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Rap Battle Ten

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Started: 2/19/2017 Category: Music
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This is the tenth rap battle so I wanna make it special. By special I mean freakin' long, there's gonna be R1 acceptance and then Rounds 2,3,4,5 are gonna be lit with fire. (Note: only accept this if you have extreme perseverance, it's gonna take a while and the viciousness will be relentless.

1. Absolutely no copy and pasting.
2. Write however much you want.
3. Go hard


I accept. Been wanting to battle you for a while now.
Debate Round No. 1


squonk's waiting to fight me, but I don't know why
He must want his @ss kicked so hard he'll go cry
To accept this challenge is a death sentence, so die
Zapped in a lyrical electric chair, zapped by my dope rhymes

"Oh my, I'm up against squonk, how will I ever win this?!!?"
Just jokin', you're the one who's gonna be afraid and shjt bricks
I know you dig this (big djcks), dip shjt, hear my flow? It's lit-
I write paragraphs, you write tidbits, apply lipstick, and sniff shjt

What is with this website bein' full of butt hurt atheists
Hard to set right you folks, day after another day we blitz
Instead of a web fight I could utter the name Jesus
But like an edge knife I wanna cut butter and slay this clutz

Your profile pic is a rabbit, but your slow like a Star Wars GONK
Make it a turtle so I can pass it, you sing such a slow song
My flow is absolutely rapid, your flow is red juice on a thong
Got you heaving and gasping, shoulda known better, squonk...


F*ck JimShady like we're makin’ a baby.
I blow up in his p*ssy, jizzin' thicker than gravy.
You think you can defeat me? Nah. Not even maybe;
I run this rap game & you could never outplay me.

You rhyme about p*ssy but you’ve probably never seen one.
I rhyme about p*ssy. Unlike you, I’ve never been one.
F*ck the Christian God. Worship me; I’m the Supreme One.
Catholic f*ck boy, go to church & have some clean fun.

If this a "death sentence" then why am I still breathing,
and still making fun of the Saviour you believe in?
“Lord, save this atheist. Please help me redeem him!”
That sh!t won’t work; I’m a mother*cking demon.

I flow like an ocean, got all these b!tches soakin
Fast-forward rhymes; all your sh!t in slow-motion.
You think your flow’s “lit”? Homie, where’d you get that notion?
I f*ck JimShady in the a$$ with no lotion.
Debate Round No. 2


Your rhymes are so cheap you gotta resort to underline
Like I can't understand them, well yeah, they're under mine...
You barely get doubles, and when you do it's stutter time
My insults hardcore, yours are weak, so you mutter rhymes

You butt hurt guy, rapping 'bout how you the devil
Like you a bad bjtch Muslim with a nuke from Aleppo...
You got a shrieking voice, weakling boy, I got tunes and treble
And anytime you listen to my raps, you will revel.

Screw your level, I go up to heaven with my flow,
You come in steppin' on my toe, then I pull a weapon on you, h0e
Shoot bullets, I'm wreckin'on this joke, need a blessin' for your hope?
I'm reppin' for my home, while you discredit your abode.

Your left in slow-mode, because we gotta slick spitter here!
You got me freaked out talkin' about djcks gizzing, queer...
I got you shaking in fronta' the screen, I'm instilling fear
Better get out this battle now 'cause Jim's killing steers...

I'll go tame the squonk and smoke my blunt and go open some vag...
While you lamely talk about pokin' butts with no lotion, dumb f@g.


Jimmy likes to battle, & he thinks he got the illest flow,
He crams a lot of rhymes in but he doesn’t count the syllables.
In the end, his verses just sound desperate. It's pitiful.
I’m just being honest; I’m not trying to be critical.

Half the $hit you've written here isn't makin’ sense,
so I don’t even know whether or not to take offense.
Are you somehow trying to have a laugh at my expense?
Do you realize just who the f*** you’re up against?

I’m like the clip in a Glock; I make it click & go pop.
You’ze a b!tch; not a ladle. Can’t let you dip in my pot.
They call my a$$ a volcano because my $hit is so hot.
They call my sh!t jalapeño because my $hit is so hot.

“Clutz” and “blitz”? That ain’t even a rhyme.
I’m a stack of dollar bills & you ain’t even a dime.
JimShady can’t even conceive any lines
that don’t suck d!ck. F*** him, Imma leave him behind.
Debate Round No. 3


(Note do not read bracketed numbers aloud)-

That's four syllables, bjtch I counted this time
Like basketball I dunk with powerful rhymes

Then get the Tech foul with my Tec 9[2]
Aim it at yo head with my finger on the trigger
The ref whistles, but it's your end, die
Pop it, ref says stop it, I put lead in his liver

I kill all I'm faced with, knock em' with a stone like David [3]
I'm tired of squonk's gay shjt, but we know he's prone to say it
and do it, he's no fake bjtch! with a guy he's known to trade djcks!
On a man he lays lips, so many men he's blown, a rapist!

Opponent couldn't reason past an autistic school
Can't find complicated rhymes? I'll list them, fool!
Can't understand shjt, you're like "What is this? *drool*"
The rundown: Jim Shady with yo mom, he's up in the tool.[4]

Since you don't understand what anything ever is
I filled the rest of this, stutter man[5], with references-


1. The opening of B Rabbit's final rap battle in 8 Mile
2. Tec 9 is a pistol-like submachine gun.
3.Reference to the Biblical story of David and Goliath
4. Definition of a tool: your mom.
5. stutter man, your new nickname, it's great,


I know what a Tec is.
My flow is infectious.
I’m going in reckless;
verses gold as a necklace.

Now I’m hotter than Texas,
burning up; I’m a flame.
Tick you off of my checklist,
time to turn up the game.

Never brake, I go fast
& leave this Fake in the past.
F*ck this snake in the grass;
about to break him like glass.

I got the gun on my waist.
You got my cum on your face,
and I’ll just keep dropping verses
until I run out of space.

What’s it like to be losing, Jimmy?
The one I’m abusing, Jimmy?
You know when they vote,
I’ll be the one that they choosing, Jimmy.

Cut you up like a switchblade
All your verses are b!tch-made.
F*ck your Mom every-which-way.
Now get on your knees, b!tch. Pray.
Debate Round No. 4


You stepped up the rhyming, congrats son
You finally grew a pair.
But now that you're past it, and that's done,
It is now time... loose the bear!!!

In this gladiator match you'll be mauled with my claws
The crowds watch as your shredded and bawl and can't crawl
Think you stand tall? This man's wrong, his rant's long
but is nuthin' but shjt, I'm cuttin' this bjtch in my grand song

Girls take pants OFF when I spit, but hear you and zip up.
from you they run, skid dust, with me they give lust, in love
It's tough? Give up? You got more? Well bjtch, 'nough.
You keep talkin' in vain, and know that nobody will tip ya.

It's done, my rap is over... hmm, did YOU even start?
It won't be hard for voters to decide, I'm seething smart!
What an easy match, knocked you out- you seeing stars?
This boxing match is over, enough of your weakling spars.

Jim Shady aint disturbed by your third grade crap
Instead he victored already on the first day raps


You think that I’m butt-hurt?
My dick’s going up skirts
into your mom’s pu$$y
and I’m making the slut squirt.

All you spit is beginner rhymes.
Eat a d!ck like it’s dinnertime.
F*ck you up to the finish line;
I’m as cold as the wintertime.

You can’t even talk now;
got you choking the c0ck down.
& I could just stop now;
‘cuz I got this on lockdown.

Keep going; I got time!
Speeding past all the stop signs.
Make you suck on the Glock 9.
Leave your a$$ in a chalk line.

Your rhythm’s all f*cked up.
Your flow is retarded.
Your near-rhymes don’t cut it.
I’ll pull you apart with

MY claws. You can’t maul me,
can’t stop me or stall me.
You never could beat me;
your verses appall me.

Let’s check the votes & we’ll see what they say.
Thanks for the battle & have a nice day.
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by JimShady 1 year ago
I have done a few rap battles on this site, but you are definitely the best I have gone up against. Some of your lines had me seriously flustered, specially when you'd insult my rhythm. I know it's a bit sloppy, but I'm workin' on it.
Posted by squonk 1 year ago
"You come in steppin' on my toe, then I pull a weapon on you, h0e"

^ That's a dope line.
Posted by Blade-of-Truth 1 year ago
You've done ten battles? If you win this I'd be interested in battling you.
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Reasons for voting decision: Is he still undefeated?
Vote Placed by Mharman 1 year ago
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Reasons for voting decision: JimShady wins because I liked his verses better.