understood who I am,
a mastermind, much more than I can say for you, ma'am.
The apex predator, I'm undisputed,
feared and respected by all, I'm saluted,
my word is law and goes un-refuted.


Ima knock some sense into your brain, you showed pride for your words that didn't have any, you raps not meticulous
The reason you're in this rap battle is to get experience we'll both have fun, I'm in it to win this by being totally insidious
What up Russian are you too beat up to rap cuz your raps started off just freakin over the top perfidious and ridiculous
Don't you know what bars are? or are you too straight, sober, and white to care about getting me angry by you invidious?

I can't comprehend how you only have one rap loss but I guess I can believe it when I see you've only rapped twice
If you only gon' do dis tourney for a prize, you're dreams are ruined and at the end of all this you gonna pay the price
I'm only bettin but am I right that for breakfast everyday you have a dirty glass of stale water and a bit of brown rice?
The only fuel you run on must be a cigarette daily and you girlfriend's lie of 'couragement, I'm not even bein precise

Jesus Christ my only salvation or else I would be like you, a broken flat liar who calls yourself a deist
Sure but what does that do to your life? Why believe in a creator but not know who it is, to you I insist
My God loves all and can save you from this world's lies, He don't care if you a skinny guy or have a chist
It always takes atheists and people like you to realize that God loves them even though they on the B-list

Say you're saluted but that's an underestimation, people do it because they scared you'll start swearing
You say stuff like dat cuz it's peer pride and agnosticism that that you're thinking - I'm not even comparing
But that's ok, cuz for me winning this battle is just a step away - if you said that it'd be considered foul play
Once you finally salute to me you're friends will feel betrayed and for me they'll all make way in praise and dismay

[1] =
Debate Round No. 2


May I ask why you write such freakishly long lines?
Can you only make one rhyme for every ten of mine?
You are weak, relying only on the power of the gods,
never even considering that they might be frauds,
everything I earn in life is by my own sweat and blood,
and every time I fall, only I get myself out of the mud.

I am the alpha male, the shepherd,
you are just one of the sheep,
incapable of thinking, just peppered
with lies that are simply cheap.

Just do what you do best,
get on your knees and pray,
Rap is my house, you are a guest,
I'll defeat you any day.

Girlfriend's lies? Unlike you, I can filter out the trash,
I don't just blindly accept everything I'm fed, swallow it, and then crash.
As I was reading your lines, I struggled to keep a straight face,
Kept pondering the question...what are you doing in this race?
Your rhymes are a disgrace to rap,
please stop before you make me snap,
you'll get more than just a slap,
so I don't have to put up with your crap.

Take a look at your debates, you barely win half!
By the second, it's getting harder not to laugh!
You've already lost the battle, and are going to lose the war,
try saving your dying dignity, and not your plummeting score,
my flow just doesn't stop, there's always gonna be more,
so trust your instinct and put those knees on the floor,
then look up through tears, and watch TheRussian soar.

Uneducated and lazy, you only know some poor English,
crushed into a pulp, before I even finish.
Before I'm done, I would like to bow,
Hopefully you've learned a lesson now.
Don't fight the Russian bear, you will only lose,
and have to drink away your loss with a bit of booze.
Tu as perdu, admets ca! Tu dois!
Moyeeh slov hvatet shtob pobedit ne raz, a dva.

*last line is in Russian.


All that jibber jabber aka gibberish that comes from your mouth,
The only time I tune in is when you speak about you're old mom in the south

The clock goes tick tock, back and forth and suddenly it stops half way through the mesmorizin' minute
Why? Cuz when I enter the scene the banquet becomes a hated docket with a great amount of discomfit
TR says "Dar I think I heard thunder" yep bro that's my trumpet and you're applaud was pathetic and deficit
C'mon, represent for USSR and revisit, try to put me off my game and gimme competition so you can rabbinate!

Russian you sound like a geek too young or a fat old history teacher
Maybe you could stand as an archeologist who only actin like a preacher
When's the first time you heard of rap, when you were two years old?
I've noticed you're secrets, how you wimp out, at least when I rap I'm bold.

Obviously man you don't know what bars, lines or rhythm even is
Bud, go back to elementary so you can learn to fight for yoself and dis
But the key to rappin aint how fast or how long y'make your bars
It's bout the meaning, what hits home from mars, the hit or miss

I told y'all my opponent is way too hypocritical, he says he's a deist and of religious ethnical
But he aint' saying nutin to his parents who're biblical
He aint got no relationship with Christ who's commendable
Maybe he tried seekin' but he came out with no inspiration, no amazin' miracle
So, I ask all ya, if you were to choose eternal life or earthly treasures,
You might need to take chances in this decision but it's for your timely leisures
The cons of the first bein persecution here; pro bein money and fame for the latter
If you chose the second I'm just saying that God's beckon'n for you to stop the chatter
And just listen to the voice because it's amazing what it does, like a ripple affect and spatter
He's a real life matter you need to consider when you're not being a--excuse me--nigg@
Debate Round No. 3
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Vote Placed by debate_power 3 years ago
Who won the debate:--
Reasons for voting decision: Russian's rap just sounded better, all Con had was a bunch of letters. Russian's lyrics were just fine, Con had too many big lines. Big long lines Hard on my eyes Vote goes to Pro You just got Russian-ized Word
Vote Placed by 9spaceking 3 years ago
Who won the debate:Vote Checkmark-
Reasons for voting decision: con's lines are so doggone long, he needs at least double-rhyme-double rap to sound cooler, more on-rhythm, and be more damaging. Good try though.
Vote Placed by ShadowKingStudios 3 years ago
Who won the debate:Vote Checkmark-
Reasons for voting decision: Both lack symmetrical pace in lyrical delivery. The closest is Pro. / Both had explanatory lyrics, not declarations. But the closet is Pro. / Neither had that classic, run & tell a friend hitter-quitter. The closet again was Pro: R3, P5. / Only Con had the biggest blunder by explaining what jibber jabber means in the lyrics. If you ever feel you need to define a word for the audience do it in footnotes[1], never in your rhymes. This debate goes to the side that was actually the catalyst to Hitler's downfall--trying to invade Russia on her turf [pun].