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Rap Battle: Sans(me), vs Bill Cipher(opponent

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Started: 3/2/2016 Category: Funny
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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First round acceptance. No trolling. LETS DO THIS!


I accept.
Debate Round No. 1


Let me ask ya a question, ya wanna have a bad time?
Because I'll put you down if you even try to rhyme
I'm the guardian of this land and know the lines of time
Your Weirdmaggedon won't even break my stride

Your a bigger joke than my bro, Papyrus,
The hat of Monopoly man and voice of Miley Cyrus
All I need to do is throw a bone at ya iris
and you'll be nothing more than a goodbye kiss

Don't make Chara's mistake, and back down now
because you might not have a mouth, but I'll make you frown
You make me laugh, and I'm usually the clown
It's about time I kick your *ss out of my town

If you try to attack, I'll whip right past ya
Than with a flick of my wrist I'll Gaster blast ya
you will fall down to the might of my wrath-a
and end up in a full body cast-a

But I know you, you'll constantly try to kill me
but I'll roll my eyes and be like "B*tch please"
but this raps making me hungry, I need something to fill me
see ya in the next round, but I'm heading to Grillby's


Hi! I'm Bill Cipher, warper of reality.
I'm up against a man with a couch potato mentality.
I'll take it easy, cause damn you have 1 HP.
I could kill you with just a single rhyme from me.
Stick a bone up my iris? You seem to forget.
I am invincible, omnipotent, that's the closest you'll ever get...
To killing me, I don't need determination to be filling me.
To lay you flat on your a**, your overconfidence is thrilling me.

If I am worse than Papyrus, well let's just look at you.
You lost to a little girl, left you covered in dust and goo.
I am a telekinetic menace, so dodging won't matter.
I'll split your atoms like Time Baby and your soul will shatter.
When it comes to Weirdmageddon there's no such thing as my fate.
But hell, I could even take you in the Mindscape.
I may not see everything, but I can see you are full of sh**
After this I will party while you're dying in a pit.

You know the lines of time, yeah that's bullsh**
But it doesn't even matter since I control it.
Use your "special attack" since you can't do anything anyway.
I'd survive you and have a good time if you fought me on your best day.
You make me frown because you can't even hurt me.
But I will regenerate even if you stab or burst me.
I would toss your bones around like a game of fetch.
So I can't waste my time on you, I have a Pines twin to catch.
Debate Round No. 2


My opponent tried to step up with his rhymes to attack
But it's clear to me that there's certain skills you lack
Or maybe, it could just be the fact
That part of it is the feeling of your sins on your back

I may have lost to a girl, but she knew how to be mean
Those twins you try to catch aren't technically teens
Putting Chara to them is like a tree against a bean
But your one eye can't see it, probably not very keen

Make you frown? That's kinda hard when you don't have a mouth
It's obvious your raps head straight for south
When my friends are gathered, we'll kick you around
Because the only destination for things like you is Hellbound.

Couch potato mentality, welp, thats a crock of sh*t
I know the fabrics of time, and everything around it
Turning people to stone, I can easily dodge it
And before you know it, you'll be falling down the Bottomless Pit

And when you come back up, I'll just knock you back down again
Schools in session, grab your paper and pen

Now that we've both had a chance at the tipoff
It's time to bring down this illuminati ripoff

Ever noticed that scene when I slowed down time?
That's all I need to do for this battle to be mine

I'll eat you and spit you out like the goat at the shack
It'd probably be over before you threw your first attack

Welp, I think you know what time it's become
Grillby's once again, see us later chum


I'm omnipotent and I know everything.
You are weak and know nothing.
The only reason you're alive and not dying.
Is because I outrapped you in another timeline.

Big deal you fought Chara, your confidence leaves me bored.
I beat the Shacktron, and defeated a time lord.
I can control time too, and everything else too.
I can multiply my arms, I am sure on strike would hit you.

You could never beat me with all that determination.
Cause no matter what you do I always have regeneration.
It's funny how dumb you are to think that you have a lot of power.
I'd have a harder time with Temmie, so this is your final hour.

Your life is like your puns because you're basically a joke.
But don't let those words kill you, cause in rapping you choke.
I'll be chilling in my fearamid after I kill you with a nuzzle.
Beating you is ever easier than Papyrus' puzzles.
Debate Round No. 3


Chara's the embodiment of evil, don't you see?
I could topple the Pines twins like trees

You think I should be the one that gets dissed?
I'm not the one that lost to a girl with kitten fists

You can try
to get by
my attacks that'll fly
note the word "try"
soon it'll be time
In the blink of my blue eye
it'll be you who dies

It's obvious that you're filled with greed
for power, but you will soon see
My Gaster Blasters need to eat
and they have their next meal, on your carcass, they will feed

It's cute how you turn red when your mad
I wonder what color you turn when you're sad
We'll see when I take all the power you ever had
because, trust me, this time for you will be bad

Do you know why on the couch I always lay?
The universe will just reset anyway
that's why I'm the slouch everyday
If you kill me, it'll reset and I'll come back in a way

You think you're so strong...?
you think you stand so tall?
well just when you think it couldn't go more wrong...
It's time for you... to GET DUNKED ON!


I'm reigning supreme, so pay attention.
You wouldn't last 2 seconds in the 2nd dimension.
Reset all you want if you want to get your a** kicked.
I'll counter each of your attacks and then break you like plastic.

This is a payment, so you better pay your bills.
The resets will allow me to get infinite kills.
You think that you can kill me, and cook me like a trout.
Why don't you fight Time Baby, and then find out?

Oh wait you can't, a girl with a knife beat you.
I manipulate matter I'll make your Gaster Blasters eat you.
I could kill Chara by exploding her and Frisk.
Like how I will destroy this world, and then you'll have nothing to risk.

The only reason that those kids took me to the bank.
Is cause the Mindscape is unlimited, so high up there they rank.
And I almost killed the twins, so don't act like I cannot.
This rap's like Hotland, I'm giving heat and you're feeling too hot.

In this battle I'll leave you more messed up than the Quiche.
So you better be prepared for the power I unleash.
I served you up in this battle like an oven cooking buns.
Quit rapping, go back to Snowdin and make some more awful puns.
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by BlazingRodent 2 years ago
Don't worry I will post.
Posted by Darkerknight 2 years ago
I love this
Posted by BlazingRodent 2 years ago
Posted by yomama12 2 years ago
thx for changing your profile pic just for this debate XD
Posted by BlazingRodent 2 years ago
My time has come.
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Reasons for voting decision: In Round 2 Con's flow is better. Con used metaphors and bigger words which was more lyrically impressive. In Round 3 Pro's flow is better. Con tried some slant rymes (like dying and timeline) that did not work. But I liked Con's lyrics again and disses like "your life is like your puns, basically a joke." Con's round 3 solidified the win. I like the first 2 lines and rhyming "a55 kicked" and plastic. His slant rhymes are good and has more clever disses. Based on both making a decent case I will give 1 point to Pro and 5 to Con.