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Rap Battle Video Tournament: Lickdafoot Vs. StilettoStomper

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Started: 3/11/2012 Category: Arts
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Round 1 for TUF's Rap Battle Video Tournament.

First round is for acceptance only. Good luck StilettoStomper!


Thank you, and good luck to you too!!!
Debate Round No. 1


This is my rap to Aaliyah's "Are You That Somebody?" You might want to turn your volume up a notch, I recorded it with my laptop microphone so it's not very loud.


Its the night time,
I come alive like a hot line,
But I know you wanna fight grimy
Your raps be teeny tiny

Take a sip of white wine,
And a hit of that green lime
We’ll see whose throwing bows
Annihilating you hos.

You stomping stilettos?
I’m dropping arpeggios
I’m rocking my video
I’m stocking up benzo though

Cause my words bruise your head,
I know you gonna noose your cred.
They call me the soothing red,
They call you a goose in bed.

They call me juicy legs,
They call you toothy ted.
They wanna choose my side
They gonna lose your ride

Let’s find this beat tonight,
Hitting with heat so bright,
Lickin my feet just right,
Shipping my sweets, so tight.

Massive attacking that,
Passive aggressive track,
Scratch this and I’ll hatch back
Pass this bin laden sack.

You a petty whine chick,
I’m playin jedi mind tricks,
You got an up and down tick
I’m spittin all around licks.

You like backstreet boys,
Black and Blue,
I’m Metallica black out for you
And your puppet master too.

captivate this show
and activate my glow
innovate my solo,
make you evacuate DDO

oscillating your equilibrium
send you rotating to delirium
you fascist, hating, need some valium,
dictating, piece of scum

I should Vote to lynch you to oblivion,
A brick tote and wrench and bash you to the sun.
I'll smote you in a cinch with plenty elation.

Smooth like Frank Sinatra,
bliss flows from my lips,
It’s comin right atcha,
catch that entendre?


Da Stiletto Stomp

Sign on to DDO
Only to find this ho
Whinin' bout the way I rap
Sheain't never even heard me yet

StilettoStomper be my name
I got high heels and a brain
Be drivin' everyone insane
You lickin' feet? Girl, that's lame!

Now watch me walk away
Watch me watch me walk away
Yea I get around, get around, get around town

Yea you call me goose in bed?
Ha, I say you a goose in the head
Girl, you hangin' by a thread
So just look out for "Toothy Ted"

Yea, watch it
Yea, now drop it

My raps be "teeny tiny"?
Ha, I think you mean yo hiney

Yea I'm so fly
I be hittin' all them highs
To the sky, to the sky
It's yo rap that's gonna fry

I crank dat volume to the max
You got no bliss, so kiss my a**
You know that you be jealous
Now don't get over zealous

Just see them flashin' lights
And hear that DJ play, fool
I live it up all night
And I stay in bed all day

You workin' all the time?
My work is just to rhyme
I sit around and play
And who gets the better pay?

You think you really shine
Just keep drinkin' down dat wine
Cause what you do's yo choice
At least I'm usin' my real voice
Debate Round No. 2



Hey sweetie, let’s set something straight,
This is one debate you cannot negate
Let’s eliminate all the fake hate, and letcha
anticipate a lyrical date rape.

Last round was the appetizer,
Here’s the full meal: attackin you to nil,
you can call me the neutralizer cause Sh!t. Just. Got. Real.

Ya know, I’m new to this sh!t, but I catch on quick,
Sick as a flu bug bit, but the truth is this:
Hip hop blood courses through my veins,
Like an iv in spring ,
Drippin’ antihistamines.

See, before you turned three, sippin a passie,
I was ODB, rockin to fugees
And before you turned ten, crushin on justin,
I was smokin jay z's, and munchin on eminems

Sit right down for a lesson, you are the only specimen in question
Imma show you how to ooze a hip hop flow
From your noodle down to your stilleto

so hey girl watcha screamin at the mic for?
Nice boobs but lyrically you’re still a bore
I know, why don’t ya try a metaphor?
Like how I ripped out your core, threw ya heart on the floor.

Yeah baby this is my true voice, and
The ride is smooth, just like a rolls royce
Let the audience make the choice:
Watcha want, a chicken walk or my real talk?
Your rhymes can easily be bought in bulk,
mine are x-men takin a nightwalk.

So heres some real sh!t to hit home,
Knock you down from your high throne,
I’m in the zone and you’re in a drone,
I’m gonna send tuf your way and let him give a dog a bone.


StilettoStomper forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3


Well, I guess thats a wrap.


StilettoStomper forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by Lickdafoot 6 years ago
Dang :( Hope everything is okay, stiletto! It was fun while it lasted.
Posted by StilettoStomper 6 years ago
Hey guys, I'm really sorry about this. I've been going through a lot lately and I've been extremely busy too. I had a lot of fun in the first round and I really wish I was able to continue, but I don't think I'll be able to meet these deadlines, unfortunately. I'm really sorry :( I'll keep in touch with all of you guys on here, and sometime we can all battle it out.

Congrats Lickdafoot :)

Posted by TUF 6 years ago
youtube finally works now. Lol lots of energy there stiletto.
Posted by StilettoStomper 6 years ago
oh wow, I didn't even see that you already posted your next rap! I gotta wait till I get home to see, can't wait!
Posted by StilettoStomper 6 years ago
Thanks Lickdafoot! Hahah I'm looking forward to this next round :p And Zaradi- I just made up a drum beat on my keyboard! And I'm glad you're enjoying it TUF!! :p hardee harrrr
Posted by Mirza 6 years ago
Next round: chick fight!
Posted by Lickdafoot 6 years ago
lol it's my room :P i didn't do the walls >_<
Posted by BlackVoid 6 years ago
Where exactly are you in that vid?
Posted by TUF 6 years ago
Oh this stuff is SO good. I am highly enjoying how this rap battle is going. HAHAHA
Posted by Lickdafoot 6 years ago
that was too cute, stiletto. i like your high energy :P
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Reasons for voting decision: Con is simply better, haha. But conduct to Pro.
Vote Placed by TUF 6 years ago
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Reasons for voting decision: Good job ladies. LDF moves on to round 2!