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Rap Battle Video Tourney: Lickdafoot vs. Ren

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Started: 3/23/2012 Category: Arts
Updated: 5 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Round 2 of TUF's tournament.

Bring it on, sucker!! :P
Debate Round No. 1


OKAY here it is

It’s a fast - paced, street race world that we live in,
No time for listening, so let your mind drip melanin,
As you quiet your thinking, let this story sink in,
About a sucker named ren, and how he wasn’t living,
He was a cynical leper, critical not clever,
Way too non-committal and visceral as ever
led the life of a beggar didn’t make a fuckin effort
he came upon a sweet maenad, let’s call her lick
cause she spoke so quick, her spit was thick enough to cure the sick
This fool was awed by her intoxication,
pontificating on her beauty, so elating,
He told her he would do anything to get with her,
He would fly to moon just to hear her kitty purr
Fight with anyone to see her pedicure.
She said, show your devotion with a foot kiss,
This is a true story, I am a witness.
He dropped to his knees, as if she was a queen
She said son you need a dose of anti-bitch cream
For you, I have a task in mind, It won’t be clean,
I have a demon that needs to be seen.
It turned night but the Light Bringer is too bright as his
Temperature’s rising, full of fright, she’s ready to pursue
Ren’s mental break down like an insane clown posse fool
shackled up as attempts to spit release in drool.
Frozen still, dropping the stake in his hand,
Ready to run but theres no shaking the plan,
the beast rose up and he dropped, dribbling piss down his pants,
This is how you take the soul from a man.
He found his way back to Lick, broken and naked.
The deed is done and deflated, with all pride abated.
She told him this was fated, Don’t feel so berated,
This will be a moment you will remember,
She dropped her clothes, and he thought he could get her
But as they simmered, down under the timber,
She whipped out her sword, and chopped off his member.



Well, allow me to retort:

I spit in script, never nondescript, my description sick as licking armpits My tongue flicks are fantastic, my dick is like magic, no stick, automatic fix for your bttch Black spiic, the mix is perfect, skin waxed like a whip, biceps for vice grips Juicy lips special fit perfect for sucking ttts and tongue that’s hung just long enough for licking cltts Like red wine and blow, when I grow and explode, she simply sighs -- And leave her wanting more once she walks out door Stumbling down the hall like I just shook her core Lean her up against the wall, take a breather, reconisider It's hard to walk away from awesome Ren, he does deliver The religious experience that I always seem to give her I hope my Kharma’s right, because Lord knows that I’m a sinner So why you stopping now, could you really want some more? Then turn your little asss around, and come to Daddy, little whoare My johnson's no nonsense, get some, come cumn Fe fi fo fum, get the Magnums, it's time for fun Visceral visuals as I devour her vestibule It's beautiful when her vocals are louder than usual And I eat my vegetables, so I’m incontestable The magnitude of my phalliic havoc is immeasurable As my testtcles play the illest instrumental On her asssholle like bongos, so freestyling is essential But that shtt was no tiempo, to me, that's fundamental Rhymes so orgasmic, she leans over and grabs a pencil Rap multis into her G spot with my big glock rubber sock She needs this, thanking God, calling to Jesus, Blam blam, legs doing the can-can From Christianity to blasphemy, catches her breath and says Goddamn

Debate Round No. 2


What is this sh!t this dude is spitting?
You just spent two minutes confessing
On what a blessing it would be if we got it in.
Guess the pic of me stroking on my kitten,
filled your wiener all up with oxycotin.
Or maybe you are high on ecStacey
Let me send you back to reality,
As I spit about how it would really be
You take a hit of public fatality
first I'd give you a lesson in string theory: pluckin
on your tiny mandolin till ya grew weary,
All dreary, droppin out like Rick Perry,
Have to force your head down to get you near me
And my sh!t's soppy sweet, like cereal,
Have you thinking you were Soul For Real,
Stop to sing how it pops the spot
like candy-- coated -- rain --- drops.
Need your ark for this deluge?
too much spark, looking for a refuge
Before we even embark you splooge,
So hard it shoots up your hair roots.
Crying in the corner, thinking its cute,
Sucka imma show you how to be brute.
It's over and done, but I've just begun,
Already snoozing while I start my fun.
It's time for schooling in anatomy,
Hit you with an arrow to the knee,
Eject you with a verbal sodomy
A tracheotomy to shut your fukking sobbing, bee.
A different side of me, delicious dichotomy,
Hurt your head, a prefrontal lobotomy
Yeah, I'm insidious, to the dome like leviticus,
Thought I was Innocuous? Boy,
I descend on you like a succubus, got you
Springing back to life like Lazarus,
So Let that sh!t titillate, as your heartbeat escalates,
I emasculate you with two-fold predicates
As your Soul calibrates - FINISH HIM


Ren forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Lickdafoot 5 years ago

egh.. he should just lose conduct for the forfeit O.o
Posted by TUF 5 years ago
I give performance to Ren for this rap battle. One of the judging Criteria here is "Did they put time and effort into this debate.", WhichI can tell was done by both debaters, though LDF obviously did more in this area as ren forfeited a round. However when it comes to energy and confidence, Ren definitely takes the cake on this one. His rhymes flowed, he put energy in his raps, and generally is born to rap. I can't really give this one to Licky unfortunately, because she generallly just stares into the camera and raps. I think different tones of voice, and more energy into then rhymes will definitely help her placement in the future. If you go and listen to any of danielle's raps, you will find some good help in this area, as she has a great method of implementing energy and voice into her raps.

I give this to LDF by far. Ren has good composure and energy, but LDF raps were definitely more insulting and vibrant to me. She focus'es them more on raps then voice. Her lyrics focused more on the battle aspects, while Ren focused more on being an individual rapper.

REN this goes to ren. His raps were smooth, elegant, and overall more pleasant to listen to, and I felt fit the criteria of rythym perfectly.

Good job to both rappers, and good luck in future rounds. I have to give this one to licky because of the forfeit. But you both did spectacular!
Posted by royalpaladin 5 years ago
Um . . .

Yeah . . .
Posted by Ren 5 years ago


It's SATurday, it duzznt matta!
Posted by Lickdafoot 5 years ago
lol you look baked.
Posted by Ren 5 years ago
Look at this young chicadee, something like a Cornish hen
Stepping up to Ren with her chin up like we're both men
Delivering witticisms about stroking her little kitten
And I find it kind of fitting, she's obviously smitten
I was honestly just kidding, yo, don't you start to trippin
I gotta take my time, meticulously plan the crime
If you don't' mind, just bear in mind your deathnote's been signed
The defeat of pretty feet is part of the divine design
Combine that with the glory of my amazing lines
You're pretty much a sacrifice to the god of awesome rhymes
I'll take your soul and hold it like I'm smoking it, chest confined
Then release it like my delicious seed, feeling sublime
It'll cost no metals mined, just your ear to the bassline
It's worth the climb, get on my level, but it'll take quite the grind
To finally find what's defined as a poetic genius in his prime
Defeat me, no can do, you could attack me in my sleep, dude
And still leave black and blue -- girl, get a clue -- in fact, get a few
Maybe you need to wake up, go drink some Mountain Dew
Get a retouch on the makeup, excuse to the loo to improve the view
Before I redefine you into chicken stew, you have no idea what I can do
I'm an animal, more specifically, a cannibal
I'm a rhymer that eats other rhymers, their heads over there on the mantle
And, they sing like phantoms over every one of my samples
Posted by Ren 5 years ago
Lol, ikr.

Kay, heerrreee:
Posted by Lickdafoot 5 years ago
hehe i know the real reason is cause my rap was too much for you :P

jk. go ahead and post it in the comments!
Posted by Ren 5 years ago

I can't believe I went through all that trouble to do it as soon as I wake up and look. :

well, if yaw are interested, I'll post what I would have posted here.
Posted by Lickdafoot 5 years ago
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