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Rap Battle Tournament - Round 1

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Started: 8/15/2014 Category: Miscellaneous
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Before I get in deep, I'll start this off simply.
Why begin steep, and make you fall limply?
Like I've got my weapon, and I stab it in slow.
Despite the fact that I finished you with an intro.

I'll make you sweat now, you'll wish I hadn't begun.
Phoenix promises a battle like "oh boy, this'll be fun!"
You pair me with this guy!? Next time try finding me one!
I want an opponent. Not this Lil Wayne rerun!

And "lefillegal" or what ever your name is,
I can't promise that this'll be painless..
Don't call me heinus when I say this,
But you and I know that you'll never be famous.
Apparently you're 3-0-0. Or so we're told.. [1]
But on one wants to battle a lying 37 year old! [2]

Seriously dude? I promised to be mean later.
But you're pushin' 40, Rap battling a teenager?
I have a question, don't mean to Be weird, but:
How far away from your computer when it hits your beer gut?

You claim to use punch-lines and spit bars?

After lunch time, your waist line could lift cars!
The last thing you said "I'm in love with you"
Was a teen burger and shake at A&W!

I'm waiting for you man. This I just updated.
Added this stanza, let you know my style was upgraded.
You've clearly read this, but can't click to accept it?
How much pre-writting does it take for you to select sh*t?

So there, you just got beaten, go lie about that.
But with you're defeat, would you like fries with that?

(Stated he had 3 wins with no ties or losses)

(Clearly lost this battle]


3-1and zero
update ya post/
talkin battle rap losses,
you still got the most!/
In the
circle of winners,
Rayp's a ghost/
there is no pimp CUP for him to hold UP and
with that said,
Lef illegal drop bombs/
fat as a blimp
Shiftin stick in ya moms/
relaxin, gettin head,like
"Keep that baby calm"/
"'Fo I turn into his daddy,
and give that youngen a palm!"/
"Seriously dude? I promised to be mean later",/
right now I'm too busy tryin to ade ya moms gator!/
U can keep cryin', playin' yo role as hater/
Women want a real man, not a little 12th grader/
Im Darth Vader,
Whats yo knife to light sabre?/
Yo bars are boring flat,
like lines on white paper/
Mine levitate as high as skyscrapers/
Yours goin down like basement elevators/
One glimpse at yo faggot attempts/
This is not ape planet,
am I battlin' chimps?/
Debate Round No. 1


Yes girls want a "real man" if they're too stuck-up,
But I've never heard 'em ask for a 40 year old f*ck-up.
Took you long enough to accept like "thank god, its on folkes!"
Can't wait to hear more weird references and mom jokes!

I really don't care where you wish to stick your genitals..
I get not using proper grammar, but did you have to insult English in general?
"Ade ya moms gator" you think that'll get you compliments?
All your last verse did was up my self confidence.

I never claimed to be in "the circle of winners", of DDO
But I'll make them choke on their dinners when they hear me flow.
You fuckin dinosaur, I'll rip out your spinal cord. Leave you more then " kinda sore"
And you'll want more then a band-aid after I pull your head out of a fan blade.

I know you, you'll insult me, then ask for my help later.
And I hope you feel proud fighting a 12th grader!
In fact, after this, you'll miss me. When you're broke workin at thrifties.
You'll be that shifty guy, drifting by, dissing moms at fifty five!

Not even a round in this tourney and you're wanted out.
And sure, I'll be a ghost. Welcome to my haunted house.
Leave you cornered, whimpering like a taunted mouse.
You talk pretty big for some dude laying on the couch.

My words are the only weapons I need, won't bring a light sabre.
But if that's what it takes to shut your mouth, then I might later.
Anyways, that's all I'll say, mind my harsh statements.
The only thing I have left to say is: move out of your moms basement.


lefillegal1 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


You just vanished from this battle and I'm all for it.
I expected a rebuttal not a f*ckin' forfeit!
You're finished. You couldn't sit and write for a minute?
or was your style diminished because you know you can't win it?

Look dude, you're no candidate. you can't handle it.
You're as bright as a single candle lit. Not a fan of it.
Go ahead, respond to this. I can't wait to hear excuses.
Of how your computers slow, or you don't know its uses.

Sorry to say, but your raps aren't even worth pennies.
No one wants a guy who hit puberty in his mid twenties.
I'm explosive like a fuse lit from both ends.
You're just a hopeless joke with no friends.

Go ahead, crack a beer, see if this hurts less.
at the bottom of the can reminds that your worthless.
That's it for you, no trophies on the mantle.
you rap like you took a blade and tried to stab me with the handle.

You're not worth my insults, I'll spare you the full hurt.
And you you're not worth my time, not even a full verse.


lefillegal1 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by lefillegal1 3 years ago
Didnt lie at time I posted my record was.3-0-0. Check time posted or ask truthseeker himself, I never lied. Amyways....It had begun!!!
Posted by RayPtheRapp 3 years ago
Here's the forum if anyone's interested. (Also I forgot the link to show rule #1 for my [3]. You can find it in page 2 ,of the forum)
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Vote Placed by Phoenix61397 3 years ago
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