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Rap Battle Theme

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Started: 1/22/2015 Category: Music
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I've seen a couple of rap battles on this site and wanted to try one. Most people are familiar with the YouTube channel "Epic Rap Battles of History" where real or fictional characters rap battle against one another. I will present a few examples of people or things I would like to battle about for fun.

Obama vs. Romney (I will be Obama)
Seahawks vs. Patriots (I will be Seahawks)
Democrats vs. Republicans (I will be Democrats)
Jesus vs. Muhammed (I will be Jesus)
Jay Z vs. Kanye West (I will be Jay Z)

If you are interested in one of these, post which one in the first round and I will start in Round 2.


Sounds like an enjoyable challenge.

Romney v. Obama has already been done, Democrat v. Republican would get old fast, and entertainment and sport isn't my strong suit, so Jesus v. Mohammed would be best.

Good luck.
Debate Round No. 1


Ok thanks Con I'm gonna start verse 1 off easy on ya

JESUS! Hello Mohammed........

Your name means "praised one" and mine means "savior" [A]
I bet it sure does phase ya that I am one with the Creator
See I was born of a virgin and not just a human
That's why my religion has left yours in ruins
I AM GOD and that is why you will never get ahead of me
2.2 billion people are already on board with my legacy [B]
And you were illiterate like some other ancient savages
But I was quick witted and could speak 3 different languages
Embraced what I was faced with, no matter what the anguish is
I could turn water into wine or unleavened bread into some sandwiches
See that was just a little joke but really I performed some miracles
You're so unholy when you spoke that I thought it was satirical
Everyone in my family is a about spiritual
I rap so good Imma be talkin in tongues like the holy spirit will
I'm so good at what I do that I could make a blind man see
Weak people be climbing in the trees just to at least hear me speak [C]
And my influence has permeated all of western culture
You are just another false idol like a sculpture
How could you come after the messiah when you are just a man
I'll be rapping like a God on fire as all part of my master plan
Nigga Imma flip this battle on its head like I did the table in the temple [D]
Assemble a crowd and show you that no doubt I ain't always gentle
I could be so temperamental, that's why my flow's so transcendental
How can you be a match for me when I could even beat the devil
Get ready cause in this battle I'll be spreading my message
And this time you'll be the one whose crucified when you are tested



Dyre forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


Of course Mohammed forfeited ;-)

In the last round it was like a lightning rod when I spoke
You ain't one with and the son of God". that's why you choked
You are a sinner and I am pure perfection
That's why these people need all of my lessons and blessings
15 wives were not enough for you, so you took a 9 year old
If I even saw that nasty sh*t I know my eyes would burn, you perv
Think you're so tough cause you lived your life like a warrior
You're nasty and shoulda just kept a whore with ya
Damn all of those women nigga you musta been thirsty
But you don't know nothing about peace, justice or mercy
You are undeserving of being called a prophet, unworthy
So stop it before I pop in and destroy your sermon surely
You are a heretic vermin, a literal and moral terrorist
Your followers keep threatening to strap on some killer vests
You psycho think everyone has to follow Islam
But I know God loves everyone so Con is wrong
How could you justify killing and stealing from non-believers
That is why so many atheists choose not to hear us
You dunno how to preach love and eternal salvation
You rely on fear and the threat of damnation
Mohammed are you there? Lord can I get a witness?
Better start saying your prayers if you wanna win this


Dyre forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3


Little Mohammed could not come out to play with me
He wanted to but knows I am the real deity
From Mecca to Bethlehem I will get the best of him
No losing since Jerusalem, I'm the best there's ever been
Deep within me lies the divinity of the trinity
It helped me win in this battle, no serendepity
Been fated to win since the beginning of time
My flow is so sacred, all my rhyming's divine
Mo's just another follower and I am the good shephard
Gave up before I swallowed him and turned him to a leper
The writing's on the wall: I am simply better
Mohammed's mortal life is over, my reign goes on forever
I wiped this nigga out like Noah in his ark
He needs to follow my lead like I am the North Star
Yo Con is an impostor, take him off the roster it is due
My swift victory is just another prophecy come true


Dyre forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4
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