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Rap Battle with a twist

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Started: 5/15/2017 Category: Society
Updated: 1 year ago Status: Debating Period
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This Rap Battle I want to have a twist. Instead of dissing your opponent, and praising yourself, you will have to diss yourself and praise your opponent.

Regular 16 bars
Have Fun


Hey everybody. I am here to lose.
Woops got so nervous I blew a fuse
There is no way that I can win
My rhymes are as trashy as a rubbish bin
I did my best, couldn't do the rest
You passed it while I failed the test
I was armed with a sword. Wooden I meant
You were armed with a gun and a bullet-proof vest.
I cannot think of anymore rhymes
Just like I did in those other times
My talent, I cannot find
You are worth a dollar, me a dime.
Debate Round No. 1


Walk into the arena and already felt the wave of fear
Cuz NDECD1441 step up to the mat, i'm already shedding a tear
His rhymes are to much for me to keep up
NDECD is as strong as a bear, i'm weak as a papercup

Easy to destroy, just like my rhymes I spit
My rhymes are worthless, his rhymes have wit
So I bow down to the rap god my highness
My rhymes are bad, yours have finesse

You take this challenge, cuz it was easy
NDECD is pure, i'm sleazy
Everything I stand for, my promoise's I break
My selfishness, my greed is something I keep for my own sake

So i'm ending this round here
Cuz u run over my rhymes like it's a deer
My rhymes are a tragedy, call it the new holocaust
So i'm out I already lost


I just realized that I was somewhere I shouldn't have been
I put in 12 bars. You needed sixteen.
Stop saying that you are in no way the king
You broke me to pieces, wrapped my arm in a sling

I couldn't even keep up even when I was reading
You are good I am bad you have everything I would never have
I am, again running out of rhymes
I will try to compose some more of mine

I am not a rap god, didn't compose that song
Not even in the Shady records, your might powerful as Kong
Another 12 bars and I will lose
Did I mention I blew a fuse?

Your fear is nothing compared to mine
I lost every battle time to time
Everyone looking knows I suck
To win all I have is my little luck
Debate Round No. 2
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This round has not been posted yet.
Debate Round No. 3
6 comments have been posted on this debate. Showing 1 through 6 records.
Posted by What50 1 year ago
Sorry I was sick and couldn't post the rest.
Posted by NDECD1441 1 year ago
Pity this would have been good
Posted by NDECD1441 1 year ago
@PowerPickachu now somebody accepted
Posted by NDECD1441 1 year ago
Wow... that is a really interesting topic.
Posted by Mharman 1 year ago
I'm interested.
Posted by PowerPikachu21 1 year ago
Now this is interesting. I'll definitely read this when someone accepts.
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