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Rap Battle: Vox Veritas vs. Imperfiect

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Started: 10/29/2014 Category: Arts
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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First Round is for acceptance.


Best of luck.
Debate Round No. 1


Yo Danny it's the Voice of Truth
You are the bat and I'm Babe Ruth
I pronounce judgment upon thee
Thou art wimpy as can be

Here's my arm I've ripped it off
'Cause yo arm is way way too soft
Here's my arm now you've got muscle
But still you couldn't win no tussle

Your skinny, wimpy, stick-like arm
Is a cause for great alarm
I've got six-pack like the Hulk
I should just donate some bulk

Ima ima not afraid of you
Yo nose would tear off if you went kerchoo
When you land in prison you will be in no peril
The prisoners'll leave ya alone cause they'll think you're a girl

'Nuff been said about yo strength being low
Let's talk about yo time on good DDO
Yo conduct's more distasteful than a tootsie roll
You chase 'way people for being a troll

What's wrong with trolls? You're one yourself
And you're not anymore of Santa's perfect elf
All you can do is call someone a "f*g"
You do this to cover for your lack of swag

Half the people who you bullied on DDO
Would IRL make your soul Let It Go
So Danny boy here's some advice that is good
Don't ever show yo face again in this neighborhood!


If you are reading this
Debate Round No. 2


(Note: This is Satire)

Yo ma' name is Billy Bob, married to ma' pretty cuzin Mary Sue
Gunnuh 'bellin 'ginst duh Gubbermint an stert owr nashun anew
Iv bin chooting guns before the berthday dat I terned six
Gunz God an Gators thers no Gubbermint in duh mix

Iv gottuh big truck an a huntin' riful too
I werk drivin' eighteen wheelers frum 6 to 2
'Nuff said 'bout what I bin doing fer a livin'
Duh Gubbermint's bin doing too much takin' and not 'nuff givin'

Im gunnuh derned darned be r'bellin' 'ginst duh Gubbermint!
Its deir fault I weigh 350 pounds (though I only fast on Lent)
If Obumuhcair getz pazzed Ima gonna derned darned taik up ma' gunz
Gunnuh be goin' on duh warpath like Attila duh Hunz

Gunnuh live out in duh woods an' wage gorilluh warfare
Not as if Gubbermint have drones dat locate me frum duh air
I gotz duh huntin' rifle Gubbermint gots duh M16A4
Odds are in ma' faver so its timetuh go tuh derned darned rebellin' war!



Imperfiect forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3


As my opponent's account has been closed, I see little point in continuing. Vote for me!


Imperfiect forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by RevNge 2 years ago
Well. That


Btw, Vox, for your next round, try to include a few multi-rhymes, with several rhyming words instead of one in each line. Work on your disses. Make your lines longer with more flow. Other than that, you're doing fine. :P
Posted by Vox_Veritas 2 years ago
Posted by Imperfiect 2 years ago
Oops I thought this was the random debate
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