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Rap Battle: the return

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Started: 10/7/2016 Category: Entertainment
Updated: 1 year ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Josh you so gay
thinking that i would be your bae
maybe you should go try that with bell
you had no problem sucking his weiner so well
dude go back to the dump where you were born
your family would love for you to help with their porn
ok this rounds done so im gonna stop
we dont got all day so lets go chop chop


Wow Wells you think your tough but that's cause you like it rough

You act like you have game but your going to be put to shame

You say I'm gay but at least I don't watch man porn all day

Now you tell me not to cheat but all you like to do is eat your dad's meat.

This round may be over over but in a few minutes Deven is going to make you bend over
Debate Round No. 1


Josh you really think that you can beat me
your so short people call you peewee
you look like a hooker who got knocked up
your vagina so loose it looks like cracked tea cup
we know that ill keep smoking you again and again
so do what you do best and thats bangin big ben


Wells you act like a child your raps are so mild

You play with fart apps but you love Dawson's flaps

All you can do is call me gay you have nothing else to say

So please try something new because im not gay nor bi but you dont got a clue
Debate Round No. 2


You suck so bad your bars dont even rhyme
after i beat you, you wont be rappin for a long time
josh just admit that its true
ashleigh only dates you because she just wants to screw
give it a month and then she'll know
your weiner is as long as your big toe

So lets see what rhymes you still got reserved
you got nothin on me because you just got served

(MC Wells)


Now that this is the final round my raps will bring you to the ground

Your so fake you should drown in a lake

You got on this website because you couldn't win a real fight

You like to pull hair but thats cause you raped a teddy bear

Now that I've won you just be silent and run
Debate Round No. 3
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Reasons for voting decision: pro was lame and just kept repeating gay stuff, probably projecting, but I am not a psychologist. Con also sucked, but his insults were more varied and personal, so he gets the win