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Rap Battle: Theodore Roosevelt VS Benjamin Franklin

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Started: 3/6/2014 Category: Funny
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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I will be rapping as Theodore Roosevelt

Mac will be Ben Franklin

Vote for who has the illest verse.


First round is acceptance.


Bring it Teddy
Debate Round No. 1


The name's Theodore Roosevelt
When it comes to slingin' rhymes
Better know I'm a black belt

I care not for little p*ssies like Benjamin Franklin
You better hear me when I say this'll be a spankin
I've been around the block and I'm about to rock and
When all is said and done, you'll be sucking my c*ck

I'm bulletproof b*tch! Come at me bro!
I know you got infected from your nasty hoes!

I speak softly
And I got a big stick
All you have to show is a tiny d*ck, b*tch.

I made russia my b*tch! and Japan too
You better get your retard @ss back to school!
Class has starded, kid
You better sit down
Get your little pencil out and take this down
I'm a fan favorite! Great approval ratings.
All you left behind was a book of sayings.

"Honesty is the best policy." if you're a b*tch!
Get down on your knees and suck this d*ck!

I'm a badass, check my mug on rushmore
I kill f*cking bears while you're f*cking a cheap whore

I've killed so many men, that I lost count
And you know the square deal is what Im all about.

Tell me where the war is
you know I will roll out
rough riders will know
What this man is talkin 'bout

I don't take your sh*t, not even a bit



Yo, Its Ben F*cking Franklin and im dope on the mic.
The Man who is straight up rockin the wave theory of light

Only on this beat to make sure my country's not a disaster
Got Bitches to F*ck so lets get this battle over faster
Don't post your comeback cause im a postmaster
Sit down this is school? Your talking to the headmaster

Policies so bad im surprised the south isnt Conceding.
How can you say your bulletproof when youre bleeding?
You bitch so much a tampon is what your needing

Well call me dad cause im not just your founding father
I did your mom and your wife then left for someone hotter
Honestly.. did you really think Alice Hathaway was your daughter?
Im making you my bitch put on your collar
How you gonna diss me when im on your dollar?

My Rhymes are so cold from my concept of cooling
This guys a gay cowboy who does he think hes fooling
Why did this guy battle me does he really need a schooling?

Im the ambassador to France
youre the ambassador to your boyfriends pants

Let me teach you about rapping its all about delivery
My rhymes are so shocking cause I mastered electricity
This guy thinks sleeping with the Japanese and German troops is a victory
But when I roll up with the hoes and booze the rest is history
Debate Round No. 2


B*tch @ss n*gga with sh*tty flow
You're trying too hard, got to let it go

Your phrase is too long,
Just like my d*ck
But unlike my dong

I'm a hunter, a warrior, a killer of men
When you try to rap, you just choke on phlegm

I'm so cool, you know they put my name on a bear
Your face is on the dollar getting stuffed in underwear
You've got herpes, chalymidia, and the clap too
Sleeping with sleazy b*tches only makes you a foo'

Step down, loser.
I've won this game.
When step onto the stage, people cheer my name
Cause I'm a badass,
And I'm here to stay
If you want to leave alive, you better keep away, b*tch.



This guy is just a 60 year old boyscout living in denial
He think his raps are good but they are rougher than his rough riders
He likes to talk about all the whores I sleep with,but frankly
ask him about his wife shes still gargling my semen.
By the end of this battle he'll change his name to "Ben"
because im dropping sick rhymes while hes out hunting hen.

I am also tolerant of his queerness but I was wondering if the directors of broke back
mountain are gonna film this.
That may seem like a low blow
but this guy blows a lot,
one time he bit a guys d*ck and ended up getting shot.

Your onabear because it resembles your IQ, besides you,
my rhymes are sicker than your asthma ridden childhood

I'm the prophet of tolerance but your rhymes still suck
call that freedom of speech while you use it to
talk about the size of your d*ck and the dudes you wish to f*ck
For being Gay im not going to scorn ya but if you really want to be
queer then move to California.

BUT WAIT! LOOK! They even got your bear, what a
coinicedence now bye bye take care.

Here to stay? I'm the first American, don't try to lie
I tolerate everyone.
Your just a homeschooled gay cowboy, didn't go to junior high.
So next time you try to rap me
Think about my battle cry
Debate Round No. 3


You're stumblin'
You're mumblin'
Your game is weak
I'm prepared to drop the hammer even as we speak

You try to spit rhymes, but you failed old man
And now this battle has gone according to my plan,
'Cause I'm winning this sh*t
Your head is split
Move into an old folks home and learn to knit, b*tch

'Cause your verse is frail,
Your rap is FAIL
You better get out, hurry up and bail

Teddy's rocking the mic,
All his homies are psyched
Slam another verse? Well I just might.

Here's a rhyme for you Frank
Yo' rhythm STANK.
You step up on the stage and you draw a blank
'Cause you're just an old fart
Trying to touch this art
Take one more step and I'm tearing you apart

That's it for now, you fat old cow
When you come to the god, be ready to bow, b*tch!



Macar0ni forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4
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